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Xamo ~ Generals

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Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 6

Blood scenario on a round six players map. Can be played in teams or FFA style. All players have access to the same units, by moving the Flag barrier to the gaia unit on the south side of the map. Player is defeated if he, or she loose the Fort. Enjoy ...
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This is a fun scenario to play.
You choose the unit type that you want and units spawn from your fort.
You can also switch to train another unit type.
The battles in this scenario are fierce and fast with plenty of action and no economy to worry about.
However, there are some playability issues that make the game tedious after a while.
Population cap is set to 60 and units spawn too fast so it doesn’t matter much if your army is getting killed badly because you are getting new units very fast (too fast).
As a result it is extremely hard to gain the upper hand in FFA games.
It’s basically a stalemate for the most part of the game which can turn to be very long.

We played with 4 human players and 2 AI players that were idle(as expected).
I was fighting one human player where the other two human player were fighting each other.
I was able to defeat my opponent only because I got the general (for having the most kills).
I then used my invulnerable general to destroy my opponent fort all by itself while my army was battling my opponent’s army.
My opponent couldn’t do anything about my general destroying his fort because my general was invulnerable.
This is definitely a playability issue as well as a balance issue.

There was also the annoying gaia fixed gun in the middle of the map that was killing anyone who got closed.
There was also a gaia general who was also attacking players randomly.
I am not sure what that was for.

There are number of playability issues here but the game is still fun to play.
Team games will probably work better here.

Balance: 4
Overall the balance is good.
Everybody can choose from the same units and players can advance to the next unit set after they achieved a certain number of kills.
The problem is when a player wins a general for having the most number of kills (500 I believe) and then he can use this invulnerable general to destroy his opponent’s fort and then win the game.
That issue throws off the balance of the game.

Another balance issue is that players are limited to 60 population while the progress is measured by number of units being killed and NOT by the population number of the units that were killed.
You see, I can just falconets with 5 population and fight cavalry units (3 or 4 population) and have more kills just because falconets are harder to kill (for having more HP with more population).
So it’ always better to choose units with higher population because this way you will always have more units killed then your opponents.

Creativity: 5
The scenario itself, the way it was set up and the trigger work are all very creative.

Map Design: 5
This is state of the army map design that can only be done by pros.
It’s a beautiful map with lots of details and eye candy.
Very nice work.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions are short and basic.
However, more detailed information about the way the scenario works is advisable.
There is no mentioning about the fixed gun in the middle of the map and its purpose.
Some notification with instructions will help too.
For example, every time my flag bearer advanced to the next phase there was no text notification for that, just a small flashy noise that was hard to hear in the middle of the battle.
As a result no units were spawned from my fort because the flag bearer wasn’t near one of the trainable units.
There was also no text notice when I got the general.

However, it’s easy to understand the basic game play in this scenario based on the instructions.

Additional Comments:
My suggestions/recommendations are as follows:

- Make units spawn slower so players can gain advantage once they defeat their opponent’s army.
- Make the general vulnerable with high HP so players cannot use him to destroy forts all by himself.
- Give players access to the fixed gun in the middle of the map so they can capture it and gain advantage.
- Either count kills by population or reduce all unit’s population to 1.
If you do that, then you will have also to balance the units themselves by adjusting their HP.
- Add more details to the objectives and notify players about different events such as moving on to the next phase or receiving a general.

Overall a very nice scenario with excellent map design, and with lots of action.

Congratulation Xamo.

[Edited on 03/03/08 @ 03:26 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Fun to play. Get to pick your own units and everything!!

Balance: 5
You can make teams or FFA...Just how I like it!!

Creativity: 5
Just like all of your other maps. Very creative!!

Map Design: 5
Very well designed!!

Story/Instructions: 4
No story :(

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work!!!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
The map is playable for some part, but has several bugs. The first and most major bug is the fact that there is the gaia general who attacks you throughout the game. This is a big problem. I was annoyed that it kept attacking my guys without me being able to kill it. It was even worse for other players, who's generals attacked their forts. Without anyone even attacking them, their fort was down 50% by the end of the game. There were several other minor bugs as well. I couldn't get one of the units (the level 2 calv for player 1 I think), and one of the other players complained about not being able to get something as well. Although player 2 had over 500 kills, I was the one who was able to get the general.

Another poor gameplay feature was the the cannon in the center. Once someone captured it, they would keep it untill every single one of their units died. This made it very hard for someone to capture it, as units could constantly come back to reinforce the cannon. The cannon itself was much too strong, and could kill the majority of my army by the time I made it to fight the enemy in control. This caused me to hide in my base; not wanting to leave for then I would just be giving the owner of the cannon more kills.

Balance: 4
The game was mostly balanced. Every player had the same chances of winning no matter what civ they were. The unit upgrades gradually got better and were balanced well between each other. The main balance problem is with the cannon, and how whoever got it pretty much had it for the entire game. Also, the person who starts getting more bonuses will get more and more kills because they have better units.

Creativity: 3
A pretty standered blood map. I would've liked to see many more unit upgrades, 5 just isn't enough. I remember your Charriots of Fire back in AoM had somewhere around 15 or so upgrades. I wish that there were other things making this different from all other maps of this genre.

Map Design: 4
I really think the map design was the most well done part of the scenario. The map was completly symetrical, and looked really good. I liked how everything was neat and such. Good job on this part.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were lacking, from my playthrough. The instructions are short and simple. While I usually like simplicity in game instructions, the ones in this game simply weren't enough. It doesn't go into enough detail about what you are supposed to do, and although I found it obvious to move my flag to the guys, another player was confused for a few seconds. I didn't understand the chat, as it was only named QV1 or QV2 and such. I assume that this was the killcounter on the game, but I would've liked to see the quest vars renamed to something a little more obvious. I also found that the upgrades weren't notcable enough. I didn't even realize that my flagbearer was able to get the General until one of the opponets pointed it out to me. I would've liked to see a message trigger or something to make it a little more noticable when the upgrades occured.

Additional Comments:
While the concept of the map is nice, it has major bugs which damage several aspects of the game. I think that the map would be much better if some of the bugs were fixed.

[Edited on 07/22/08 @ 08:27 PM]

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