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Arab Desert 4 V2

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 7
First Scenario ever to have a special diplomacy feature, play too find out what it is...
Some of the other Arab games also have this feature but this is where it started.

Summary of the series so far:

Arab 1: The British has declared themselves king of the desert, however the separated Indian tribes are not please with that and are at war with the British aka the Company. One of the Indian tribes have however surrendered to them begin a vassal, however they may revolt...
Result: British wins and India loses, all of India become the Company's vassal

Arab 2: Several years later... the Indian tribes revolt once again and are much, much stronger than before. They shall feel the might of the Company.
Result: The Indians win and the Company is defeated.

Arab 3: Several years later... the Indian tribes have are a divided nation and each Indian City wishes to conquer the desert. However, the British have sent men back to the desert to reconquer the desert... The French have also arrived at the desert saying that they are trying to convert the Indians to Christianity, they however are really fighting for land.
Result: One Indian City dominated and has conquered the ruined desert.

Arab 4: Around 50 years later... the British still have one fort left on the desert, the Queen however does not feel the need to send them back home and has left them there to rot. The French try another invasion on the Desert. The Chinese invade for more land. The Ottoman invade for rumors of gold in the land. What is the fate of the desert?
Result: ?

Arab 5: ?
Result: ?

Arab 6: ?
Result: ?

Arab 7: ?
Result: ?

Arab 8: ?
Result: The series comes to an end.

This version include nomads, landmines, ottoman reinforcements, and more

The Arab Desert Series is created by KevTheGreat
Xfire account: KevTheGreat
(please do not edit without my permission)

Best works: P1-India, P2-British, P3-French, P4-China, P5-Ottoman,P6-Sioux, P7-comp with lvl 1 HC, Rules: classic, Age: Post Indutrial, Speed: Fast, No Blocade, FFA

How to Download: Simply Press Download and send it to download on C:\Documents and Settings\(your name)\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario , then you should be able to play!
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

Diplomacy bugs...
When I ally with someone and he with me...
I cant declare war anymore to him...

Balance: 4

Srry kev, but the scenario isnt totally balanced.
Specially for the p7, you should add to p7, either walls, either a way they get wood faster, or faster units.
Also you should remove the card throughberds for french.

Creativity: 4

Srry kev, but the scenario looks like a treaty FFA game that just finished, just with tons and tons with incredible features. And thanks to em I will give you a 4 here. But dont feel bad, I almost never give a 5 in creativity :P.

Map Design: 5

Very good scenario, tons of triggers, buildings units, great design, I give you a 5 here.

Story/Instructions: 4

The story and the instructions in the scenario are kinda crappy...
IMO, there is not even a story, it just tells the empires that you are fighting with...
However, its not that hard to figure out what to do, and the diplomacy insutrctions clearly explain everything, so I guess I will give you a 4...
I know that you explained all totally in objectives, but you never mentioned anything of em in the scenario...

Additional Comments:

Very nice scenario, I would like that you would add more resources to it, specially trees.

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 08:39 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
OK, first, it's very fun, if there was 4.5, then i'd rate it that, just a point taken off for lag. Really bad lag when there is a big battle.

Balance: 4
The Nomads are weak, and india can wipe them out right at the start of the game if they want. Same for French, but not as easily.

Creativity: 5
Creative game. No other games like it except for the other games in the series, which is made by you ;)

Map Design: 5
Good map. Must have taken awhile. The bases look totally realistic, like you took a picture of a base/castle.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well, everytime i start the game there is atleast 1 person asking "How do i declare war on someone?" Maybe they were'nt paying attention.. I dont know, cause i never asked.

Additional Comments:
Good game. I like the diplomacy, it adds some realism to the game.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I have played this map many times and every time it gets better and better, as time goes on and you make more and more Arab deserts im sure we will all be surprised

Balance: 4
Not all of the civs are equal at the begining but as soon as you get farther in the civilizations get more equal, making it more fun.

Creativity: 5
The entire arab desert series is pure genious, original in every way, pure genious. My favorite part of this is definately the treaty/war system is amazing work

Map Design: 4
Its so perfect how you set all the civilizations in certain positions at big distances so that you cant attack before the chinese and french set up. Only thing i gotta ask is the thing thats on every1s mind, MORE TREES, after your factories get destroyed its impossible to come back

Story/Instructions: 5
Amazing storyline, purely original and how you cna set up treaties and wars adds different ways to tell the stories.

[Edited on 05/23/08 @ 06:28 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
Not very playable because of bad balance (see balance). Other than that it is a simple skirmish game with diplomacy, but the bad balance ruins the diplomacy because everybody want to ally with p1, so what’s the use….
Other problems – p3-french has factory wagons but he cannot build them until age 4 because he starts in discovery – annoying.
p1 cannot upgrade units to veteran, and cannot upgrade rice mills….
The list goes on and on……

Balance: 1
Balance is horrible….p1-indian starts in imperial age while everybody start in discovery with tons of resources and pre-built military buildings.
p1 has a large base at the center which means – best map control.
p1 starts with 100 villagers and 200 pop, but online it shows as -100 pop so you can train 300 more pop.
p1 gets ton of xp from pre-build tp’s so he has many shipments from the start….nobody else has tp’s.
p1 is super OP, p1 can wipe any civ he wants within a few minutes…
Better fix this major balance problem…..

Creativity: 3
The diplomacy feature is nice, cinematic is nice and the civ set up around the map is so so. You don’t have much else….

Map Design: 2
Map design is too simple….. the map is completely flat with no trees and no eye candy.
You just placed many buildings around put some wall and that’s it.
Anyone can do that in 1 hour.

Story/Instructions: 4
Cinematic with story was nice but instructions went by too fast. Some players didn’t understand the diplomacy. If you spend more cinematic time on diplomacy instructions then you will get 5.

Additional Comments:

The scenario would be much better if p1 is not so OP.
P1 should start in discovery like everyone else.
Maybe no one should be in the center – bad for balance.
You should also fix all the upgrade problems….

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Map Design4.0
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