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Zellda The King Of Darkness V01C

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File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 8

Author : Mers ( MG, mersmers )
Style : RPG Quest ( Team Works )

Fix: King Adjusted
Fix: Other litle bug Fix

P1,P2,P3,P4 = Team 1 Human
P5,P7,P8 = team 2 Compunter
P6 = team 1 Compunter
Hc disabled
Instruction :

Follow quests and look a little to win..
You control a heroe that you must improved
Boss Use speel , See it chat and careful !

Heroes :
JHON, Fast Power regen And have Beast
attack !
SAHIN, Possible invulnerable Hand armor
EIMELIA, Mix units, Good Power !
HUANG, granade ^^ And Use hand attack
Only for fast lvl up !

kill enemy to win a lvl :( improved attack, Hp, receved gold and % Critick For Huang )

Kills lvl : 10 Kills for up a lvl and after lvl 15 need 30 kill for up Next lvl...
Max lvl : 20 lvl Max

Food : Life ( Start game with 4 Food )

Gold :
Buy Arsenal :
DoppelSoldier = Attack 25 Gold
Chen = Armor 30 Gold
Kichiro = Hitpoints 20 Gold

Buy Market :
Oldunits = 1 Life 20 Gold
Setler = Tribute 10 Gold To
player P1,P2,P3,P4

Buy Casern (Tavern) :
This possible you buy
Guards, need lvl 05 minmum

Buy Hous of Surgeon :
Settler = Improved Surgeon
20 Gold
For Buy or Enter and Leave the Houses....
For repport problem Contact Me In game on eso !
Good Luck ! Bye
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Xamolxis Travis, do i understand correct your ratings? Have you rated a map without playing it? How did you judged the map if you haven't opened?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
Some black-outs in this map, specially because of the cinematics (of reset the cinematics). In this time players loose control of them heroes and die.

Balance: 4
Good balance. Is just a matter of choice. All humans can choose them hero.

Creativity: 5
I may say: this is the best RPG of AoE3/TWC/TAD. I love RPG's and your remind me of the great AOK/TC maps.

Map Design: 5
Nothing to comment. This map is a master piece.

Story/Instructions: 3
Quite confusing instructions. Definitely need to play this more then once before understanding what to do.

Additional Comments: I was pleased to see that old fashion RPG's are still made. This game's Editor is bad and unstable, but you did a good job. Keep up the good work.
File Author
i am :'(

[Edited on 06/28/08 @ 03:30 PM]

File Author

[Edited on 06/28/08 @ 03:31 PM]

ivanelterrible travis, Edit your review, and specify more in why did you give that rating explaining everything, otherwise your review will get just deleted.

And I completely agree with Xamo, how can you rate a map if you cant view it...

[Edited on 06/28/08 @ 10:55 AM]

KevTheGreat mers, u can go too google to translate your french into english if u want, for ppl to understand
ivanelterrible lol it wont be the same.
KevTheGreat better than not understanding anything lol
As_Saffah Google translation is not that great, especially for game chat that uses terms specific to the game: age-up, "boss", etc.

If I heard correctly Mers your friend is assisting with translation. Hopefully this will give you more free time to devote to the actual business of building these spectacular RPGs.

As for teamwork, I've played about a dozen or so RPG maps of different types since CSO first were permitted online. Your particular combinations of hero units and supporting units seem to be more interactive and balanced. The bosses are hard, so teamwork is required, but your balance of units make teamwork fun and rewarding.
Mister SCP
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
In zelda 2 i found a bug... you should check if he is also in zelda1 (if sahin get a armor of 1. Than he has no armor any more :( ).But now the positiv:
-you can change to other player if player 1 dies or go out of game
-it`s not so frustrating if ur charakter die`s one time (like fall of russia) cause u make a life system and that`s is maybe the reason of the popularity of your zelda maps and that i really enjoy
-That is a RPG with many possibles... you can shop in the city have sometimes more as one way you can choose or you do a secondary objectiv like bring the pumpkin back...That i miss in other maps

Balance: 4
The enemy units have a great balance (stronger and stronger, you start with killing wolfes and in the fort u beat gatlings xD). Only the human players need a little tunning. Sahin`s damage is to weak and huang shoot so slow, that is frustrating if u want kill a enemy and sniper stole you everytime kill.But Huang has a strong bomb and so he is nearly so good balanced like p1 and p4. I would like if you kick him and replace another character instead of him (Maybe a rider, that would be funny xD).
Also u can add a choose of difficult. Easy- human units were boost,normal-like now and hard- you boost enemy units. So it`s possible to finish game earlyer...

Creativity: 5
Zelda wasnt your idea but you bring so much cool trigger and possibles to CSO`s with this map. For example life system and a teleporter to many houses (the characters dont move if they teleport). I think this are ideas with a great futur :).
(to your idea with teleport; I found a effect "teleport units in area" which is much more usefull as this one you take. Specially for the fort it will be great if you can move in with animals, mercs or surgeons. If you need that trigger ->hg download section->misc files->pftq`s trigger set)

Map Design: 5
Based on two terrain: cave and normal land. Has alos very many eyecandy and a village that look beautifull... The enemy units stand not next to next,that also is good.

Story/Instructions: 3
Good cinematics but it wasnt clear what to do at the first time i play. Luckily i had one guy who played before and this was our "leader"
in this game. After the -bring me the horse- mission are the textes of cinematics a lot of better and i can good understand em. A point i dislike is that the enemy try to kill u while cinematics

Additional Comments:

Zelda had many bugs when you released it but now it is really great to play it... and at this point i praise your support cause u fix bugs very fast if people tell you from then and if someone have problems with game and ask you he will definitly get a answer in a short time space

To the game: nice cinematics, a good balance, a op designed map and your own creativity make zelda to this cool game which it is now. I can only recommend that game!
PS: We are waiting for Zeldda 2^^

(is zellda english or french version of this name? People in Germany say zelda so it is no spell misstake!)

[Edited on 07/14/08 @ 12:32 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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