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The Texas Regicide

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Game Version: TAD
The Texas Regicide:
A random map script for AOE3 with the Asian Dynasties expansion:

This is my 136th rms map...( 2 or 4 players map... )

This is a map done with The Asian Dynasties Expansion:
This map has a Texas rms style...
It is a large land map...748x748...
The Map has 1 Medium Lake in the Middle...
with some FishBass...
Also 1 Trade Route going around the Lake...
Plus, 4 or 6 native tribes...the Comanches and the Apaches...
and also some random Bisons or some Pronghorns to hunt...
plus some Cows to capture...
also some Random Berrybush...all over the map...
As for treasures...a fair amount of nuggets...
.....all over the map...
a few Gold mines...here and there:
plus some decorations...
and finally a lot of resources...

Have fun....

Feedback appreciated...


PS: I managed to get the AoE3 Debugger working
and there are no bugs...
PS: Many thanks to RF_Gandalf for his precious help...
PS: Also to Jugit for helping me to keep my maps away from Bugs...
PS: This map was conceived just for 2 players or 4 players...
PS: PUT THE MAP IN My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM3.
PS: Many Thanks to Ensemble for creating this nice game...
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The map was still a bit too large, however, now I only made it a little smaller.

Balance: 5
Balance has no problems as I see.

Creativity: 5
Now, THIS is different: regicide on a Texas-based map. As you may recall, Texas offers no (natural) defense. Here, however, you start walled in, with a Regent that you must protect and also a Regent's castle that has a lot of hit points.

Map Design: 5
The map lay-out is well done in my opinion, with all the player starting areas walled in and the TR running around the lake.

Detail/Accuracy: 4
This RMS gives nice decorative details, too, like turtles and geese on the lake.

Additional Comments
I enjoyed this map a LOT. Dany, you've really done something noticable this time. You generally make solid maps, but now it has a new flavor, too. I played through an almost one hour-long match against just one AI and didn't notice so much time has passed!
Congratulations, Dany. I hope other players enjoyed it just as much as I did.
As_Saffah Hi,

I played this map a couple times yesterday with friends. It's nice to finally see a good Regicide Land Map and hope to see more from you.

A couple issues:

On 3v3 play, the player in the middle of one team did not get a surrounding wall. Perhaps it was because both a Native village and a trade route loop came close to his starting position. This can be very unbalanced if the opponents find out and make a concerted rush on the unprotected guy.

There are certainly a lot of cattle on the map. This is very favorable to Japanese and India, maybe not as favorable to European civs. This may become an important balance problem. Japan and India are very popular and powerful right now, and this map certainly favors them.

Regicide is a bit different from regular rush games. You start with the elements of a turtle: a strong outpost and a wall. 1v1 play on a 800x800 map encourages turtling and hiding behind 5 layers of walls. Can the map size be scaled to the number of players in some way? This will help curb excessive wall building and bring opponents closer together. The abundant natives also help.

Overall very nice map, sweet treasures, much improved Regicide experience, and interesting balance boosts for civs who use livestock cost-effectively.

I want to leave a review, but it's only fair to let you know about the wall bug before saying anything permanent.
DrIstvaan Well, it is said it is a 2 players or 4 players map... That means, anything above that is not supported (i.e. two players don't have walls, as you also have seen). It would require changing the number of possible players.
As for the cows, indeed, Japs and Indies can use them well, but I think it is good for Europeans, too; I like gathering them even when I play Dutch.
And yes, it is fairly easy to make the size dependant on player numbers; I (almost) aways to that to dhplante's maps (but only for private use).
File Author
To DrIstvaan,

I have downloaded the map from this site and tried it with 2 players and the walls seems to be there...
Same thing for 4 players...

thanks again for your comments...

[Edited on 05/26/08 @ 08:46 PM]

DrIstvaan Erm... That's what I say, too; it works for 2 or 4 players, but it won't for anything above 4.
File Author
To DrIstvaan,

As_Saffah OK reading is fundamental, thanks guys :p

How do you edit the map script to make it scalable? I am a XML/RMS noob and know virtually nothing about editing code. (Better yet could you host an example and add me on ESO so I can take a sneaky peeky)

DrIstvaan Hmmm... I'm not on ESO, thus I can't give you a live example, but I can explain it in e-mail. Though, I don't know how legal it is to edit someone else's RMS script and then use it publicly. But, if Dany allows this small tweak, then there's no problem.
Also, as far as I know, problems only arise if you release the new, tweaked map under your name, which you'll surely not do.

[Edited on 05/28/08 @ 02:35 AM]

File Author
To DrIstvaan,

you can go ahead i dont mind...
if anyone wants to modify them and have some fun
with them...they are there to serve the community

have fun...
RF_Gandalf dany, hope you don't mind, I'm not trying to hijack your map thread but I thought I would answer As_Saffah's question about map scaling.

There are many ways to scale the map size. I think about all of the ES maps have some scaling by player number. Their standard means runs something like this (example from Saguenay):

int playerTiles=11000;
int size=2.0*sqrt(cNumberNonGaiaPlayers*playerTiles);
rmSetMapSize(size, size);

They set a 'playerTiles' number then use a formula to determine a map diameter or 'size' in number of tiles. This method works, but the map tends to get somewhat large at larger player numbers.

Sometimes they scale back the playerTiles for larger player numbers so the map is not quite so large, like this example from Carolinas:

int playerTiles = 12500;
if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers >4)
playerTiles = 11500;
if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers >6)
playerTiles = 10500;
int size=2.0*sqrt(cNumberNonGaiaPlayers*playerTiles);
rmSetMapSize(size, size);

Of course you could be less fancy and just define the map size like this:

int size = 250
if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 8)
size = 400;
else if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 7)
size = 375;
else if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 6)
size = 350;
else if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 5)
size = 375;
else if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 4)
size = 300;
else if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers == 3)
size = 275;
This would set the size at 250 for a 2 player map and increase it by 25 tiles diameter for every player added.

You can scale it however you like. In general, the problem with larger player numbers is getting everything to fit in the proscribed area without running into trade routes, native villages, or water, without having player TCs or resources dropped. The reason dany says to use his maps for 2 or 4 players is because that is all he has tested them for and he does not want complaints about dropped resources, or in this case, regicide walls. I made a few regicide maps and the walls can be a bugger because they are so large. If you edited his map to make the size larger for other player numbers, you might be able to get this to work for the number of players you want, but you might also need to edit other features such as how close the players start to the map edge or to each other so the walls do not over lap(by the way, if you set the players on a team too close to each other the walls will overlap in a humerous way). Let us know if you have any other questions.

[Edited on 06/04/08 @ 07:15 AM]

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