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City Assault

Author File Description
Xvash2 Command a brigade of soldiers as you siege Macerr City. It is defended by a mile long Palisade Wall, with Towers lining a ridge, accompanied by Heavy Cannons. There are 3 roads into the city, guarded by infantry and cavalry. Inside the city, there are various types of units guarding strategic locations. Use your soldiers wisely, or you will end up dead.

Creator's Note: If you're looking for sophisticated effects and triggers, look elsewhere. This is for those who want a challenge at strategic thinking. There are no triggers in the map.
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Map Design1.0
Playability: 3

Balance: 3
Very laggy and exhausting about moving hundreds of troops everywhere to takedown the enemy.

Creativity: 3
Seems good, but orginal raid mission.

Map Design: 1
Kinda seems like your in a rush of making a map or just want to make an environment for your men. To require a great map design. Imagine where you are, see it in the eyes of a soldier. Jungle battle: put a bunch of trees, bushes, grass, etc to really make it look like a "jungle battle" or a desert battle: put animals like vultures, dead trees, and maybe an oasis.

Story/Instructions: 1

[Edited on 12/29/05 @ 06:29 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Easy enough to play... I mostly just used the heavy cannons and some musketeers. I don't think I ever used any of the cavalry. It might have helped if you'd had a more active AI because I took out most of the wall and the front line towers without losing any of my cannons or men. The heavy cannons you placed near the towers did not return fire. I took them out later with the Culverines.

Balance: 3
Seemed pretty even but it was a long drawn out process

Creativity: 4
I haven't seen one like this and that is what creativity is supposed to mean. 8-)

Map Design: 4
Nice map... the town was very carefully laid out. I've been in many 'real-life' cities that could've used your help in setting up everything.

Story/Instructions: 2
Not much here but as my mom used to tell me, "A word to the wise is sufficient." Didn't need much explanation to figure out what to do.

Additional Comments:
You gave me some good ideas but I believe that I lack the patience to lay out the streets, housing, etc. as you did. 8-)! I'd like to try to add some fight to the townspeople.
lifereloaded you both need to read the review guide. You both are off badly.
pepsi100 When I played i was red. They are the city so i didnt assault it. Is that a bug?
File Author
Please Do Not Download this file anymore. Update has been submitted.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
It was playable with no real bugs or anything but the heavy cannons for the walls and towers and the culverins for the cannon made it a little easy. I found no 'lag' as the other person suggested but I never tried to take everyone on a field trip with me. I just used small units of what I needed and that was mostly the different cannons.

Balance: 3
It took me more than once to get through so I gave it a three. I quickly found out what it took.

Creativity: 4
I've just seen these large armies in Total War and with a mere 200 pop. count in AOE games I've never had so much of an army at my disposal. For a moment, I was thinking of invading Venezuela. 8-)

Map Design: 4
It must have taken you considerable time in laying out that city! It had a very professional and 'real' look to it. Maybe some sort of similar layout(if it could be squeezed in) on the human side would help it in adding an overall feeling of 'reality'.

Story/Instructions: 3
This part of the review seems to confuse me. I've read over the guidelines and I know what they say but in a map like this, what story is needed?? It's very very obvious what to do but I don't expect you to tell me exactly how to do it. That's for me to find out, no? 8-)

Additional Comments:
I think I might borrow a couple of your ideas but add an attack on the part of the computer player to it. I haven't had a lot of success with getting the computer players to attack but I'm trying to avoid the continuous spawning of new attackers every 10 seconds or such. Also, if in doing so, I won't put in quite as many units so people who try to move the units in masse will not find the lag they felt they experienced.

[Edited on 01/02/06 @ 05:59 AM]

johnboyz Ooops! I hadn't seen your note nor had I seen your updated file. i'll download the update and when i can get around to playing it, I'll enter another review for it.

[Edited on 01/02/06 @ 06:02 AM]

Arazan Heres my opion of your map
I really liked destroying a huge city.
Design was really good.
I liked the little side quest.

You could of had a little cinematic explaining this map.
Just instantling going back to the main menu after destroying the fort frustrated me, next time use the Set Player Won trigger.

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Map Design3.0
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