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Long River

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Game Version: TAD
Long River
Random map scripts for AOE3 - TWC and TAD versions
by RF_Gandalf

Long River is a new random map with a unique shape and layout. There are 3 versions available - one for TWC, and 2 for TAD (one with just new Asian content, one with content from the whole AOE3 world). This is a very elongated rectangular map, much larger than the standard maps - only 350 tiles wide but 4-5 times that long (or high) - it is longer for higher player numbers. The river runs through the center of the long axis, with 3 or 4 separate crossings which are all located toward the central portion of the river. The map in the TAD version has 36 different possible 'skins' or patterns with matching terrains, forests, fauna, natives and treasures (8 patterns for the Asian version, 27 for the TWC version). On some of the patterns the river does not perfectly match the map's base terrains since there are only a few rivers to choose from, but I wanted to give the greatest amount of variety possible and so included them despite the imperfect match.

Player starting positions are a little different on this map. Teams start in 2 opposite corners, on opposite sides of the river, each team in a line for over 2 players. In a free-for-all game, players are placed in a similar pattern, making a little different setup of 2 groups of non-allied players in opposite corners. This makes a FFA a very different game, generally each group of players will fight it out among themselves before crossing the river to do battle. FFA really works out best for even numbers of players on this map - uneven number of players make somewhat uneven starting chances.

Each map always has 2 trade routes, one on each side of the river, each with 3-4 trade post sockets, dependant on player number. The trade routes are in the quadrants away from the player's start areas. There will be 1-2 Native types per map. These will vary in number and are also placed in the quadrants away from the player start areas.

Resources close to the player bases are similar to most other maps - there are the usual starting hunts near the player start areas, and out away from the players there are some larger herds of huntables. These are large enough to be worth fighting for control of at any point of the game. There will be a few berry bushes near the player start areas as well for most of the 'skins' (none for the winter/snow patterns), and occasionally extra distant berries are placed. Mines are placed in a pretty standard manner, with some extra mines in the quadrants away from the players. Given the size of the map, there is overall a tremendous amount of forest present but it can be a little more spaced out than on most ES maps. There are a few more treasures than on most maps but they are spread out over a large area.

Gameplay on this map is a little different from standard, in that the increased size slows down the speed of the standard rush. Due to the distance to the enemy, one or more forward bases are necessary. Like Orinoco the possiblilty of walling along the crossings can be considered in a team game but is difficult in a 1v1 since there are three or 4 crossings (spaced apart somewhat as well). But as noted above, gameplay for FFA is different.

KOTH is enabled for the TAD versions, with the monument placed on land replacing the very central part of the river.

To play this map, the files must be placed in the proper folder so please follow the instructions closely. There are 3 sets of zipped map files labeled for the proper game versions. For The Asian Dynasties the files (Long River.xs and Long River.xml and/or Long River Asian.xs and Long River Asian.xml) must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3. For The War Chiefs the files must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM2. Please do not place them in the game's install folder - that will not work. When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small blue 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select one the random maps in that My Games folder from the drop-down window. The maps will not work properly if you place them in the folder of the wrong version.

I have enjoyed making this unique random map script. Thank you to ES for giving us the tools to do this! Hope you enjoy the map.

Feedback appreciated!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
beachbum13 While the long maps are dfferent I have problems keeping track of my units. I prefer the more traditional square maps. With water for Navys!!!
FreeSandwich I agree with beach about the water, Gandalf. So I've got a suggestion; how about an inversion of Long Asian?
If all of the map was water in the middle, then a strong navy would come into play. It would also be much more of a tactical challenge to land troops on the enemy coast because of the limited area to actually land. Hence the need for a strong navy.
And for a final touch, you could add a tiny island near the center, as a choke point and a place to build a fort, perhaps.
What do you think?
File Author
Sorry guys, I'm too busy to add any special requests!

I have posted a couple of pretty good water based maps - Gandalf's Isles and Team Archipelago - try those instead.

Yes, the reduced detail on the mini-map makes some actions harder on these larger maps. Use more unit groups to help control your troops, scouts, etc.
FreeSandwich Awww... Okay then. Yes, I have played your two water maps before; They are great maps for ESO. But against AI, not so much (I only play skirmish). Perhaps I should probe Dany with my idea. He seems like the kinda guy who might take fan requests!
File Author
Unfortunately the standard AI does not play great on water maps. If you are interested in a little better game, try using the Draugur AI made by Felix Hermannson - it does a notibly better job on water maps (and other maps, too) - but it still does not colonize the other islands and spread out like a human player does.
FreeSandwich Likewise, I have already downloaded felix's AI, and I enjoy it immensely. But you're right; AI does not play well on water-based maps.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Map is way too big. You can easily get through all the ages before encountering another player and players are spread all the way across the map.

Balance: 3
Resources and trade sites aren't too well balanced. There's a lot of open space. And i had to start collecting from farms/plantations earlier than usual.

Creativity: 3
I guess I pictured something different when I read the description--a more personal map with a winding river creating unique land formations. This is just one straight river separating the map lengthwise. Disappointment.

Map Design: 4
Technically, a reasonably well made map script. I didn't see any bugs, however some of the same treasures do seem to appear a lot.

Detail/Accuracy: 4
Fairly detailed, but like I said--too spaced out.

Additional Comments:
If this map were just half the size, bringing all the other features closer together, it would be pretty awesome. Right now, it's a bit boring.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

Very functionable and played out as hoped after reading your, as usual, indepth introduction. In the brief interlude spent interacting with your maps, experienced only one very minor gliche in which two treasure guardians were present, but alas no treasure. (One 'Thugee' was sitting on thin air before deciding to frolic with the small garrison of longbowmen in the midst of my foray of the opponents encampment =). I do not explicitly recall if there had been an x marker on the keymap for that treasure, but feel as though there wasn't given my pension for treasure hunting. That is if you so wished to look into it. But this was very understandable seeing the bulk of scripting you have done and may very well just have been my computer. This did not however effect the playabilty so to speak, so felt as not to deduct anything from this score.

Balance: 5

Your maps thus far have always had a good essemblence of 'balance'. Finding that to be one of your thesis' in many of your prologues, that the aim is to promote fair play with the various dispersions of random resources and trade sockets for each player. I have thus far failed to not see that aim met in any of your maps and this one does not hold to be the exception. Always good.

Creativity: 5

I have seen many mistake creativity to mean 'originality' in their reviews. I find the word 'inventive' to fall under the gaze of originality much more so than creativity. Creativity, to myself, evokes involvement. This map construct was, for myself in the very least, both. Inventive, but not overly, and creative in that it prosed a different way in which one must interact with the map to find their resources and also evolved greatly both defensive and offensive gameplay stratagies. The map 'created' a new way in which to play, if you will. One that I felt would be enjoyable and it was. Well done.

Map Design: 5

Most of what was written for the above, I feel would fall into this catagorie as well, at least in this instance. As far as your intentions for this map, I believe they where all met and then some. Good design.

Detail/Accuracy: 5

As above, what you set out to do and what was accomplished was for all intents and purposes, spot on. What was expected upon reading your introduction and what was recieved in actual game play was as well on the mark. The subtle nuances such as appropriate treasures and trees for map back grounds was also on point. Nice touch.

Additional Comments:

They say that if one wants something done right that one must do it themselves. I would not have wanted to do a much better job than this map as well your others, at least of those that I have experienced. As usual a wonderfully crafted map that plays quite smoothly and especially one in which I felt, and is evident, deserves 5's accross the board. Thank you for your intensive works on these map scriptings they have all been rather enjoyable and refreshingly functionable.

[Edited on 12/13/08 @ 09:31 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review.

The bug with the treasure guardians with no treasure is occasionally seen on any map - there is some kind of issue where the combination of the treasure and guaardians do not place completely.

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Map Design4.5
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