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1v1 Yukon

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Yukon
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 11:45
Player 1's Name: LordKivlov
Player 2's Name: FTF_Unknown
Game Version: TAD
A 1v1 match on Yukon, Myself as ze Germans and my opponent as the Iroquois. I go for a standard Crossbow rush and try to catch his army off guard early on. As I begin to age to colonial the phone rings and my micro begins to break down.
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Rating: 4
Not a particularly innovative or creative game, but two good players using solid strategies. A good watch for any German players.

Review: The game is set on the frozen wastelands of Yukon. FTP_Unknown, leader of the Iroquois Confederation, grapples with the German Empire, commanded by führer Lord Kivlov. Treasures fill the landscape, with a very nice wagon of ptarmigans worth 150, guarded by only two polar bears, lies right outside of Unknown’s base. This wagon could give him a very strong advantage early game. As a Native civilization, this treasure heavy map is in his favour. Herds of musk ox and deer graze the barren tundra, while mine of silver, tin and gold are evenly spaced around the map. And so the epic battle begins.

LordKivlov grabs a somewhat lightly guarded Native Warrior treasure early on, a good move in such a treasure rich landscape. And alas, the Cherokee proves instrumental in gaining a quick 90 gold and 160 XP treasure shortly thereafter. He advances to the Colonial age with the typical 16 vill pop age up and sends a Settler Wagon forward to prepare for building a barracks right after he ages up. Kivlov’s maimed Rifleman then does some nice scouting for his preoccupied war chief, a very nice touch. The German superpower then ages up at 4:20, immediately ships 9 crossbows + 2 uhlans and queues up 5 crossbows in his quickly constructed barracks.

FTP_Unknown starts off in a similar fashion, quickly taking the aforementioned 150 food treasure. However, his scouting leaves a little to be desired, as his War Chief if often idle and he neglects using his travois to do a bit of scouting. Another poor decision is to use his starting Travois to build a market. Against a civilization like Germany, where you know there will be lots of crossbows, a better idea is to use the travois to build a stable upon hitting the second age. Unknown ages up with 15 villagers, and reaches the Colonial age at around 4:40. He uses his free age up travois to place a war hut down, albeit in a bad position. Since Kivlov was massing xbows, which have a puny 8 siege, a better idea may have been to place it slightly more forward and secure the second/ third hunt. He immediately ships 7 Aenna; the first in a series of bad unit combination choices. He also researches the BB tech to get him a small force of Aenna+Tomahawk.

Meanwhile, Kivlov attacks with a tiny force of 5 xbows at 5:20; a nice aggressive move. Saying “Hey, I’m here, you’re in trouble buddy.” Unknown then proceeds to let his TC go idle in panic. He loses two villagers to Kivlovs hit and run xbow techniques. Here, however, he makes a big mistake. Instead of going Kanya Horsemen with a few Tomahawks, adding Aennas if Kivlov started building pikemen, Unknown goes Aenna+Tomahawk. Kivlov uses this to his advantage by abusing the Aenna’s set up time by hit and running with his xbows. This weakens Unknowns force while Unknown does little damage to Kivlov. Unknown, upon seeing this, should started have using his War Chiefs crack shot to makes sure that the crossbows would incur some damage and this would have discourage Kivlov from pressuring. Unfortunately for him, Unknown does not. The first big face to face battle consists of Kivlov’s xbows+ 4 free Uhlans against Aennas and Tomahawks, with 4 shipped Kanya Horseman. Unknown takes a beating and crawls back into his base to regroup. However, there has been lots of idle TC time from him, and a few vills were picked off by xbows, so his eco is significantly weaker than Kivlov’s, who in turn has had little idle TC time and has shipped 3 SW+2 Uhlans.

There is now a short lull in fighting while Unknown rebuilds. Kivlov, knowing his force is not strong enough to press into Unknown’s base, uses this time to build his crossbow based army and ship 5 Uhlans. He also puts up a market, researches some technologies to improve his economy and sticks up a Trading Post to advantage himself further. This is a great move, and something us lower ranked people can learn a lot from. The Coureur de Bois treasure is also taken by him, furthering his economic advantage. Meanwhile, Unknown has put up a stable and know goes with an Aenna+Toma+Kanya combo, building up a well balanced army. Their final meeting place lies near Unknown’s War Hut. Who will win: Kivlovs xbow/Uhlan army or Unknown’s Aenna/Toma/Kanyas?

Player ratings:

LordKivlov: 9/10 A near flawless performance. He was in control this entire game, and there was no way Unknown could crawl back after early losses. Nice micro also helped him a lot. Kivlov’s only fault were dabs of idle TC time and not building any pikes. 5 Pikes would have won him the final battle within seconds, and if Unknown has gone with more Kanyas, he would have been in trouble.

FTP_Unknown: 6/10 Not the best game from him. Poor unit combos, idle TC time and a few poor decisions lost him the game. One good part is how he kept his War Chief alive for the HP bonus until the final battle, which is tougher than it looks. Overall though, there were too many poor decisions for Unknown to win.

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