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C.T.F. Abduction

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4 (TvB)

Capture the Flag ~ Abduction
This is my Forth CSO, and the Second CTF Style game.

Much like my other CTF, the Goal of this CSO is to convert a unit 'the flag' which in this game are herdables. Team 1's goal is to convert the Sheep the is located in 'The Animal Pin'.

From the Pit, Team 1 must walk the Sheep back to their 'Sacred Field' located back behind their main base. Team 2 has a similar objective. Team 2 must do the same things as Team 1, just their goal is to get the Llama instead of the Sheep.

In the Center of the map, there is a place called 'The Cow-Post', Named so because a successful capture of the 'Cow' in the middle will result in the conversion of two outposts on the Top and Bottom of the map.

When a person gets these outposts, a new power becomes available to them. They can then make their gather point one of these Outposts and send valuable shipments from their HC. Along with this, the two Outposts become a very nice barricade.

Throughout the game, Explorers will be crucial units to your army. Their HP is very high, and their atk is superb. Use of these Units will be crucial in winning any battle. Knowing this, Your opponents will try to kill these units, And when this happens they will respawn in the corners of the map where they will wait until an allied unit rescues them, or they reach full HP.

I hope you all will enjoy this map.

**Updated as of: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 @ 21:33 EST**
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Mister SCP
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
A playable map with some troubles. For example animals can be killed, or in last game my mate is go for eat and i want to bring sheep to base and the sheep come to his strelets and so i cant bring to base and my partner cant move cause he was out and this suck cause i cant win game anymore. U should make a convert system, where i can get the sheep. Also i had alltime cow and my partner want ship improvements and i cant give without the enemys control between. There is also a convert system sensefull.

Balance: 3
OP Decks like britain lvl 10 (fort, 2 outpost, falconett,britsh explorer ->this card add a melee damage to my explorer) against decks from yapanese->most infantery shipments, no buildings, no explorer power).2nd The strelets spam too fast and last the explorer + a boost hc card is too strong. Good is the symetric, so that dont matter which player you are, every time same length of way.

Creativity: 4
This is more as a normal CTF, that need more strategy as if you need only one animal/flagbearer. Maybe should add little kill bonus...

Map Design: 4
symetrical, neatly arranged, some different terrains, but no eyecandy, so i would say it is a effective-designed map instead of a beautifull.So i think here you can easily add soem beautifull details.

Story/Instructions: 3
Hc->Set up was not clear and this part was very confusing.
In game->nice cinematics, only a bit clearer
Objectives->they are good to understand. But i dont understand that i should use towers to get hc-shipments
-After second time playing this map i understand everything

Additional Comments:
The best CTF in AOE3. Who is fair and dont kill animals,and have no problems with understanding how to play, will really enjoy this game

[Edited on 07/19/08 @ 05:18 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
The map was playable on all aspects. The concept was simple, and something I'm sure that nearly everyone is familiar with. This made it possible for everyone playing to quickly dive down and play the game. I thought that the fact that explorers respawned at the other side of the base was also nice, as it added a form of strategy, and made it possible to sneak up and steal the livestock from the other player. I also thought that the cow in the center added much more depth in the game, even with such a small concept. I liked sending my own shipments to gain an upper hand in the battles that followed. One thing that I would've liked to see would be more cards, because they start to run out after a longer game. I also wish the livestock was easier to capture, but I'm not sure if you can do anything about that.

Balance: 3
The balance in some ways was great, but poor in others. I liked the fact that you're opponets would get upgrades whenever you got their flag, allowing an enemy to still catch up even if they had a bad start or aren't as good at the game.

The problem in the balance was with the cards. I was playing Russian, which ended up in giving me a huge advantage in this game. Strelet combat alone helped my army of sterlets still hold out even though the oponets had the 3rd level of units. I also had some good unit shipments (the calv, for example was great vs sterlets) which helped out greatly in the initial battles. Other civs did not have nearly as good cards, but I cannont remember which ones those were at the moment.

Creativity: 5
A very creative scenario! Although the inital idea has been seen before, I have never seen it put to use as well as this scenario did. The few bonuses that it added changed the game greatly, and made the whole game have that "fresh" and "new" feeling.

Map Design: 3
The map was good. It wasn't anything mind blowing, but nothing extrodinary was needed for this sort of map. I saw nothing that appeared out of place, and I thought that it all looked qhite good.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were good, but a little confusing. I think it would've been better had you left the homecity instructions about who to capture until the cinimatic. The instructions about the setup via the home cities was great, but when it said "team 1 has to get the sheep" it didn't make much sense without the map auctualy in front of you.

Additional Comments:
Great map! Very unique and fun. A great map to play over and over again.

[Edited on 07/23/08 @ 10:27 AM]

newe6000 you sold it, BUT I DONT HAVE ANY OF THE EXPLATIONS!!

Mister SCP
Whats your problem? Yu can install it like everz scenario.
-My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario}.
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Map Design4.3
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