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C.T.F. Abduction

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4 (TvB)

Capture the Flag ~ Abduction
This is my Forth CSO, and the Second CTF Style game.

Much like my other CTF, the Goal of this CSO is to convert a unit 'the flag' which in this game are herdables. Team 1's goal is to convert the Sheep the is located in 'The Animal Pin'.

From the Pit, Team 1 must walk the Sheep back to their 'Sacred Field' located back behind their main base. Team 2 has a similar objective. Team 2 must do the same things as Team 1, just their goal is to get the Llama instead of the Sheep.

In the Center of the map, there is a place called 'The Cow-Post', Named so because a successful capture of the 'Cow' in the middle will result in the conversion of two outposts on the Top and Bottom of the map.

When a person gets these outposts, a new power becomes available to them. They can then make their gather point one of these Outposts and send valuable shipments from their HC. Along with this, the two Outposts become a very nice barricade.

Throughout the game, Explorers will be crucial units to your army. Their HP is very high, and their atk is superb. Use of these Units will be crucial in winning any battle. Knowing this, Your opponents will try to kill these units, And when this happens they will respawn in the corners of the map where they will wait until an allied unit rescues them, or they reach full HP.

I hope you all will enjoy this map.

**Updated as of: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 21:33 EST**
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File Author
needless, you are still lowering your ratings for other CSOs, due to your CSO getting lower ratings, just admit your bias. its clearly evident. and i suggest you to return to your edits of mine, and the others you say you have edited, and rethink them, as it looks like you are in fast track to being caught, assuming moshe does anything about it.... -.-

in all honesty, you KNOW that a 1 for instruction was not needed, as there WERE instructions... quit being so greedy.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 12:49 PM]

KevTheGreat i did replay them, i am not just giving u bad scores becasue i feel like it, i have given some maps a higher rating and some a lower one, your instrutions were average, and there was no storyine, i belive every scenario can have a storyline, some more easier than others, for yours u can state y the cow is so important, mayb saying that it is holy, or perhaps it is the last cow on earth or something, a storyline highly increases the rating that i put for scenarios
File Author
"your instrutions were average"

Average instructions are worth 3 points. and there is NO need for storyline in a game like this. however since rules say that scens without storyline should get a 3, that is what it should be.

but thanks for proving my point that your review is BS.

READ the review guidlines: "This is another pretty clear-cut category. If there is no story or instructions, the score is easy... it's a 1."

see where it says OR, that means there can EITHER, meaning one or the other, or both.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 01:17 PM]

KevTheGreat yes the instrutions were average = 3, but the catagory is named instructions/storyline, this map could have used a storyline, and could have been easily added which dropped the score hugesly, story was a 0, and (0 + 3)/2 = 1.5, and i decided to give a 1, fine i will give u a two because of your countinious whining
File Author
Are you an idiot kev? its not story AND instructions.. its not (5+5)/2...
its 3+2. 3 for instructions + 0 for story = 3.
KevTheGreat story is zero, and instructions are one, to find the average u divide it by the number of things in the catagory u idiot!

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 01:28 PM]

File Author
how are story one, when you just said it was a zero... and the instructions are a 3... its IN THE RULES

and btw, you didnt change anything, you just changed the text, you didnt edit the actual score, dont try to pull off this crap with me, kev.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 01:28 PM]

KevTheGreat thx for pointing out the comment above, and dude its called a f***ing mistake, god u whine wayyyy to much
Official Reviewer
Stop fighting guys, this is not appropriate from Designers who compete in the contest.

This is exactly what I wanted to avoid when I came up with the original rules that designers cannot review each other’s scenarios.
I need you guys to be mature and fair.

Here are the guidelines for Instructions/Story:

1 – No Instructions and no Story.
2 – Not so good Instructions (minimal) and no Story.
3 – OK Instructions but not detailed enough and no Story.
4 – Good Instructions but no story.
5 – Good instructions and a story.


please update your score according to these guidelines.

Regarding Creativity:

1 – Just a skirmish scenario with no triggers at all, and no map design.
2 – Very few triggers with no special objectives or feature and not much of map design.
3 – Some trigger work and map design with a few features that were already seen in other scenarios.

(Note: this should be the score for average scenario that was already done before as long as it works well.
So even a skirmish scenario with a nice set up and some known extra features can get 3. The same is true for Coliseum or Earth type scenarios, these kind of scenario should get 3 if they are average with no extra features).

4- Good number of triggers that work well and a few features that haven’t been seen before.

5 – Outstanding triggers and/or outstanding features that have never been seen before.

So I would say that Chester1’s CTF scenario deserves at least 3.

Please update the Instructions and Creativity to “3” (at least) or I will have no choice but to ask the moderator to remove your review for “Not following the Guide Lines”.

[Edited on 06/30/08 @ 03:50 PM]

KevTheGreat fine i will update the creativity to a 3, however i still believe that the story/instructions deserve a 1, however it will remain a 2 because i do not want chester to keep arguing wit me
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