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Burn em All

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
Your goal in this mini game is got 1000 kills. You get rewards along the way. This game is meant to be played if u don't have enough time for a long one but u want a fun game. This game usually takes roughly 7-12 minutes to finish. There is a stroy to this game however not need to under stand this game to play.

Storyline: Four souls of pure evil have been told by the Devil to destory the wretched souls comin in to free their souls from their bodies so that they can be put to use...The soul who destroys the most bodies will be rewarded your body to once again walk the Earth

Best works: Player 1-4 are not a comp, civs don't matter; player 5 is a comp, civs don't matter; speed normal, age: don't matter; rules: don't matter

You can put comps at p2, p3, or p4 if u don't have enough people, it will still work as good however never put a person on 5.

This is basically a short, simple, fun game. Able to be played multiple times

Game created by KevTheGreat
(please do not edit without my permission)
Please look for my other scenarios: the Arab Desert Series.
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File Author
please leave comments
Lu_Bu12345 I'll try it now and then write a review ;)
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Not all that fun , but i suppose if you were low on time, this would be ok.

Balance: 4
Pretty balanced I suppose. ;)

Creativity: 2
Not very creative, a small arena with men appearing, i've seen it before.

Map Design: 2
Have'nt seen the map cause i did'nt go on scenario editor, but i'm sure its blank except for that small cliff.

Story/Instructions: 5
Pretty clear intructions. Get 1000 kills... Who does'nt understand that?!

Additional Comments:
Play this scenario if you are bored or are short on time.
File Author
yeah i made this game for ppl with not alot of time on their hands and want something easy, u could play the comp with it. And y did u give me a 2 on playability? There were no glitches or anything, in addition y did u give me a 4 on balanced?
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3

A bit boring, also the space were you fighted was too little, the scenario wasnt very interesting... And lol its even possible to win in it even being AFK all the game...

Balance: 3

Asians got an advantage with the consulate units, their units start with 10% more attack and HP...
Not balanced at all. And still if the game had no asians in it, people would just get exactly the same things and there wouldn't be any uniqueness...

Creativity: 1

Very uncreative, its something like a colosseum, just that you dont know what are you getting and what will you get later
As lu bu said, this is just a small arena with men appearing in it...
The oldest and most used idea ever...

Map Design: 2

Quite simple, the map its quite little, and the space were you fight its very little too. Not a lot of triggers also...
Add more stuff...

Story/Instructions: 4

Add more things in instructions, like what men will you get, etc...
And also theres no story... However I wont count that since screnarios like this dont need one...

Additional Comments:

I didnt liked it at all, If I would want a fast game, I would rather play a colosseum game and resign at middle, or just play a 1vs1 of DM or sup...

[Edited on 07/25/08 @ 12:31 PM]

File Author
yeah as i said, i had 30min, was bored, and made this for ppl with short amount of time
Bingham_Bois i think it is a good game but there should be much more room becase their is no were to move your men on the bridge..lol

But it is good could do with a bit more improvent done to it


[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 03:42 AM]

acornhead Playability: 4
Fun map, but not your best :( And it gets laggy late into the game. But this map is good for fast simple and fun games. :)

Balance: 5
All civs were the same, same lvls, and same needed kils, Wats wrong here? absolutly nothing,

Creativity: 5
Well i'v never seen a map like this lol. So a 5 for being the first map like this :). As your maps are always creative.

Map Design: 2
This part was the worst, low number of triggers and simple map design. but i never give 1s unless its truely a horrible scenario.

Story/Instructions: 4
Interesting story on the devil and hell and the souls and the deal LOL. Instructions were clear cut and plain and simple. Opening intro sucked however, u need to improve on that.
Additional Comments:
Your worst map but not the worst scenario

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 04:16 PM]

FatManFat You know your legendary (I played u once and beat u in your global wars(i was aztecs u were ottoman we have same names as in game)remember me?) Could u make a New zealand civ it would be very much appreciated.
File Author
"You know your legendary"
umm lol thx

"(I played u once and beat u in your global wars(i was aztecs u were ottoman we have same names as in game)remember me?)"
Yes i remember weird names lol :P

"Could u make a New zealand civ it would be very much appreciated."
As in modding and making some new types of units like "THE ITALY AND AFRICA MOD" Or mixing already built in units into a certian civ. If you are talking about modding, you might want to ask someone else since i have not tried modding aoe3 yet, (i have in 3 other PC games). If you are talking about mixing the units yes i can do that, perhaps after i am done finishing my new scen "Robbery"

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Map Design2.0
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