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C.T.F. Abduction

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4 (TvB)

Capture the Flag ~ Abduction
This is my Forth CSO, and the Second CTF Style game.

Much like my other CTF, the Goal of this CSO is to convert a unit 'the flag' which in this game are herdables. Team 1's goal is to convert the Sheep the is located in 'The Animal Pin'.

From the Pit, Team 1 must walk the Sheep back to their 'Sacred Field' located back behind their main base. Team 2 has a similar objective. Team 2 must do the same things as Team 1, just their goal is to get the Llama instead of the Sheep.

In the Center of the map, there is a place called 'The Cow-Post', Named so because a successful capture of the 'Cow' in the middle will result in the conversion of two outposts on the Top and Bottom of the map.

When a person gets these outposts, a new power becomes available to them. They can then make their gather point one of these Outposts and send valuable shipments from their HC. Along with this, the two Outposts become a very nice barricade.

Throughout the game, Explorers will be crucial units to your army. Their HP is very high, and their atk is superb. Use of these Units will be crucial in winning any battle. Knowing this, Your opponents will try to kill these units, And when this happens they will respawn in the corners of the map where they will wait until an allied unit rescues them, or they reach full HP.

I hope you all will enjoy this map.

**Updated as of: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 21:33 EST**
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Official Reviewer

Being able to delete invulnerable units is Ensemble’s bug NOT Chester1’s.
Still you have to find a way around this problem Chester1.

You may have to use a different approach to make your scenario work and bring back the animals when they are deleted.

You can create a ghost army for the animals at the beginning of the game, and base all your triggers on the “Army”.
If the Army (animal) is dead you then create it again with the same army name so your triggers for that army will continue to work.

You can tell who deleted the animal if you set a QV with the player number every time the animal changed ownership (via the Unit Owned condition).

So you will have a condition if “Army is Dead” then you recreate this army, and you check the QV to see who owned the animal the last time.
You can then penalized this player for deleting this animal and announce that to all players (so nobody tries it again).
When you re-create the animal you can give it to the other player in order to penalize the player who deleted it.

One thing to remember: creating ghost army for Gaia doesn’t work online.
So create it for player 1 and then convert the army to player 0 within the same trigger.
ivanelterrible well....
1. Make Russians automatically start with the tech of veteran strelet, but JUST RUSSIANS.
3. Make the chu ko nus appear just after the 5th minute.
4. Make decks be more balanced. Srry that I cant explain (for now) everything about decks in this comments.

And thanks for explaining everything about deleting invulnerable units moshelevi, you really saved me a lot of time :).

[Edited on 06/17/08 @ 08:52 PM]

File Author
alright sounds good. but one thing, what would happen to the balance if nothing was granted to the losing side? those ckn's spawn at half the rate as the strelets. so i didnt really think they could be made into something more than a slight bonus to the still producing strelets.

what i have found in this game is that if the enemy is powerful enough to get the flag to their base, you are truely being beaten, and require a boost just to be able to continue playing the game. there must be something to maintain this balance, and i thought that ckn's were the solution. but if you disagree, let me know what you think might work.
File Author
Updated just now. Added vet strelets for russians only. added a respawn of all herdables on map to their original places. llamas and sheeps now respawn and cancel coyote spawning effect. cow respawns and converts towers to gaia, but still able to convert again to capture towers. each time an animal is deleted it will display "*Unit* was deleted by a player!"

im not sure when i will get to redoing the decks however.

[Edited on 06/18/08 @ 01:35 PM]

File Author
Updated again. this time i added pop caps for strelets at 50. i then added pop caps for the rajputs at 30 and the ckn at 20... so that only the losing team will benefit from them.
i also made them produce quicker.

another pop cap i added was for coyote, at 10, and made them produce 1 per 2 sec, i think this will allow a much more balanced game, but please try it out and provide feedback.

this update will have to for the time being... until i can find a way to make it so that i wont have to disable the coyote triggers after a deletion.

moshe, perhaps you can help me with this?

the problem is... when the animal dies... it activates my other trigger for some reason. that trigger is meant to be in effect when someone owns their animal... but when that animal dies it activates it. and thus the effect starts, spawning of coyotes. i have tried to make it where when the animal dies, the army is destroyed, and then respawned... but it just doesnt work. so i need your help, think you can do it?

[Edited on 06/18/08 @ 09:37 PM]

KevTheGreat Playability: 4
Same as ivan, however i give u a 4, just use the qv trigger to kik whichc player deletes the llama, and respawn the llama, u could also just use an explorer, and use the convert trigger, since the explorer cna;t be deleted

Balance: 3
Blance as ivan said is crappy, u might consider removing the decks EDIT- Some decks are stronger suck as japanese which has the dojo and the diaymo. The euopean civs get the forts while the warchief and chinese civs gain the castle or war hut. and the iroqious have nothing but units including animals. i recomend removing animals from all of the decks wince they are useless. Also japan can send most of their cards twice, thus increasing their deck power, i recomend removing everyones decks as i stated above. that will give balance at least a 4 since everything will be equal/

Creativity: 3
Srry, but there r now way to many flag type games out there EDIT- i belive that u can easily come up with an idea of your own, something that no one has used, perhap your own storyline, such as fall of russia, and the arab desert series.

Map Design: 4
Map design was pretty good, not great but i gave u a 4 EDIT- Instead of the block that block movement u could have just used the terrian cave_top. The number of trigger, roughly 175, is fine but not great, therefore 4 (above average) was given to u Btw y did u make a trigger for music filname and not chose a file?

Story/Instructions: 2
Instructions were kinda crappy, u could improve on that, and maybe add a storyline? Would improve htis alot more. Y is the cow so important, is it holy? lol

Additional Comments:
We don;t need any more flag type games lol

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 06:15 AM]

Official Reviewer

You shouldn’t use “Unit Owned” Condition in your triggers.
Use QV instead.

When the units are in the area of Animal you make them capture the animal so add QVA1 and set it to the number of player that captured the animal.
So you will have QVA1 for animal 1, and QVA2 for animal 2 and so on.

From now on instead of checking if “Unit is Owned” by player number you just check the QVA1/QVA2 if it equals the player number.

This way deleting the animal doesn’t affect other triggers.

This QV also tells you who deleted the animal.

Hope this helps.

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 03:37 PM]

Map Design4.0
Before I review I'd like to say that I am reviewing this from a veteran form of view, since I have had experience for AoM, so I won't be all wow, but much rather strict.

Playability: 4
The point of the game was simple but yet fun, you get spawnable units to make battles with the enemy, I would have given a lower rate thanks to the sole battle purpose, but since shipments were included which was quite nice I am giving you a 4, quite fun to play.

Balance: 5
I have to say, you have to retrive llama/sheep 3 times before you can win, plus its slow speed and recapturing is not so easy, but is compensated with that thing all the way over the battlefield to the enemy's side, and the upgraded units after capturing also helps, I give you a solid 5.

Creativity: 3
Yes it is true, AoE3 is rising slowly, and people are doing new things, but these new things have been repeated several times in previous games, such as AoM, writing your name is no new thing, capturable cow is not new, and capturable outposts are new so I give you a 3.

Map Design: 4
Precise square map on a circular map wins you 3 points, plus the nice extras giving you another one, like that sacred field covered by walls.

Story/Instructions: 4
Yes the instructions are precise, but you forgot one thing...you didn't remove the "Insert Text Here." default message left by the objectives manager in the hints, so I can't give you a perfect score.

Additional Comments: This was a very enjoyable map, but with its faults too.
File Author
kev im starting to see from you a greedy side, why did you edit your rating after yours took a dive in score huh?

and you know darn straight, instructions are NOT a one, i think this is you trying to secure your prize. and the creativity is pretty nice.

please think over your rating again sir.

it says: [Edited on 06/29/08 @ 09:21 PM]
and your review went down a lot on:Posted on 06/29/08 @ 07:23 PM

dont do this kev, you're going to get caught, as the rules clearly say, designers can show NO bias in their reviews.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 10:38 AM]

KevTheGreat actually i played it again, and decided, to lower it a bit, i did the same with then scenario gang wars, or gang somehting (forgot the name) if u don;t belive me i did replay some maps with moble and random, i donlt remember if i played ctf with them but i did with some maps
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Map Design4.3
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