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Arab Desert 7

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5

Storyline of the series so far:

The Desert, its a wasteland, perfect for war. The British Empire declared themselves kings of the regoin and others. The tribes of the desert may be weak but tryed to unite and fend them off, they failed. Later on, the tribes unite again and are victorious. The English could not let themselves be embarressed by such weaklings if they were to remain feared by other empires. They send in reinforcements to recapture this region even with the lands uselessness. The French saw this as a perfect invasion time, the English who have been their rival for years could embarressed furthur, so they took the chance and too invaded the desert. The tribes won causing other empires to see that the English were beatable. However, each tribe wanted total control of the desert, so then erupted the Civil War. Only one tribe was victorious, the other tribes were crushed or absorbed into the empire. So begins the dawn of the Empire of the Desert. During the Zenith age of the Empire, the English had been pushed into a tiny fort which would recieve no reinforcements since the Queen was facing bigger problems in their empire and ignored them.. Everything seemed well for the empire, then chaos struck. The French invaded once again, The Chinese invaded due to need of land, and the Ottoman Empire invaded because of rumurs of gold. The outcome was poor for the Empire of the Desert, they had loss their emmperor in the war, and had converted to a republic. The English had been kicked off of the desert, the French had finally established an empire on the desert, the Chinese established a huge fort, and the Ottoman Empire has almost 1/3 of the desert. Spanish fleets crashed onto the shore of the desert and discovered gold, they decided to stay. Several years after that, the Republic of the Desert (was Empire of the Desert) was so weak and small, they were considered nothing. The Ottomans grew weak and large (around 1/2 of the desert was theirs), the Chinese had to leave due to an invasion back home, the Spanish established an empire to the coast of the desert and the French contoled 1/3 of the desert. To make matters worse, the Portuguese had invaded the desert for reasons unknown, and the British had allowed the empires of the desert to hire their men. Many of the soldiers of all empires in the desert had no idea what they were fighting for, it was like a curse set onto the desert, no, the wasteland. The invaders invading China was the English Empire and the Japanese Empire. China also had to fear of internal collapsation due to rumors of rebel uprisings.

P1-China, P2-Russian/German, P3-British. P4-Japan, P5-China, FFA,

P1 is Imperial China, P2 is the Chinese rebels, P3 is the English Empire, P4 is the Japanese Empire, & P5 is the Imperial Army of China

P1 and P5 will be on the same team, P2, 3, and 4 will be on the same team (the teams are preset due to a trigger, so just set the game to ffa). The flags are used by p2, p3, and p4, they are used to declare war beween each other, for their goal is to kill everyone, however they may need to stay united ot defeat p1 and p5. P1 and p5 will always be at war with the other team. P5 will gain an increase of income, and new buildings etc. by gaining kills.

This scenario is depicts the invasion of China

By: KevTheGreat
P.S: Please do not edit or claim this as your own, and the storyling is not based on real events
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ivanelterrible Hey kev, what happened with arab desert 5 and 6?

[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 09:56 PM]

File Author
they kind of suck lol, i am fixing them, and for the contest i needed to have arab 7 on here, so i hurried fixing this and put this up. Btw ivan, u said u wanted the storyline, here it is up to arab 7

[Edited on 05/29/08 @ 10:25 PM]

ivanelterrible but still its kinda stupid...
Instead of making such big army and so big base, and wasting such a big time, it would be better that they would just send spies to explore the land...
Ottomans, before making stupid conclusions of gold, should first explore the land...

But w/e
I will try to rate your file as soon as I can.
File Author
kk, and the game also works best wit ppl who know how to play
File Author
btw i just remembered, please review this after the contest, for it to be legal it can't be rated
ivanelterrible ok lol.
I will rate it when you want...
Just PM me or e mail me, use agecomm to do both things.
File Author
kk. and have u played it yet?
ivanelterrible no
Just tested at scenario editor :P.
File Author
you may now rate the scenario
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3

The game is too ally dependant, meaning that if someone resigns, losses, or something, the opponent team surely wins. This affects as much as chinese Team as the British, Japanese and rebel team.
Also, its not possible to beat the rebels...
You forgotten to put active the trigger of Set Player 2 defeated.
And either its possible to win, remember that "Set Player won" trigger doesnt works.

Balance: 4

Very balanced, just that there are a few peoblems:
The rebels are a very little bit weak, and the chinese team got kinda too much adventages. However, its not really that unbalanced, and the balance its nearly perfect.

Creativity: 4

Srry kev, but the scenario looks like a classic campaign battle, however, it got tons of triggers and its very very intelligent, and of course that there are humans instead of Ais.
But dont feel bad, I never given a 5 in creativity, I just give a 5 when the scenario its completely new, amazing, and something I never seen before.

Map Design: 5

Very nice, so many triggers, the design its nearby perfect, good population, very nice diplomacy effect, just that there are some bugs, which I mentioned before.

Story/Instructions: 3

Instead of putting "He/she" in objectives, you should have put p1, p2, p3, etc...
Also, you didnt mentioned nothing about objectives in intro and you could have specified even more in instructions, the objectives are nice but can be better.
However they do explain everything perfectly well and its not that hard to figure out what to do. Thats why i give you a 4 here.

Additional Comments:

Very nice Scenario Kev, I liked it, just that I would like that you would fix some things, which I mentioned before.
As I said before, great scenario, keep up the good work.
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Map Design4.3
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Size:184.77 KB