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Russia: The Epic

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Russia: The Epic

It is 1810 in Russia and the Tsar wishes to unite all of Russia to prepare against Napoleons forces...

Sergeant Bravsky and his Commander, Yuri, are deployed onto this objective. Bravsky is used to the cold weather and Yuri is not causing a need for more food in Yuri's ranks. The rebels are hiding in the woods, waiting for a perfect ambush, their men are weaker than Imperial Russia's troop. However, they are faster and can see farther. The natives to the north are so far neutral in the war; however they plan to wipe out Imperial Russia.

The cinematic starts with a discussion between Bravsky and Yuri. During their discussion Bravsky’s base is bombed by the rebels.

Features: Starvation, you have to upkeep your number of men, more men more upkeep. If you can not pay the upkeep all of your units lose hipoints.

P1- Russia, P2- Russia, P3- Russia, P4- Iroquois, FFA, Age: Industrial age, Speed: Normal, Rules: Standard.

In Game: P1 and P2 will be allied together as Imperial Russia. P3 will be the Russian Rebels, and P4 will be the Natives of Russia. P4 starts out allied with everyone but will declare war on P1 and P2 if the native embassy is destroyed in P1's base or P4's base

P1 loss: If Sergeant Bravsky is killed
P2 loss: If Commander Yuri is killed
P3 loss: If Charles Veun is killed
P4 loss: If Charging Arrow and Forest Stalker are killed

By KevTheGreat
P.S- please do not edit any of my maps or call them your own. Other scenarios made by KevTheGreat: The Arab Desert Series (1-7), Burn em all 1 & 2, and Fort of War.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

I didnt find any bug, except the one of train, but I dont think that tahts your fault...

Balance: 4

Kinda p3 and p4 got too much adventages, and p2 is a bit UP at start...

Creativity: 5

Very well made, even though the whole game looks like a campaign level :P.

Map Design: 4

Very good, but there are a few things at the cinematics (just in the battle) that are kinda illogical, like when block houses destroy, and all musks die, or how do strelets gain so much speed, and they take so much time to escape from cavalry, IMO, when they seen cavalry, they should have retreated instantly, and not with a speed of 7.0...
Or why do cossacks stay there, because, more than the 50% of the cossacks just stay there without doing anything, you should have made the cossacks move a bit more forward, because most of em are stuck there.

Also, I dont really think that a few rebels and some people that lived there before the russians came to that land could be such a big menace for Imperial russia...

But still, by the great overall design and trigger number I decided to give you a 4.

Story/Instructions: 5

Very nice story, however you should have added instructions, or made em appear at the objectives at top, and not middle.

Additional Comments:

The map is nice in overall, and I really liked it.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Playability is so so because balance issues (see balance). Other than that it is a simple skirmish…. That’s it.

Balance: 2
Balance is not so good….p1 has more starting units and better map control for being at the center.
p1 and p2 can wipe out p3 very fast.

Creativity: 2
Cinematic is nice and the civ set up around the map is so so. This is a skirmish scenario and you don’t have much else….

Map Design: 3
Map design is very simple….. the map looks like a random map with no eye candy.
You just placed many buildings around put some wall and that’s it.

Story/Instructions: 3
Cinematic with story was nice but instructions went by too fast. It wasn’t very clear what to do.

Additional Comments:

Maybe no one should be in the center – bad for balance.
All your scenarios have the same map set up… better do something different for a change…..

[Edited on 07/05/08 @ 09:20 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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