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Zellda The King Of Darkness V01C

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 8

Author : Mers ( MG, mersmers )
Style : RPG Quest ( Team Works )

Fix: King Adjusted
Fix: Other litle bug Fix

P1,P2,P3,P4 = Team 1 Human
P5,P7,P8 = team 2 Compunter
P6 = team 1 Compunter
Hc disabled
Instruction :

Follow quests and look a little to win..
You control a heroe that you must improved
Boss Use speel , See it chat and careful !

Heroes :
JHON, Fast Power regen And have Beast
attack !
SAHIN, Possible invulnerable Hand armor
EIMELIA, Mix units, Good Power !
HUANG, granade ^^ And Use hand attack
Only for fast lvl up !

kill enemy to win a lvl :( improved attack, Hp, receved gold and % Critick For Huang )

Kills lvl : 10 Kills for up a lvl and after lvl 15 need 30 kill for up Next lvl...
Max lvl : 20 lvl Max

Food : Life ( Start game with 4 Food )

Gold :
Buy Arsenal :
DoppelSoldier = Attack 25 Gold
Chen = Armor 30 Gold
Kichiro = Hitpoints 20 Gold

Buy Market :
Oldunits = 1 Life 20 Gold
Setler = Tribute 10 Gold To
player P1,P2,P3,P4

Buy Casern (Tavern) :
This possible you buy
Guards, need lvl 05 minmum

Buy Hous of Surgeon :
Settler = Improved Surgeon
20 Gold
For Buy or Enter and Leave the Houses....
For repport problem Contact Me In game on eso !
Good Luck ! Bye
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ivanelterrible bingham bois, explain why you give each rating for everything specifying even more, read the previous reviews done in a scenario and start making your own in base of them, because thats how rewievs work in this page. Thats what I did :P.
Making a little comment of a ewview will make your posts deleted...
Official Reviewer
Yes as above, sorry Bingham-Bois but your reviews must conform to the guidelines! Please don't be discouraged though, it happens to the best of us!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 2
The map was a bit laggy, and confusing due to the nameless circles. Also there is a bug when u go attack the wolfs for the horse, the nootka clubman attacks u and u can;t kill him beacuase he is the treasure that u r supposed to get from the wolfs too. Also, i was at lvl 13 (other players died and sucked) and i got the horse, however the horse belonged to p1 (who was killed) and i counld't move him to the spot required, which pissed me off big time. The cinematics also caused me to die/ lose units. mainly the on with the reagade pistol where the scouts and animals killed some of my men.

Balance: 4
Some units were stronger than others, such as the magican who had the grenade, other than that it was fine

Creativity: 3
Great creativity, other than the fact zelda was not created by u lol. However i gave u a four because u made it into a scenario, thx to your creativity.

Map Design: 5
Very, very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very,very, very, good eye candy and hills and structures, just plain execelent!

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were great, story was great, only reason y its a four is beacue u didn't make up the story :P.

Additional Comments:
You should give the horse to the player who went into the stable and got the horse, or make it convertable between players.
ivanelterrible Kev the great...
1. The nootka clubman attakcing isnt such a serious bug...
2. There is something that allows you to change of player the units, such as the horse, the kickas, etc...
You just need to find it...
I find it in 1 minute... I cant get why you didnt...
3. All heros are balanced and unqiue in its own way. And actually, the magician was weak in comparison to all the others, it got its stupid attack animation and its grenade wasnt that powerful...
KevTheGreat there was something to convert the units?.... damn i spent around an hour on it and resigned....
ivanelterrible well, there is something that makes you able to convert units such as kickas, the horse, etc...
But lol, there is no such thing that converts heros.
If you was talking about that lol...
File Author
Creativity: 3
Great creativity, other than the fact zelda was not created by u lol. However i gave u a four because u made it into a scenario, thx to your creativity

Hm, On Age of empire 3 I AM the Creator ! I have work all ! 0 player my help....
Just 2or3 friend test for me my map and the story is no real , ( zelda ) me ( zel"dd"a ).

i work 100% of this map

Sorry for grammar :)
File Author
Zeldda V01C:

Sorry for this small update, because I'm working on "zeldda the legend of the Black Island".

To help repair the mistakes, ( the King of darkness ) made me a clear list! in this forum.

I do not want to see criticism of heroes! because they are balanced,
A hero as "Link or huang" can quickly climb to lvl, but is inutil! the team must take its lvl together !

[Edited on 06/15/08 @ 11:14 AM]

KevTheGreat when i said that zeldda was not created by u, i meant that it a company made the characters, settings, and other stuff for game cube and wii, u just put it onto aoe3
Travis3194 when i downloaded this file and exstracted it to the aoe3 scenario file, when i started up the game and i went into the scenarios, the game wasnt there so what do i do to download it right?

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 05:25 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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