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Archers Advance

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5 // 4 Players and 1 AI
Who already missed the good old scenario Archers Advance from AoE2?

I guess nobody does because nobody knows it :p
It was my favourite funmap at Age2
So i just made a little remake.

How does it work?

You get everytime 40 Archers, which are spawning in your base.
You also get every 3 minutes an overpowered ronin to kill the archers of your enemys surprisingly.
By killing units, you get better Archers:

Lv 1: <50 KillsChuKoNu
Lv 2: 50 Kills Xbow
Lv 3: 100 Kills Jumi
Lv 4:150 Kills Aenna
Lv 5: 200 Kills Cetan Bow
Lv 6: 250 Kills Longbow
Lv 7: 300 Kills Veteran Longbow
Lv 8:350 Kills Guard Longbow
Lv 9: 500 Kills Imperial Longbow
Lv 10: 650 Kills Pop Limit = 80
Lv 11: 800 Kills Iron Troop

You also can improve your base by destroying other players buildings:

1 Demolition: New Outpost
2 Demolitions:Another new Outpost
3 Demolitons:Stronger Gate
4 Demolitions:Frontier Outpost
5 Demolitions:Fortified Outpost
6 Demollitions:Fortified Castle

Whats up with that sheep?

A sheep spawns in the middle of the map.
If you move it in your base you gain a bonus on your archers.
The sheep can improve hp, speed or def.
Sometimes an ultimate sheep spawns which increases all stats.

How to win?

If you destroy the castle of one player, his archers will stop spawning.
If you destroyed all castles and killed all hostile units (no matter if a player resigned or not), you will win.

What about the settings?

You need to set the last player as AI. (It's just needed for a feature and won't play)
Dont forget to set it FFA (free for all)

That's all!

Just download and try it in Multiplayer-Mode.

Feel free to edit my scenario,
but dont say then it would be yours...

If you got older versions from ESO,
please delete the old ones and download this.

If you got any problems with that map (bugs,editing or whatever)
feel free to write it here or..
just contact me at:
Xfire: reeaal
or Email: CKattenberg@gmx.net

btw.: im german and my english is really not perfect

so just correct me if im wrong ^^
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4

This is actually a very simple game, with the simple objective of getting as many kills as possible. The only reason it did not get a 5 here is the fact that expert players will have much better micro skills than lesser ranks, making it much harder for the lower ranks to keep up.

Balance: 3

There is only one type of unit in this game(archers), and every player has the same type. However, there is decent balance seeing how all players have the same opportunities to win.

Creativity: 3

I thought this scenario was fairly creative because it was able to take a simple concept and actually make it interesting and fun. The llama was a great idea, the pop limit is great, and also the ronin was a great addition. However, the lack of units to choose from in each kill level lowers this rating to a 3.

Map Design: 2

There isn't much ingenuity in the map, it is pretty standard. No extra island for units; the only unique aspect is the hill with the llama. That being said, I dont believe the map design needs to be fantastic for this game to be great.

Story/Instructions: 5

The instructions are VERY VERY well explained. There is absolutely no aspect of the game that is not explained in the objectives; the llama, ronin, kills=better units, types of archers: all of these are explained in great detail.

Additional Comments:
This is a very solid map, what the creativity and design lack, the gameplay makes up for. Great Job to the designer. I recommend people to try this, it actually helps a lot with micro skills.

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Map Design2.0
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