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Zellda The King Of Darkness V01C

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 8

Author : Mers ( MG, mersmers )
Style : RPG Quest ( Team Works )

Fix: King Adjusted
Fix: Other litle bug Fix

P1,P2,P3,P4 = Team 1 Human
P5,P7,P8 = team 2 Compunter
P6 = team 1 Compunter
Hc disabled
Instruction :

Follow quests and look a little to win..
You control a heroe that you must improved
Boss Use speel , See it chat and careful !

Heroes :
JHON, Fast Power regen And have Beast
attack !
SAHIN, Possible invulnerable Hand armor
EIMELIA, Mix units, Good Power !
HUANG, granade ^^ And Use hand attack
Only for fast lvl up !

kill enemy to win a lvl :( improved attack, Hp, receved gold and % Critick For Huang )

Kills lvl : 10 Kills for up a lvl and after lvl 15 need 30 kill for up Next lvl...
Max lvl : 20 lvl Max

Food : Life ( Start game with 4 Food )

Gold :
Buy Arsenal :
DoppelSoldier = Attack 25 Gold
Chen = Armor 30 Gold
Kichiro = Hitpoints 20 Gold

Buy Market :
Oldunits = 1 Life 20 Gold
Setler = Tribute 10 Gold To
player P1,P2,P3,P4

Buy Casern (Tavern) :
This possible you buy
Guards, need lvl 05 minmum

Buy Hous of Surgeon :
Settler = Improved Surgeon
20 Gold
For Buy or Enter and Leave the Houses....
For repport problem Contact Me In game on eso !
Good Luck ! Bye
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File Author
Strategy :

P1 Good Attack
P2 Good Hitpoints
P3 Speed
P4 Good Attack

First Attack a body no run during Combo
Run 20% of the life only !

Kill to Distance on the boss And Run After 1
Combo receved!

Eimelia Kill to Distance on the boss
And Run After 1 Combos receved

Huang Use attack Distance And Run During Speel Combos
P1 Good Attack
P2 Good Hitpoints and Good Armor ( 0.90 )
P3 Speed And Hitpoints ( Careful With granade )
P4 Good Attack

First Attack a body no run during Combo
And No run During Invocation jaguar.
Run 25% of the life only !

Kill to Distance on the boss And Run for heal

Eimelia Kill to Distance on the boss
And Run for heal ( Use Pets )

Huang Use attack hand And Run During Speel Combos.. And Use Granade After a Speel launch
P1 Good Attack Good Hitpoints And armor (0.07)
P2 Good Hitpoints and Good Armor ( 1.00 )
P3 Good Speed And Attack For granade
P4 Good Attack Only

First Attack a body no run during Combo
And Careful Fire
Run 10% of the life only ! Careful Speel Combo During Run..

Kill to Distance on the boss And out the temple for heal, And Kill Invocation Skull With power heroe

Eimelia Kill to Distance on the boss
And Run for heal, Use power on Skull to Distance of Boss

Huang Use attack hand And Run During Speel Combos.. Use granade is important here
P1 Good Attack
P2 Good Hitpoints and Good Armor ( 1.00 )
P3 Good Speed And Attack For hand
P4 Good Attack Distance

First Attack a body run during Combo
And Careful Fire Circle
Run 20% of the life only !

Kill to Distance on the boss And Run for heal, And Kill Invocation Shinobie

Eimelia Kill to Distance on the boss
And Run for heal,And Kill Invocation Shinobie

Huang Use attack Distance And Run During Speel Combos.. Careful Granade here
P1 Good Hitpoints Good Armor
( +2200hp + 15 Armor)
P2 Good Hitpoints and Good Armor
( +4000Hp and 1.00 )
P3 Good Speed And Granade For kill Guards
P4 Good Hitpoints Good Attack Power For kill Guards

First Attack a body, No run during Guards Alert
And Careful Gunners only No Run or team lose !
( The King ALert All Guard )
( Zeldda Replace Sahin )

Kill to Distance on the boss And Kill All Guard Gunners Alert , Run For Heal

Eimelia Kill to Distance on the boss
And Kill All guard alert, Run For Heal

Huang Use attack hand And Run During Guard Alert.. No Use granade on this boss just on the guard alert

Careful This boss To HArd, is possible all lost because sahin and zeldda dead !

[Edited on 05/19/08 @ 10:24 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

There are almost no bugs, also I liked how that if p1 lost, you could change its units to p2/3/4.
Only thing that I disliked, its that when you are fighting sometimes comes a cinematic, and you cant do anything to escape from enemy, so you lose a life.
And another problem of your scenario its that it takes too long, well OK its design its incredible, but it takes long to finish :s, but I guess that thats how the scenario is supposed to be

Balance: 5

All players got unique heros that are special and good in its own way, so technically its balanced.

Creativity: 4

Srry to give you a 4, but this map its very alike to 1 of the most popular scenarios ever, The Fall Of Russia, even though I like how with each lvl you get coin, which you can waste in cool things, and also I like the "teleportation" :P.

Map Design: 5
Exellent, the map is perfectly done to the minimum detail, you didnt forgotten practically anything.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very well done, also you can select in the map if you want the game with/without instructions, or with/without story, thats just exellent, so I give you a 5 here.

Additional Comments:

One of the best scenarios I ever played, only thing I disliked its that when you are fighting sometimes comes a cinematic, and you cant do anything to escape from enemy, so you lose a life.
File Author
Hm, I have make :

mg heroes quest 1
mg adventure 1 and 2
mg hyjal (nofinish 98%)
Zeldda the king of darkness

I Love Adventure map style strategy...ANd

Zeldda is no like fall of russian ;)
Here's why

Zeldda :

Type: RPG Team Works

Boss: Speel Action Need good strategy for Win
Boss: Speel Fire Sheep Combo Alert Guard and......FuN AcTiOn.

P1,Sniper Beast Attack and bad armor
Killer Big Enemy.

P2,Tank Bad Attack and Beast armor
First Attack enemy Careful the

P3,Magic Good Attack And Medium Armor
and critick combo Killer Boss.

P4,Hunter Good Attack Good Armor
miX Units

Is Team Works !

System Life - Food = Life
Syteme Buy Armor - HitPoints- Attack
Surgeon, Guard..
Dead = Cimetery teleport
Name = Name heroes for story, LvL
Up Lvl = Gold, Sound,Cinematic Screen
And Attack Hitpoint 0.10% critick for

Indoor Building ( the ever seen !! )
System Quest
Liberty Move
Action Traps, Magic water...
Stysteme Teleport City
+10 Quest) (NNoo Just Kill Boss ;)
Fall Of Russian

Type: Adventure Fast Kill Solo

Boss: Explorer, Mercs
Boss: No Speel, No Action, Just Hit and Run

You Use mercs
Good mercs
System LvL Up
No speel
No Sytem Life
Strategy Counter Units

The goal is just kill Boss, No Quest
No Team Works !

I Love Fall Of Russian but this is not comparable with Zeldda ^^ this no like Style !

And Thx For your comments
Tomorow i make a Fix Patch For Zeldda :

Boss King : Very Very Hard ( Bug Triger )
Cinematic : ( Lost Life during cinematic )
Amelia : ( Bad Attack )
Link : Down Attack During (LvL uP) and
Down Armor
Sahin : Up Attack And Up Armor
Huang : Up % CriTik (Start Game)
map : Zone Castle Block ( i Deblock For Guards oF Tavern )

And another small problem

thank you all a tester,Bye

[Edited on 05/08/08 @ 06:48 PM]

ivanelterrible I agree with what you said, but still not mattering how many cool and awesome things you added, its still a Fall-Of-Russia type scenario, OK many of the points you said are true however...

1. Still the computer enemy does nothing, the enemies just stand there, waiting untill you kill em, they just move if you attack em or if you near to em.
2. Still its something like a quest, in which you start with a hero, and you lvl up with kills, in the quest there are many enemies that need to be killed, the only possible way to win its win the game.
File Author
Yes you have reason A RpG = ""Enemy Not move"" ... The goal = ""Kill Boss Final""

Hm, just my rpg is not like Adventure Fall Of Russian..

But play a like Fall Of Russian ^^ Hit and run on units..

Good Day
ivanelterrible exactly, Zelda its not like Fall of Russia, but the point of the game its exactly the same. So its kinda alike. However, since you added tons of cool and awesome things, I decided to give you a 4.

And still why do you complain, many scenarios arent even rated, this is at least rated and its rating its higher than 4.5.
File Author
No Probleme, And Thx For your comments ivan ;)

I Have load New VErsion Fix V01B

Good Game All...
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I would love to give this a 5, but for two reasons. First of all, it is a very long game. Gold is hard to come by especially if there are more players, this makes upgrading and progress slower. Secondly, two of the four times I played this online, I could not move Zelda out of the castle. She would not go out the front door teleporter, or the rear teleporter to the town. It is so disappointing to finally finish a huge epic battle, and not be able to rescue the Princess! If this is a bug you can fix, please do so.

Balance: 4
Overall very nice balance. All the heroes have a good ranged attack, and a good hand attack. Sahin is a little weak in the beginning, and people do not want to be Player 2 for this very reason. The differences aren't that bad IMO, and each hero is capable of completing the scenario alone, with some judicious caution. The treasures are of the appropriate types for the players, and the density and types of guardians and enemy units are properly graduated.

Creativity: 5
Another very ambitious adventure scenario with significant improvements over the first iteration of Zelda, and Heroes' Quest, another favorite of mine. The shops, healing spots, towns, and teleporters make this work a lot better than having to march all the way back to your starting town. Another good solution to an old problem is that if Player 1 drops out, you can control the objectives yourself and complete the scenario.

Map Design: 5
RPG mapmaking done very well. Although the map is large, it doesn't lag because you've kept clutter to a minimum. Objective targets help players proceed quickly from one objective to the next. Hidden areas stay hidden. Paths, cliffs, ledges, and rooms have been laid out with obvious meticulous attention to unit LOS and pathing issues. The ever-present mysterious cave is there, and done well as usual - different from Heroes' Quest.

Story/Instructions: 4
Had a bit of trouble with this one. In the beginning, although I chose to avoid cinematics, it gave us full cinematics anyway. These are disruptive for people who have played this already. Also, the instructions were not always clear because of grammar. The objectives helped, but between the chats and the swirling camera, it became very confusing at times.

Additional Comments:
This scenario is a lot of fun, and worth many hours of replay value despite some bugs. Finding a way to let Zelda out of the castle each time would be the most important fix. I look forward to every new scenario you make, and hope you will continue to improve them and build on them.
File Author
Thank you, sorry for the grammar but I do not speak much English, I am French and I try to translate English for you;)

And I never have a problem with them zellda to leave the chateau, i don't no wy you have a bug with zeldda !

the trigger does not work sometimes, even if they are well set (triggers teleport only)is bug eso :'(

For mod cinematic off = Story off no all cinematic objectif in game :)

For gold , i not love speed up heroes with gold attack and other, is posssible i addon mod god mod for fun ;)

Aggain thx and good day, ( allways sorry for my grammar i very stupid in anglish :'(

[Edited on 05/24/08 @ 01:16 PM]

Bingham_Bois Very good game best 1 ever made

Well Done who ever made it

It is hard

1 thing takes at least 2-3 hours zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Your eyes be spaure mate


[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 03:43 AM]

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