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1up Singleplayer Save New Orleans v3

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC
New Orleans is flooded, and pirates led by the immortal Jean Lafitte scour the ruins, looting and shooting. You and your ally Jelly Roll Morton begin in the marshes south of the Crescent and must hire a boat across the Mississippi to search for survivors and end the piracy. However, an unexpected surprise awaits you along the boggy shores of Lake Pontchartrain.

Map features an underwater trade route with 4 posts and a faithful reproduction of the French Quarter you must discover. Look for the team online and 2v2 online versions of this scenario coming soon.

New 08/03/26: Screenshots from the Scenario. Fixes: Player 1 now gets his Explorer.

Instructions: Unzip and copy the file 1up-save-new-orleans-v3.age3xscn into your My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario folder. If you already have a copy of this scenario in your folder, remove the old copy and replace it or overwrite it with this one.
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Spectruz I think it has a bug, cauz Im trying to play, but I start with red guy, and he has triggers, he keep walking around by itself, and also he is trying to send shipments, meanwhile the blue guy(who I think I was suposted to be playing with) stay still doing nothing.
Official Reviewer
You are probably right about the blue player.

Open the scenario in the Editor, click on the ‘Scenario” menu, then click “Playtest Scenario”.
After that change the player number to 1 and click cancel.
Save the scenario and exit the Editor.

That will fix this problem.

File Author
Hi Spectruz,

Sorry about that. I tried it myself and you're right, you start with control of your comp ally.

I've made some small changes to the 1up scenario to fix this and it should

*start you as Player 1
*your comp ally doesn't just wander around, but has a TC start on the mainland
*starts on Expert difficulty with more challenge
*faster start for you and your ally

If you find the changes don't carry over, then try loading it in the Editor, make sure Player 1 is selected, make sure Difficulty is set to Expert, and save your Scenario overwriting the original, then exit and restart AOE and try loading it from Single Player mode.
Spectruz thks u guys for help and changes, it is a very good scenario, good looking and I like the Idea of get ress from trasures to build tc.
Ty man for making it.
Bizarro Superman
Map Design5.0
You gotta tell me how you made the underwater city. It was hot.

[Edited on 05/18/08 @ 06:44 PM]

File Author
The "city blocks" of Old New Orleans are groupings I just put together on land. When you place groupings, you can select "Ignore Placement Restrictions" so that means they can be put underwater. A little sculpting after grouping placement, and voilà, you have a sunken French Quarter.

Thanks for your review...It would be a lot more helpful if you could go back in and say a few sentences why you gave the rating you did for each category. I do value your comments and input and use it to make my scenarios better.
Herbivore It still doesn't work for me, i have to set player 1 in scenario editor to start as the blue explorer, but the red guy just wanders around and ends up getting shot by a pirate ship :(
Darthcast I also had to start it from the editor and chose player 1 (TAD installed).

It was a lot of fun that I had to get those treasures in order to build a ship to cross the river. However I think it was a little bit to hard, I think the explorer could have been improved with a HC explorer card or two.

The main downside was that the instructions weren't detailed enough. It should have at least been stated that you need to rescue those cdbs that are trapped underwater as soon as possible (because they also give you wood for a TC) and that you don't need to destroy the stockade in order to resque them.
I thought I needed warships for this, so I tried to find treasures that give wood and I destroyed the outposts and such with my first and only caravel, this took a lot of time.
After a lot of time I managed to get the cdb treasure, chopped wood and built a TC. Then I rescued the underwater cdbs and realized they could have been rescued without warships and have wood with them.
As soon I had some villagers and started to build an army, the AI attacked with a massive force. He was already very strong, because I waited so long, and I couldn't hold my position on the main land. I had to retreat to the starting position and build a TC there, because he naturally didn't attack me there. Of course this wasn't so much fun anymore, but I realize this all happened because it took me to much time. So I guess it would've been a lot of fun if it would have been stated clearly that you need to rescue those underwater cdbs as soon as possible in order to win.

Also, the computer ally is extremely useless and should be removed.

Oh, and the map design was really, really beautiful. ;)

Edit: I forgot something... The french player was able to build iroqouis cannons and such. They're my favourite cannons, so I was pleased when I saw that. However then I saw that they couldn't be upgraded so they were useless for me. :( It would have been better if they could be upgraded and if you would activate those neat iroqouis artillery HC cards (like the pop one) and the big button tech for free.

[Edited on 04/29/09 @ 07:50 PM]

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