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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Hole-in-the-Foot Gang UPDATED VERSION

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Hole-in-the-Foot Gang UPDATED VERSION

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD

Hey yall,
Hope you enjoy this new version of "Hole-in-the-Foot Gang".

In this scenario you play as a rag-tag group of outlaws competing against your rivals, the Banditos. The nearby town of Pheonix is neutral, but can be captured by either you or your enemy.
The gameplay is (to put it simply) unique. There are no settlers! Now I bet your askin' yourself "how could a scenario with no settlers possibly be fun?" Well I guess you'll have to download it and decide for yourself.

Note: This scenario is titled "updated version" but it's actually an entirely new map (built from scratch) and the gameplay is almost completely different than the original "Hole-in-the-Foot" scenario.

Any comments/ratings are greatly appreciated:)

P.S. You'll need both expansion packs + latest patches
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 2.5
i was disapointed with this, the scenario was playable indeed, but required a lot of paitience, i was wating quite a lot just doing nothing. i think in fact this scenario would have benifited from having a town center and being able tro train settlers, i just found wating around doing nothing boring.

from the start you are told to defeat the enemy who happens to be on the other side of the river, you only have miners which collect gold at a fix rate, which is what you use to train units. i found my self having to wait to get enough units to assault the gate. there was nothing to do on the side. it was pretty basic. defending the town was pretty hard as most of the time your army was so small you would have to march it there and back, in which time you would find that it had just made it harder for yourself by losing troops and giving the comp extra time to grow.

i gave it 2.5 as is has some pretty good battles in there and is provides the basics pretty much, as well as a nice starting cinematic. it could have benefited from something to do while you are waiting for gold, as you do not have settlers.

also i liked the collecting horses task, you should have had more side quests like that.

Balance: 2.5
i started playing on moderate, i failed on all 3 attemps at this. i found that it was impossible to storm their base straight away as that would result in me losing all my troops and having nothing, building up however was also a problem as they were able to outgrow you, meaning you couldn't attack as they had such a large army. i think after i had waited and feilded a large army, they attacked me and crushed my base. i found that some replacement buildings came though, which brought up the balance a bit.

after a while i played it on easy, it was to easy, i was able to complete it in less than 15 minutes, building up a force was easy as there were no falcs guarding the posts, so i could just march straight in and kill them.

Creativity & Style: 3
i thought it was fairly creative, i gave you bonus points for not having settlers, even though it lowered the playability. the wild west theme was done well in this, i found that having mainly bandit troops and buildings was good.

Map Design: 3
i thought the map design, could be improved to help the balance of the game, but i won't take that into account. it was pretty with the cliffs and canyons. you could have improved though by having more mixed terrain. also i found the towns buildings pretty un realistic, having so many saloons lined side by side wasn't very good. also i could walk through the train stations.

Story/Instructions: 4
the story and instrucions were very little, but there wasn't much really to say about. they got the job done. i do think the story could have been expanded more by adding some back story to the agruement.

Additional Comments:
i haven't played your blackcreek mercanaires series but i am glad you have decieded to make a scenario without settlers. next time though to improve i think here are some points:

more side quests; there wasn't much to do a apart from make units, in a scenario without settlers you need some side quests or tasks, not only for entertainment but so that you can catch up growth wise to the enemy.

moderate mode; in this scenario there was a moderate mode, howefer i think that something between the two modes in the scenario (moderate and easy) would be better suited. also a way to combat the fact that the enemy has exponential resource gather increase rate, whereas yours is fixed i needed.

overall a good start, but you will find scenarios which you play without settlers require more to keep you entertained. if you have no settlers but the enemy does, you need to find a way to stop the enemy out booming the player.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The playability was hampered a bit by the amount of time it would take to originally get some units built...however the fact that you could pretty much waltz right into Phoenix and take it...and its banks over made a big difference.

Balance: 3
I thought the balance was pretty good...I don't enjoy wiping the opponent out and on normal that wasn't the case with this scenario. The skirmishes were never really a sure thing but of course if you played your units right you would end up on top.

Creativity: 4
I liked it a lot. I enjoyed the wild west thematic and the ability to search out horses and make comancheros. I think some audio from the sheriff in Phoenix would have been cool. Maybe even a side quest like save 4 more miners from an Indian raid or something could be a cool addition as well. I also like that you start with no villies and only miners, puts a twist to the game play.

Map Design: 3
I like the fact that you stuck to primarily the wild west look and feel to the buildings and town layout. There was some terrain elevations and such...fairly flat, but to be honest the land around Phoenix is pretty flat except for Camelback mountain. No treasures though...and the addition of some eye candy is never a bad idea.

Story/Instructions: 3
There was decent instruction and the objectives on the game worked. The only thing I might object to is the travois...didn't realize at first that it was for the trading post until it was too late and it had gotten hit by a raid into my town.

Additional Comments:
I really enjoyed this one. Totally worth the dl and game play!

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Map Design3.0
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