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Secure The Flag!

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

This is the Final Version of CTF_x called: 'Secure The Flag!'

Game Rules:

* 4 Human Players are recommended to play this game. It is possible to go with fewer however by putting a comp in the missing person's slot. The AI Will not fight.

* The Game is meant to be played FFA Mode in the Discovery Age. When the game begins, an animation will ensue and display a quick overview of the rules for the game. And end on the 'The Mountain' where the fighting will commence.

* Every Player will need to Convert the Flag Bearer That starts out in the middle of the map known as 'The Pit'.

* If you have the Flag, Be sure to start walking it your base. You will win the game if it reaches the middle of the six flags in your base.

* Be sure to attack the person who has The Flag. Because if it gets too far into their base, it could be too late for you to win.

* In 'Secure The Flag' there is a trickle of resources that supply your needs for fighting. Although it is substantial, It may not be enough to supply prolonged periods of fighting or carelessness, So be careful! There are also 4 Natives on the map.

Special Thanks to:

MosheLevi and Random22


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Official Reviewer

You may want to put a comment here asking reviewers to hold off reviewing your scenario until the Custom Scenarios Contest starts.

[Edited on 06/02/08 @ 03:14 PM]

File Author
done. i actually planned to add that when i updated the page... but i couldnt do it, due to the server problems, oh well, its up now. thanks again.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Very playable, for all skill levels. It is very easy to understand the rules and the objectives and there are no tricks or secrets to this scenario. Just play well and have fun :P.

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

This, in my opinion is the greatest facet of this scenario. It is the most balanced scenarios I've seen in a while. No civ seems to be too strong, none too weak. All of them have their ups and downs.

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

The creativity was also very nice, on account of the fact that i had never seen a capture the flag game before this one. Also, the pit in the middle along with all the animations along with the intro at the beginning that shows all the camera angles make the creativity factor soar above many others.

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

The Pit is my favorite design because it is something new that i have never seen anyone else put in their scenario. Also, the bases are set up so perfectly that nobody will get cheaply raided; instead all players must fight for the common objective: to get the flag and bring it back to their base.

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Moshe's help with the intro here really changed this rating to a 5, and the directions are very straightforward. It tells you who has the flag and also flares the map to prevent one person from having the flag and being unopposed. The fact that most people know what capture the flag is and that it is very common in other games, for example Perfect Dark Zero for the 360, makes me glad that someone actually made this as a scenario. Nice Work, Chester1.

Additional Comments:
WOW, this was probably the Greatest Scenario I have played in a long time.

This is very unique from all the other scenarios out there. Most of the other ones I've played have some major flaws like units aren't balanced and they have some bugs and all that bad stuff.

This is a lot of fun, every civ is good in their own way, and its a true strategic game, unlike other games where u dont even have to make units or where one unit just dominates everything else(Colleseum cough,cough). Also, this game doesn't change and get boring at the end unlike Colleseum for example, where the final level usually ends up as a stalemate.

STF DOMINATES, EVeryone should try it out, its a really fun game :P.

And the Pit in the Middle is so cool, gj Chester1,its a very creative and balanced game, and everyone of all different skill lvls can play it. MagNifiCo!

[Edited on 06/06/08 @ 10:00 PM]

Official Reviewer

Thank you for your nice review.

By the way, Random22 has created a Custom Trigger Effect to produce the Flare Minimap based on the Flag location.
No one else has made similar trigger effect for AOE3 and maybe also for other age games.
So thank you Random22 for your help with this trigger.

One last request Mobile1551,

Can you please cut and paste your review in the “Scenario Contest” thread in the General forum.
That will entitle you for a chance to win 1 of the 20 game prizes.

[Edited on 06/06/08 @ 10:56 PM]

File Author
only one review :( although it is a very nice one (lol) i would like some more please, anyone out there to do that? we need to get more reviewers for this contest imo.

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 05:52 PM]

Random22 Playability-2
I would give this a 1.5...But its not here. I don't like this maps playability beacuse the lag is horrable...the flag guy is too slow...THE GAME LASTES 30 MINUTES FOR ONE PLAYER TO GET THE FLAG TO HIS BASE WHEN HE HAS IT THE ENTIRE TIME!!

I would give this a 1.5 but like I said... The game is too slow paced and takes yoears to finish...SOME CIVS OP OTHER CIVS!!

I've seen tons of maps like this before...This is just making all those maps look good... No offence... Just that this map is boring. I almost fell asleep playing this map...

Map Design-2
Its just too basic... Now if I just started making maps this would seem like a super map...But I've seen way better and all that.

Story/Instructions: 1
No, Story, The instructions are just as asic as can be...Make the flag come to your base...SIMPLE BUT IT IS NOT SAID!!!!

Additional Comments:
Chester1 Your map is come to the conclusion that where I need to tell you the CONS and Goodthings.


Very boring...No music through the entire map...Too slow paced...Make it a challenge!!!

The middle is just to simple and lag causing

Extra Buildings are worthless. Natives are worthless. Getting the flag in your base with then 20 minutes Impossible. Playing this map is just a waste of 2 hours of your life.


You get 100 of every resources every second
resources...YOU MIGHT AS WELL MAKE THE UNITS FREE!!! You just put in trees to make map look cooler, but all they do is cause lag and you already get 6000 wood a minute so trees are pointless.

There is no story WHAT so ever... If you want my Review to be better I suggest adding in a story...your just setting at your cpu thinking "Hmm, What is the point of this...How did this start any way...Was I knoked out and put in a arena to fight for a Flag??" And the Instructions...THEY'RE WORTHLESS...Look at Koltedkead's maps. They give Reasnable instructions good Story...(His actuly has a intro, but intro and story are the same things) If you make maps with no cinematic you don't deserve Ryke'S patch. All your map's cinematic is the amra rolling around the center then zomming in on the center. If you add cinematic I'll raise this to at least a "3" but, sence all the cinematic is horrable instructions I make this a 1.

Good Things:

I cant say many good things about this map...But I have to...

This map has rarely any faulty triggers. I can see how you really put your time and effort in to making some parts of this map...But you overlooked some of these parts.

Finishing Comments:

I suggest working on ALL the things I've listed above. But, please do not get offended by my comments above, but I'll consider rerating you fix what I've listed above... And what has really offended me by this download is that you've added in ADs. for your other maps. What really lowers my rates is people that put in adding in they're Downloads, Maps, And over the enternet. Take out the MAP ADs. Please. Thats just soo offending.

From the Impireal Cartographer [~I-C~] Map Map Making Clan This map was just reviewed by Officer: Random22 on Thursday, June 12, 2008 At 5:58 Centeral Time

Edited On Thursday, June 12, 2008 At 6:00

[Edited on 06/13/08 @ 04:33 PM]

File Author
Random22, I see you are mad my CTF map is better than yours :)

And on second note, you arent allowed to review my map as you already have one submitted, please remove it :0

and third, your BS accusations mean nothing to me, people do like the map, ffs it got a 5 from mobile, cant be too bad?
Official Reviewer


This scenario is in the contest and since you are competing as a designer you are NOT allowed to review this scenario UNTIL AFTER THE CONTEST IS OVER.

You can make comments and suggestions but at this point you CANNOT officially review this scenario.

So please remove your review.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi
Random22 Moshe,
I thought we could review once contest started. Well I reacted. But when the contest is over I'm gonna rate exactly the same. Just will not retype all of that.

KevTheGreat i have to agree wit random, i played the map, it really really sucked
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