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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
SpeedRound is a relatively fast game that normally takes about ten minutes. It is loosely based on the RM Minuteman War. You hunt each other in a large field and you get units for killing your opponent's units.
The key to the game is that your units will die over time; you need to dynamically use your recruiter to place fresh, fully healed units near your opponent's older units to win individual battles.
You lose when all of your troops (not including your recruiter) are killed.

P.S. This is for the CSO contest.
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ivanelterrible hey man, can I review your scenario?
or you are from CSO contest?
KevTheGreat i believe that he is in the contest
File Author
yes, this is for the contest (give me high ranks lol)
ivanelterrible I thought that CSO contest scenarios cant be rated until the contest passes...
File Author
i thought they could be voted onfrom now to the end of the month...
ivanelterrible W/e just tell me if you wanna get your file reviewed or not...
Official Reviewer
CSO contest scenarios can be reviewed now.

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 10:06 AM]

matt light
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
This was, in all honesty, a nearly unplayable scenario. The concept is simple, and very boring. You start with a large amount of minutement, irregulars, or warriors depending on your civilization, all scattered around the map. If playability is the sum of the parts of this review, this map would score very poorly here. It's just not fun and has no replay value.

Balance: 2
Balance is terrible. European minutemen have an attack AND hitpoint advantage over Asian minutemen, so unless all troops are at 0 HP the european civs have an easy win. Additionally, since 90% of the time the minutemen will have 0 hitpoints, a player using attack move will obliterate a player not using it, meaning that battles are decided based on one simple micro click at the beginning. Balance would have a 1 just for these points except for the fact that at 0 HP, it doesn't matter what unit you have...

Creativity: 2
The only thing creative about this scenario was the concept, which I at least haven't seen before. Other than that, it looks like the scenario was made in about 15 minutes.

Map Design: 1
The map is big and green. Again, it doesn't look like any time went into it.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were very short, but even though they were so simple, they still were not expressed very clearly in the scenario.
File Author
thanks for ripping my map... it took a lot longer than 15 minutes to make.

btw, ballance is just the civ, its like certain civs do better at water maps than others...

but i guess its just ur oppinion, ty for taking the time to rank it lol
Map Design1.0
Sry, but i agree with matt here. It isn't a quality scenario, there is not much to it, just fighting with minutemen.

Playability: 2

This map is 100% micro, so people of lesser skill levels will automatically be at a disadvantage from the start. For all people who know how to micro, the game will be much easier, but i also have to ask you why you didn't give more bonuses for kills. One player could just sit in a corner and wait for everyone else to kill each other since all you get for a kill is a free minuteman. However, when you fight, you are going to lose as many, if not more, minutemen than u gain from kills.

Balance: 3

Since there is only one type of unit, i can't say that it is not balanced. Everyone gets the same number of units at the start and with a kill, each player gets another free minuteman.

Creativity: 2

The idea to put a new unit, the minuteman, into a scenario was fairly creative, but after that I don't see any upgrades for fighting or anything like that which could have been easily added to enhance the game. The game is also VERY short if all players fight; this should have been a major concern.

Map Design: 1

As for the map, there is absolutely nothing new so I can't give this anything higher than a 1. This map just wasn't meant for this contest, its more like a way to practice micro, i guess.

Story/Instructions: 2

The game is too simple, and you hardly need instructions as players know what to do right from the start.

Additional Comments:

Put some extra work into this, add cool map designs like hills, mountains, trees, anything. Also add some attack, hitpoints, speed upgrades to encourage fighting. Remember, good scenarios take a lot of time. You need to constantly test it with people and change things around to make your map better and more playable.
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Map Design1.3
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