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Fort of War

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
In this easy to understand game, your goal is to defeat all other players or control the fort at 30min. The Fort gives u an extra income boost, a huge one. You use the gold to purchase units. You can also gain lvls by getting kills, the lvls age u up and u recieve an extra spawn of units. If a base is destroyed u lose that spawn of unit. Losing your headquarters u will lose the game.

Age: Discovery, Civs do not matter execpt for Ports(do not use them),

By KevTheGreat
P.S Do not edit or call this map your own.
Other Scenarios by KevTheGreat: Arab Desert 1 -7, Burn em all 1 & 2, Russia the Epic, and Global Wars.

NS: The NS (no stealth) version has been added to the zip file since some people do not like spys and ninjas
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Oh well I havent got any problem here...

Balance: 4

All civs get exactly the same bonuses, things, and they arent unique...

Creativity: 2

Srry kev, but I seen tons of scenarios like this, this scenario kinda looks to me something beetwen eichosseum and warrior deffense.
There are tons of scenarios of this type, that you need kills and you spawn units with things etc...
But since this is like a combo of all of em, I decided to give you a 2...

Map Design: 4

The map isnt that well designed, its even kinda confusing, since there is a lot of black everywhere, and also the place where you fight in its a bit little, and there are unnecessary walls...

Story/Instructions: 5

I like the form of insutrctions by HC names, its quite simple, cool, and explains everything, I would give you a 4 here since there is no story, but since scenarios like this dont need a story I decided to give you a 5...

Additional Comments:

The scenario is kinda something between good and average, but I prefer the other scenarios you made, like russia the epic and arab desert.
Also, I didnt had enough time to play this many times, so I can change of opinion in my rating and may edit this rewiew...

[Edited on 05/24/08 @ 10:48 AM]

File Author
thx for the rating ivan, and u say that u like arab desert and russia better, most ppl actually like this one better lol. In addition, how is the game like eicho and warrior defence?

[Edited on 05/20/08 @ 10:00 PM]

File Author
i have just updated the game
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I think its a great game and will continue to be a great game only getting better, theres a few glitches but iv seen your other maps, and im sure ull fix it and make it even better

Balance: 4
Its a very well balanced game, every player getting same units, only problem is people who play it alot will have a giant advantage over other people

Creativity: 4
There are a lot of games like this, but still theres a certain thing about this that sets it apart from the rest

Map Design: 4
Great map design, awsome set up making it so that its harder to kill the buildings that dont matter as much.

Story/Instructions: 5
I like how you focus around in a tight area, making it so that you and the people playing with you have to try and make alliances, it adds a certain twist to the game.

Additional Comments:
Kev your always making amazing games and this is no exception.

[Edited on 05/23/08 @ 06:16 PM]

File Author
thank you Brom1269 for your review, btw i ma making a team version for fort of war, and wat gltiches are u talking about, if u r talking about the dojo for p2, i fixed it in the update that i posted above

[Edited on 05/23/08 @ 06:21 PM]

File Author
in addition to that i am gonna dd a unit upgrader to the purchase of units
Bingham_Bois Playability: 5
Very Good easy 2 play and understand
Balance: 5
Wot u mean by balance..lol

Creativity: 5
Very good u keep on adding very tricky stuff 2 do

Map Design: 5
Good u dont just make 1 fort war u make 3 very good

Story/Instructions: 5
Very Clear and good

Additional Comments:
Wood Should come faster and Spies r gai and ninjas

[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 03:46 AM]

File Author
lol i love ninjas
ivanelterrible lol Bingham, did you at least read the review guidelines?
No offense, but you look like an idiot that dont knows of what the hell he is talking about...
Because IMO you just entered to this page, haven't read anything, and you want to review files, if you continue doing that, you will probably get your posts deleted and then get even banned.
Please read this page:

Or as I said in one of my comments, read a few file reviews, and in base to em, start making your own, thats what I did, and its more simple than reading all that boring guide...
Bingham_Bois ivan shut up u bully
iam reporting u
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Map Design3.5
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