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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
You are given 30 of the unit you pick. You then fight everyone’s units in a relatively small arena. At the end of each skirmish, the winning player gets a point and all of his or her remaining units are killed. This prevents one player from building up a massive invincible army as happens in some coliseum games. The first player to get to 3, 6, or 10 points wins. The host can pick the number at the beginning of the game. The really great thing about this game is that you are always talking to the people you are playing with, making or destroying alliances, trading bragging rights between skirmishes, etc. The key to winning the game is to not attack first; let your opponents kill each other… then come kill the remains…

P.S. This is an entry in the CSO Contest
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ivanelterrible do you want me to review your file or not?
Official Reviewer
You can review the contest scenarios now.
ivanelterrible Ok
KevTheGreat u can? i thought it begins in 4 weeks?
Danny84PwnzAll This sounds fun, like a variation on Arena Duel. Im gonna download!
Official Reviewer
Players can review the scenarios now.

Designers have 4 more weeks to submit more scenarios (up to 3 total).
Map Design3.0
Ok, then I will review it now...

Playability: 4

No bugs that I have find out, the reason why I put 4 here is, that people cant chat at the beginning of the game...
Make people chat the first 3 seconds and make the black intro start at 3rd second...
Because, while people wait someone to load, they like chatting, and since the overlay text dont appears instantly and there is black intro, some noobs even resign...

Balance: 3

The scenario got a crappy balance, sure, units do counter other units, but the number of the units that appear its the problem, since every unit appears 30 each, and thats not cost effective, ex, a musketeer costs 100 resources, and organ 400, that means that in the scenario should appear 4 times less the number of organs than musketeers.

I suggest to change the numbers to this:

Lancer- 25
Hussar- 25
Dragoons- 25
Oprichnik- 35
Organ gun- 15
Halberdier- 35
Janissary- 35 or 40
Musketeer- 45 or 50
Cassador- 45
Culverin- between 15 and 20

Also, the sniper its too weak, and probably wont kill any unit while you hide from opponent... Change to a unit with more attack, like to a highland or a fusilier...

Creativity: 2

a Small arena with men appearing in it...
I have seen this many times before in a lot of scenarios...
But since its not a direct copy of em and it got its own idea and its not exactly the same I decided to give you a 2.

Map Design: 3

Too simple...
Add it more units and make the map be bigger, in overall its quite little and with just 10 men to train...
Also you can just train 1 men at same time...
I would give you a 2.5 here...
But since I gave you a 2 in balance, even though I would give you a 2.5 there... I decided to give you a 3 here...

Story/Instructions: 4

The instructions are nice, but kinda too simple, specify more, and show examples of the flag bearer moving to a unit...
Thats why I give you a 4 here and not a 5...

Additional Comments:

The scenario its good overall, but can have a lot of improvements, Which I suggested in my review. Make em (or at least some of em lol) and I will give you a higher review.

[Edited on 06/09/08 @ 07:28 PM]

Official Reviewer

Please cut and paste your review in the "Custom Scenarios Design competition with Prizes" thread in the General forum.

Or you can just put a link there pointing here to this review.

We need that for all scenario contest reviews.

Thank you,
matt light
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I found this scenario fairly enjoyable, especially with four players as opposed to two or three. It's especially fun if all the players can be communicating via VOIP while playing, so as to form alliances each skirmish and, as the creator said, brag in between skirmishes. Unfortunately, the many problems in other categories and the fact that playing this game with friends over teamspeak or ventrilo is rare undercuts the playability.

Balance: 2
Balance is the main area that decreases the "fun" factor as well as the longevity of this scenario. The units chosen to be skirmish army options are fairly diverse, but horribly balanced. 30 muskets will lose to 30 of any other unit in the scenario, except culverins and oprichniks. On the other hand, 30 organ guns beat every unit except maybe oprichniks or culverins, both of which are completely useless against any other units. Like a reviewer before me said, giving units proportional to cost/pop space in the real game would help make this more balanced, but then units such as organ guns or culverins would only very rarely be used.

Additionally, the counter system itself is flawed, even if armies were proportioned according to cost. 30 hussars will beat 30 dragoons 95% of the time in a fair fight, muskets or jannisaries will often lose to either, etc.

Finally, the fact that you can see what units your opponent will create makes most of the competition in the game take place in the 20 seconds before each skirmish, as you try to wait until the last second to choose your army to best your opponent's. It's like rock paper scissors, but you and your opponent both know what you are going to build - and depending on which variation of rock you choose, scissors will beat you half the time.

Creativity: 2
This scenario has been done in the past before, maybe not to this level of "complexity" or design, but it's nothing new to the genre.

Map Design: 3
Map design is OK for what it's supposed to be, but that isn't much anyways. Ir works, and it's simple enough, but nothing to write home about.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions are very clear. The two things preventing me from rating this category a 5 are the fact that the instructions don't say that at the end of the countdown, you won't receive units if your flagbearer is not on a square, and the cutscene at the beginning is very long. It's cool the first time you watch the scenario, but after loading it a few times it gets very tiresome. Either allowing players to skip this cutscene (I don't know if that's even possible), or shortening it will go a long way in improving this scenario.

Additional Comments:
Overall, I don't know if this scenario can be improved upon much. Its balance problems are pretty inherent in the design of the scenario, so this may be as good as we can get. Allowing players to pick their units in secret, and having a better mix of counter units might help this scenario along a lot, but I doubt it.
Chester1 30 hussar should never win to 30 dragoons... never, ever, at all. anyone with equal dragoons facing equal hussar is a noob if they lose even 3% of the time, idc who you are, no excuse for that.

[Edited on 06/10/08 @ 09:46 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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