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Forest Domination 2V2

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

This is “King of the Hill” Multiplayer Scenario for 4 players (2V2) (human or AI) with a twist.

This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

Players 2, 3, and 4 can be either human players or computer players.
You can play with a friend against a challenging AI (4 difficulty levels) or against other human players, it’s your choice.
You can also play this scenario against a friend where both of you have a computer ally.

Each team needs to capture the Castle that is in the middle of impassable Forest and hold it for 5 minutes in order to win.
You capture the Castle by moving at least 10 military units near the castle and by eliminating all enemy units there.
Players can capture the Castle from each other and that will reset the timer.

Before you can access the Castle you need to task your villagers to cut through the trees that lead to the Castle since it is impossible to move units through the forest.
The Castle is being defended by Guardians so be aware that your villagers can be attacked by the castle’s guardians.

Each player starts with fortified base with walls, several outposts and one fixed gun.
It is therefore very hard and not advisable to rush your opponent.
However, players can attack their opponent’s villagers who are cutting the tress in the middle of the map (the only place to find trees).

Players also start with a dock, one ship and fishing boats so gaining water control may be advisable.

This is a scenario game that allows players to age up all the way to imperial and build large armies before the castle can be captured.
So if you like long games with massive battles then this game is for you.

The strategy in this scenario is to task as many villagers as possible to cut through the forest trees and open a path that lead to the Castle.
This can take 10 to 15 minutes, so at the same time players may want to raid their opponent’s wood cutting villagers in order to slow down their opponent.

Please note that If you have units near the castle and see no enemy units but the castle still belongs to the enemy, then that is because he has spies right there right next to your units but you cannot see them.
So bring in your explorer or spies or ninjas to reveal those spies and then get rid of them.

Screen Shots

[Map Overview]

[The Castle]


I have added a new scenario version with a second castle on an island (version 4).

In this version players have to capture both castles.

Once both castles are captured the 5 minute timer will start.
If one of the castles is captured by the other team, then the timer will stop and reset until one of the two teams captures both castles.

This version is more engaging and has more action.

Please note the computer players will most likely not capture the castle on the island.
However, they usually capture the castle inside the forest once the other team captures that castle.

Playing the Game

Logon to ESO, go to “Browse Games” and Host the game.
Select game type “Scenario” and then choose the “Forest Domination 2V2…” file name from the list of scenarios.

Please note that players 1 and 3 play as a team against players 2 and 4.
There is no way to override this.

You can choose any difficulty level for the computer players when you choose to play against the AI.
For average players I would suggest playing the scenario on “Hard” and for bellow average choose “Moderate” difficulty.

You can play this scenario with all 14 civs but please note that only 9 civs have 120 home city level with 25 card deck.
Other civs have the basic home city level (level 1) with only 15 cards.

Installation Instructions

Copy the scenarios to "My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" folder.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
AN_Nuisance I tried to play this twice and both times during game play it shut down the game...anyone else experience this?
Official Reviewer
File Author

I am sorry to hear you had problem with it AN_Nuisance.
Did you get any kind of error?

Did you play it in Multiplayer mode or Single player mod?

I played this scenario at least 20 times and had no problems with it in Multiplayer mode.

In Multiplayer you can play it with computer players or with human players.
You can also play it with another human player against two computer players.

Custom scenarios can go Out of Sync sometimes in Multiplayer due to AOE3 bugs.
Nothing we can do about it.
If you play this scenario with only computer players then you shouldn’t get Out of Sync.

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