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Zellda The King Of Darkness V01C

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File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 8

Author : Mers ( MG, mersmers )
Style : RPG Quest ( Team Works )

Fix: King Adjusted
Fix: Other litle bug Fix

P1,P2,P3,P4 = Team 1 Human
P5,P7,P8 = team 2 Compunter
P6 = team 1 Compunter
Hc disabled
Instruction :

Follow quests and look a little to win..
You control a heroe that you must improved
Boss Use speel , See it chat and careful !

Heroes :
JHON, Fast Power regen And have Beast
attack !
SAHIN, Possible invulnerable Hand armor
EIMELIA, Mix units, Good Power !
HUANG, granade ^^ And Use hand attack
Only for fast lvl up !

kill enemy to win a lvl :( improved attack, Hp, receved gold and % Critick For Huang )

Kills lvl : 10 Kills for up a lvl and after lvl 15 need 30 kill for up Next lvl...
Max lvl : 20 lvl Max

Food : Life ( Start game with 4 Food )

Gold :
Buy Arsenal :
DoppelSoldier = Attack 25 Gold
Chen = Armor 30 Gold
Kichiro = Hitpoints 20 Gold

Buy Market :
Oldunits = 1 Life 20 Gold
Setler = Tribute 10 Gold To
player P1,P2,P3,P4

Buy Casern (Tavern) :
This possible you buy
Guards, need lvl 05 minmum

Buy Hous of Surgeon :
Settler = Improved Surgeon
20 Gold
For Buy or Enter and Leave the Houses....
For repport problem Contact Me In game on eso !
Good Luck ! Bye
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mister SCP
if you are interset in this effect which teleport all units in area, then i can give u a look how to do, i make it on a nearly empty map... if u want have contact me in ESO :)
acornhead Playability: 5
One of the most laggiest maps i've ever played, however it was an extremly fun rpg map to play :) No bugs that i know of, nothing else to complain about here. I still decided to give you a 5 :)

Balance: 4
The heroes were a bit unbalanced, the magician getting bombs, link getting a KO shot kill that recharges really fast, however the differences were not major but still should have been fixed.

Creativity: 4
I would have given you a 5 if zellda was not a game someone already made lol, therefore the storyline is not from your mind, but from the makers of it. But this still deserves a 4 sionce this is the first aoe zellda that i've ever seen.

Map Design: 5
OMG this part was excellent!!!! Deserves a 10 if i could give it, but i can't :( so it gets an overly solid 5. Uneven terrain, props, and many mnay more!

Story/Instructions: 4
Cinematics were good, but got annoying and could get u killed at times, instructions were hard to understand due to you being french. You should have also tried to explain the teleportation pads (the one by the shore) i found them really,, really confusing. You had no idea where you would go,

Additional Comments:
Easily the best rpg map ever :)

[Edited on 07/19/08 @ 07:29 AM]

Official Reviewer
Acornhead the above review does not meet the guidelines. http://aoe3.heavengames.com/reviews/camp_guidelines

I have emailed you - email me back if you want more explanation as to why your reviews are being removed.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
One of the most playable scenarios I've ever played. You have so many chocies: you can upgrade your unit in different ways, go through different sidequests, and play as different characters. The difficuilty levels alone add so much replay value into the game. There was very little lag at all, despite the amount of depth in the game. There was a huge amount of exploration in this game, just like there would be in a regular zelda game. I liked how each hero had a unique ability, and they all played an important role in winning the game.

Balance: 5
The game was very balanced. You go from weak enemies to stronger and stronger ones, just as you yourself get stronger and stronger. I found that throughout the entire game I was constantly being challenged, but not too challenged. If anyone made a mistake, they could still come back for another chance with another life. Each player's abilities made them all vital to winning the game. If one player leaves, the chances of you winning are greatly reduced. I found that P2 was a little weaker than the others, but he is also one of the most imprtant players in the game, as he is the meatshield. Each player has to make sure that they get the same amount of kills as well, becuase if one player gets too overpowered, the other players won't be able to take advantage of their abilities.

Creativity: 5
For such an overdone genre, this game really adds a lot of creativity. I loved how you got teleported into shops. You really could go inside them! This is something that I've never seen before, and added so much to the game. I loved how you could buy different things almost everywhere. You have to decide which is more important: more attack, a mercenary, or a monkey. My friends tended to buy the monkies. I have also never seen such unique units. The sniper was such a neat idea! Most of the time, the classes end up being: Fighter, archer, wizard, and priest. These ideas were much more unique and very enjoyable.

Map Design: 5
The map was beautiful, what more can I say? Everything was made so well. Trees were put in just the right spots. Props fit in perfectally with their enviroments. The towns were crafted realstically. The insides of buildings really felt like buildings. The terrains were mixed great. I can tell that hard work was put in to make a map as detailed as this.

Story/Instructions: 5
I thought the story was great. It was your typical "save the princess" story, but it was pulled off so well. The opening cinimatic was well done, and looked great. There were little mini-quests that you had to do, which added on greatly to the plot. The poor grammer was a little hard to understand, but it got the message across.

Additional Comments:
A masterpiece. Easily the best scenario I've ever played on AoE. It looked great, played great, and is a great game to play over and over. The game was a little long, but because you had so many choices to decide between, it was worth it. I don't mind replaying it, because I want to try out different things each time!
File Author

Thank you very much for your last comment :)

Following all your comments! I decide creates zeldda 2

with a better system (workteam)

With cinematic securised and better quality

Amelia is change by Chayton

With a Speciality Mod

Shain>Zlatane> = Power Charge ! (
Good for keeping the boss)

Jhon>Zeldda>Druid = Power Heal and power Free Kill For All ( Heal is realy good for team works ) Is like a MMorpg ( World Of warcraft lol )

Huang>Merlin>Magicien = Power bear ( U Turn during (time ***) in Lazer Bear

Chayton>Snake(i change after name, i notlike) is a Elite Sniper ( in french tirreur d'elite) = Power Clone of Chayton ( in scenario test is Ghost mod )

This speciality have a possibility buy improving, for boost

Boss Use Random Power , And power is improved

And other ^^

Bad grammar because I have not learned English to school ^^

[Edited on 08/05/08 @ 05:00 PM]

Gaessaki Oppa
Map Design5.0
Hey, I know this scenario is from quite a few years back and that possibly you don't follow this anymore, but my friends and I enjoyed this so much last night that I created an account just to write this!

Playability: 5
This has got to be the most fun I've had playing aoe 3, ever. Its pretty much a campaign with friends. This game could have practically passed for an mmorpg. My two friends and I played from 11 AM to 5 AM and were dying by the end of it. There were no bugs that we noticed (though we did notice the debuggers.) We really wouldn't change anything in terms of playability. If we had one qualm with it, we're really curious as to what the point of the priest is. We already get surgeons, so why use a priest? They weren't able to convert anything (they just got slaughtered.)

Balance: 5
The balancing was almost perfect I must say. The strengths of each hero actually made a difference in the outcome of a battle, unlike many RPGs. We found that we could only confront certain types of enemies with certain heroes. For example, it was hopeless trying to fight the skull knights in melee, Link had to use his Hawk Eye to take them out, while Zlatane tanked them. There was a good variety of tactics that could have been applied, as the mobs themselves were very varied.

Later in the game, the mobs became insanely difficult, with level 20 L(l)ink not even doing significant damage and Zlatane and Huang either. Due to weak AI/micromanagement, the mercenaries/pets suffered at times. I remember finally having purchased Kurt & Le capitane Jack, only to have them annihilated along with my bear and orangutan when they kept aggroing groups of redcoats and Elmereti against my orders.

Creativity: 5
We really think you put your own twist to this scenario. The story was evidently the stock Zelda tale, but the individual quests were very original. Some mechanics were no doubt borrowed from other scenarios, but you used them well in your own way.

Map Design: 5
The map was absolutely beautiful. Initially I wondered how much content the map really could have used, considering that half the map was nearly explored in the first moments. Boy were we in for a surprise. Nearly every inch of the map was packed with content and eye candy. One of the best parts would probably have been the cave, where we had a grand time.

Story/Instructions: 4
I'd say these are one of the main faults of the scenario. Although the story *made sense*, the somewhat weak translation severely handicapped it. If anything, they provided good laughs though. Often the instructions were not clear, but everything was simple enough to deduce on our own. A fluent bilingual translator would have been ideal; my friends and I are all English-French bilingual and would have loved to help (though I do realize this is from 5 years ago.) Nonetheless, we could have inferred what the true story was and the gameplay and map design supported it so I'm giving a 4.

Additional Comments:

We had a great time. Can't believe it was so long. Keep up the good work :)
tinchofried98 HEY!!

Some years ago a friend of mine played with me the Scenario. I found it sooo amazing that I whanted to download it since then. This was like 4 Years ago. I don´t know how to download scenarios from Heaven. Could you help me please??

English is not my best language, sorry ;)
CrazyDude707 I would lke to play this but its not a scenario file. Its an application. Is it ok to run? :/
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Map Design5.0
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