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Forest Domination II

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

This is “King of the Hill” Multiplayer Scenario with TWO "Hills" for 4 players (2V2) (human or AI) with a twist.

This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

Screen Shots

_____________Map Overview______________

There are two castles on this map.
One castle is inside impassable Forest and the second castle is on an island.
Each team needs to capture both castles for 7 minutes in order to win.
Once both castles are captured the 7 minute timer will start.
If one of the castles is captured by the other team, then the timer will stop and reset until one of the two teams captures both castles.

You capture a Castle by moving at least 10 military units near the castle and by eliminating all enemy units there.
Players can capture Castles from each other.

Before you can access the forest Castle you need to task your villagers to cut through the trees that lead to the Castle since it is impossible to move units through the forest.
The Castle is being defended by Guardians so be aware that your wood cutting villagers can be attacked by the castle’s guardians.

The island castle is defended by guardians as well.

Each player starts with fortified base with walls, several outposts and one fixed gun.
It is therefore very hard and not advisable to rush your opponent.
However, players can attack their opponent’s villagers who are cutting the tress in the middle of the map.

Players also start with a dock, one ship and fishing boats so gaining water control may be advisable.

There are 4 native posts on this map.
When you build a native post on your half side of the map you will receive 500 wood crate at your TC every 2 minutes.
So make sure to build one or two native posts as soon as possible.

Several economic tech boosts are activated automatically at the start of the scenario allowing for quick economic advance.

This is a scenario that allows players to age up all the way to imperial and build large armies before castles can be captured.
So if you like long games with massive battles then this game is for you.

The strategy in this scenario is to task as many villagers as possible to cut through the forest trees and open a path that lead to the Castle.
This can take 10 minutes or more, so at the same time players may want to raid their opponent’s wood cutting villagers in order to slow down their opponent.

Please note that If you have units near the castle and see no enemy units but the castle still belongs to the enemy, then that is because he has spies right there right next to your units but you cannot see them.
So bring in your explorer or spies or ninjas to reveal those spies and then get rid of them.

Playing the Game

Logon to ESO, go to “Browse Games” and Host the game.
Select game type “Scenario” and then choose the “Forest Domination II 2V2…” file name from the list of scenarios.

Please note that players 1 and 3 play as a team against players 2 and 4.
There is no way to override this.

You can choose any difficulty level for the computer players when you choose to play against the AI.
For average players I would suggest playing the scenario on “Hard” and for bellow average choose “Moderate” difficulty.

You can play this scenario with any of the 14 civs and with 120 home city level (25 card deck).

Installation Instructions

Copy the scenarios to "My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" folder.


Please note that I am not participating in the CSO contest, but you are still welcome to review this scenario. ;)

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ivanelterrible the scenario looks like a normal KOTH mutliplayer game in which you start off with a few bonuses...

However it got many triggers, and I played the map just twice, I cant decide to have a rating for everything yet, since it got many special bonuses and many triggers, and many starting techs, and I need to see why are they set how will they balance, etc...
srry moshe you will need to wait more.
However, my current rating of the scenario, which i havent really decided yet, its 4.2 for now:

Playability: 5
Balance: 5
Creativity 3
Map Design 3
Story instructions: 5

However it may change.

[Edited on 06/10/08 @ 10:24 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you ivanelterrible,

All players are getting several economic tech bonuses right from the start.
This is in order to speed up the build up process and to allow players to have large battles in a very short time.

There are other bonuses such as free wood crates when player build native posts, and cheaper natives.

It’s KotH map with two hills (castles) to capture.

The castle inside the forest meant to encourage a wood cutting race, but at the same time it gives players the opportunity to rush wood cutting villagers.

The castle on the island is there to encourage naval battles.

The fortified bases were created to make players go for the castles instead of pulling off a fast rush strategy.

This scenario also have special triggers for computer players.
I suggest you play against 2 computer players (with AI or human ally) on “Hard” in order to experience a fun challenging game.
Some of the best games I had was playing this scenario with computer players.

[Edited on 06/10/08 @ 11:07 PM]

ivanelterrible moshe, I have already played your scenario and tested it online, but I repeat the main problem, I cant decide the rating...
Official Reviewer
File Author
lol, take your time then.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Once again, thank you for your review Chester1.

The reason I chose to make KOTH scenario is because the KOTH game type that comes with AOE3 is BROKEN.
AOE3’s KOTH is broken because the Timer doesn’t get reset when the hill is being captured by the other team.
So let’s say that team 1 captured the hill for 9 minutes and then team 2 captures it back.
When team 1 captures the hill again they just need to hold the hill for 1 more minute in order to win.
I have played a few normal KOTH games and they end up being too short and boring.

In “Forest Domination II” we have two hills, the timer starts when both of them are captured by the same team and the timer stops and resets when the other team captures one of the two hills.

One thing I suggest to do in this game is rush your opponent’s wood cutting villagers.
That is where the fun is since it requires a lot of micro.
That is because you can kill many villagers and still stay out of range from the fixed guns.
I have played many games online where players just didn’t do that and that is too bad.

Regarding balance, can you please tell me which civs decks are NOT balanced and what needs to be done to fix that?
I have done my best to make equal decks for all civs so I am not sure what needs to be done with that.

[Edited on 06/11/08 @ 03:50 PM]

ivanelterrible lol I was just gonna put a review, but chester was faster than me ^^.
And yes the rating its fair, except that I would give in balance a 4 and not a 3.

I think that rating this would be useless since I would just give the same rating.
However, moshe, if you want me to put a rating, please tell me.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Yes ivanelterrible, go for it.

I would like to read your review too.
I would also like to know where balance needs improving.
This issue is important to me because it is going to affect my future scenarios, so I need to understand what I am missing with balance.

Thank you,

[Edited on 06/11/08 @ 04:21 PM]

Chester1 Ok, Here is what i mean by the balance is out of line in this game... there are two types of civ (generally) that you will find in AoE3...


And in this game i find that you randomly favor civs while trying to remain balanced...

i realize this in unintentional.. but if look at each civs strengths and then look at their card you'll see what i mean.

Example time:

Take a civ like british, if you think they arent meant for booming, your an idiot, its simple fact that british boom. So you go and give this civ several economic cards. (i do this in a real - boost what your good at) but not in a game like this... it wont work. you take a booming civ and boost their booming. wow OP booming if take a civ like sioux (a RUSH civ) and add like 6 booming cards to them. a sioux with booming cards isnt a sioux... they need unit upgrades and unit cards.
A rush civ with boom cards is a civ without an identity.

then lets look at Ports... another BOOM civ. but when i look at this deck i notice one, count em ONE eco card? you take a boom civ and mix it with rush and you lose that identity again... if you did this to all civs... (that is mix that strengths and faults) that would be fine, and be more or less a well balanced game.. but with civs like british... a civ that boom and then boom harder... or the russian... a rush civ who can rush and then rush some more.. you have some civs that will just naturally be better... if you played to each civ's strengths you make the game more balanced... or like i said above you can downplay each civs strengths and boost their where they lack your balance can be quite well.

keep in mind that civs without identities can be the most balanced civs of all... it is just that when you do this, you lose some of the fun. it just depends how for you want to go with a map like this in terms of equality while sacrificing enjoyment and uniqueness.

sorry i have kind of rambled but in order to get my point across i needed a lot of points to be made... i hope you understand what i mean.

[Edited on 06/11/08 @ 06:24 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author

Thank you chester1 for the explanation.

I understand that the issue here is with the decks for each civ and what you are saying makes sense.

The question is: does it make sense to give a rush civ rushing cards when rushing strategy is not a viable strategy?

In this scenario raiding villagers is a viable strategy but not rushing since players start with fortified base that has outposts and a fixed gun.

In any case, for me knowing which cards are a must is impossible to know since I am not hard core player who plays online often.

So if you don’t mind I would like to have some help choosing the right cards for each civs.
Do you have certain decks that you would recommend me to look at so I can fix this issue?

Thank you,

Chester1 The question is: does it make sense to give a rush civ rushing cards when rushing strategy is not a viable strategy?

no, it doesnt. I agree that in a game designed to be NR, a rush civ would make little sense... but then do as i mentioned and downplay strengths while boosting low points to a civ. this would in my opinion make the game far more balanced.

If you would like i can through and see what should be changed in decks and if you agree they can be changed.
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