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Xamo ~ Generals

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 6

Blood scenario on a round six players map. Can be played in teams or FFA style. All players have access to the same units, by moving the Flag barrier to the gaia unit on the south side of the map. Player is defeated if he, or she loose the Fort. Enjoy ...
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File Author
Thank you very much for your rating and detailed comment.
There are indeed some issues that spoiled this scenario, but part of that are the bugs and bad working triggers. Like Gaia ... that wasn't suppose to happen, because there is a trigger that is suppose to fix diplomacy, but that one seems not to work for Gaia units.
About AI don't do nothing ... well it was meant to be an Multiplayer Scenario, and there are no AI settings, and/or triggers (btw. it was too complicated to set gaia units to choose what units are suppose to auto spawn in the base).
Detailed information ... well here was another problem: this scenario had a good pointed cinematic, where all information was added. Because of the disabling of the player's chat, i was forced to delete all cinematic triggers from the game. Objectives with more info? Yes, you are right about that one.
Maybe you're right about the spawn timing, but if a team is attacking together that shouldn't be a problem to take that player out. Beside that Fort's HP is normal, so relative easy to be destroyed.
Thank again and i see no problem if you want to edit the scenario (as far as the name remains ... lol).

[Edited on 03/04/08 @ 10:33 AM]

Official Reviewer

What type of diplomacy did you try to do for the AI?
All you have is the fixed gun, and if you allow players to get close to it then players can capture the fixed gun from one another, and no triggers are needed for that since fixed guns can be captured just like cows do.
That will add another strategic element to the game.

I mentioned the idle AI just to inform players that computers players can’t play.
I didn’t mention that as an issue.
However, you can make the computer players play this scenario just by moving the AI’s flag bearer randomly from one unit to another every 3 minutes or so.
That should be enough to allow computer players to participate.
Players can then team up to play against the AI which can be fun too.

You can use your cinematic triggers, but just don’t use the cinematic mode effect.
You will then have a full screen cinematic and CHAT will still work.
Just make sure to set “Player Control” OFF before the cinematic and back ON after the cinematic.

The spawning issue may not be such an issue for team games and I already mentioned that before.
The issue is more for FFA where it’s usually 1V1.
It’s just impossible even to get close to the Fort with such fast spawning and let’s not forget that players also have a wall and outposts in front of the Fort.
With slower spawning it will be easier for the winning players to get closer to the fort and destroy it.

I would have liked to work on your map and make some changes to it, but that will have to wait a little.
I am currently working on a new multiplayer scenario and have plans to make another one right after that.
Both scenarios have unique game play so I am eager to make them as soon as possible.
However, at some point I would probably contact you about using your “Generals” map layout.
I think you made here a very beautiful map design and I will be honored if I can use it at a later point to make another scenario (and give you full credit for it of course).

In any case – great job.

File Author
Thank you Moshe.
About the diplomacy, i have set player0 (gaia) ally to all other players. This not so much for the cannon, but for not having the "general" attacking the Fort. This trigger seems not to work good, because the general keeps attacking the fort and this wasn't meant to be happening.
I will change the spawn timer to 2 or 3 seconds (what do you think is better 2 or 3 seconds in between?).
Of course you can use the map's layout for your projects. I have no doubts you will use that wisely, not just stealing/modify a map like others do.
Official Reviewer
Well, since the diplomacy for Gaia doesn’t work then maybe you can just allow players to capture the Gaia Fixed Gun and remove the Gaia General.
In my game players complained that the Gaia general is attacking them so I don’t see much use for him any more.

I think it’s going to be fun to fight over the control of the fixed gun.
That will add a new strategic element to the game.
Just make sure to make the fixed gun invulnerable.

Yes, 3 seconds intervals for spawning new units may work well as long as you make the units spawn one unit at a time (every 3 seconds).
That will allow players better access to enemy forts when their opponents loose their army fast.

If I ever use your map of course I would give you full credit for it.
I will also tell you in advance how I am going to use it.

gunner1 Set Diplomacy with gaia, by using the effect 'create treaty'

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