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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » CAMPAIGN - Roanoke 4: Tales of Two Shadows, Chapter 1

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CAMPAIGN - Roanoke 4: Tales of Two Shadows, Chapter 1

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC
Roanoke 4: Tales of Two Shadows Chapter 1

Farther into the future the great Roanoke people and other newer friends who have survived still struggle to stop Jod and Ickh. This new area

of time is confusing to them, great changes of history have been made by Jod and Ickh to help their situation in the future, and to help the Ones("owns").

Their destiny will happen. The Freemasons are also trying to stop them and use Ones("owns") themselves, the Freemasons are only trying to gain power

by doing so. The strange people of the ruined Roanoke including Virginia and Brogs struggle to stop Daniel Boone and Jod from stopping them.

That was the description I included with Roanoke 3, and here is the rest, so you can know what's going on in Roanoke 4...

The revolutionary war had already happened, so the United States was separate from Britain; however, when the civil war came over the slaves, the north and the south fought, and the south started to win, because they gained many allies.

The North saw this, and fought almost to their last, and the British offered to help, but they said no at first. Finally when the North had pretty much all been lost, the British offer again to help, and the North accepts, and they beat back the South.

The Southerners in my story call it the Revolutionary Civil War, because they are trying to fight the northern U.S. and the British combined into one force.

Pretty much, the history of the word was changed by Ickh(A-uck-hh). Ickh went to many parts of history, and messed it all up, by sending the world into another dimension.

Created by CaveTown

To install, simply use the installation program. This will overwrite The Warchiefs campaign, but you can easily restore the warchiefs campaign by using the Uninstallation program. Both included in this zip.
To play, go to the Campaign menu and select the Fire and Shadow campaign.

I would like to give thanks to...

Anyone who helped me during the making of this campaign...

and anyone else whom might have helped me along the way of making any of my campaigns. This campaign has taken a few months to make, so I hope the for people to think of it as the best of quality; feel free to tell me whatever you would like to about this campaign, whether you like it or not, or whatever. Thank you :)

If you need to get ahold of me, email me at CaveTown@hotmail.com... or you can add me to msn, with the same email.


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Ping YAHOO! IT'S FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File Author
"YAHOO! IT'S FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

However, it's only Roanoke 4's first three scenarios, because I thought it would be better to release future campaigns in chapters; this way I can release my stuff quicker.
Ping Hello again, Cavetown! I noticed a bug-every time I try to load a saved game from roanoke, the map loads, but the units aren't there. Please help.
File Author
I don't know what's wrong. AoE3's saves probably just don't work very well... I can't control the way the game saves, sorry... Try to finish a whole scenario before you are done with playing, they aren't too long anyways.
Ping I've noticed a one more bug-all the Jodbots (except one) are named Beumant (bad spelling) instead of Jodbot. Just thought I'd point out one more bug :)
File Author
Thanks for the bug report, I probably won't be fixing that for a while though, because I have to go through a moderator to upload an updated file, since the file is too big for AoE3H.

[Edited on 02/21/08 @ 06:28 PM]

randomjack Great CaveTown. I played the first three levels and its amazing. Love the creepy atmosphere in the forest, as well as the underwater scene. Amazing.

But, the level where you meet john white and destroy the british capitol, just stopped in black when i finished it.
File Author
I don't know what's wrong with the scenario advancing... just use the cheat "this is too hard" to advance to the next cinematic, after you finish the scenario once of course.
Jack63p Umm... The scenario failed to load. I don't know what the problem is, but something is wrong for sure.

Any advice how to fix this?
File Author
1) Make sure you have the warchiefs expansion installed.

2) Make sure your game is fully updated(which is usually the problem when that happens).

[Edited on 02/25/08 @ 04:03 PM]

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