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Tribe Wars

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

This is 2V2 Supremacy Multiplayer Scenario (FFA is available too) for 4 players (human or computer) with a new twist.

In fact, this scenario can qualify as a new game type.

Players receive free villagers and free crates from Native Posts, and Trading Posts give free food crates.
Once the player has 75 villagers Native Posts give free native warriors instead of free villagers.

As a result of these bonuses this game is all about map control.

Starting location is Random for all players.
This scenario also supports random teams, any combination of team setup as well as FFA setup.

You can also play this scenario with a friend against the computer.

This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

Screen Shots

________Map Overview________

Game Play

Players start with a Covered Wagon and a few mercenary units in a random location.
I added special triggers for the random starting location to ensure better playability since each Native Post offers different native units.

Colonial is the default starting age for this scenario.

There are 12 unique Native Posts and 6 Trading Posts around the map.

It is important to build as many Native Posts (As well as Trading Posts) as possible.
This is because Native Posts give players free villagers/free warriors and free crates.
Trading Posts give players free 500 Food Crates every 90 seconds.

The first time the player builds each Native Post he gets 3 free villagers and 500 wood or gold crate.
After that the player gets 1 free villager and wood or gold crate every minute until he has 75 villagers.
Once the player has 75 villagers Native Posts give the player 2 or 3 free native warriors (instead of 1 free villager) every minute.

Native American Posts give wood crates and Asian Native posts give gold crates.

Natives Warriors are cheaper, have more HP, and more Attack.
Advanced Trading post tech is turned on (give them attack) but the price is still 250 wood.
Infantry and Cavalry units are trained faster.

The number of Native units that can be trained from each Native Post has been doubled.

The game play in this scenario is fast and furious with fast pace economy progress and with the ability to train large armies in a short period of time.

Computer players play well in this map although they may take their time building native posts.
I would recommend playing against French computer player since the French AI is quicker to build native posts.

Geronimo’s Revenge

This scenario is based on old Single player scenario I released on September 2006.
This scenario is called: Geronimo’s Revenge.

It is for Vanilla but can also be played with TWC disc.

In this scenario players get free native villagers and free native warriors from every Native post they build.

Playing the Game

Logon to ESO, go to “Browse Games” and Host the game.
Select game type “Scenario” and then choose the “Tribe Wars 2V2...” file name from the list of scenarios.

You can play this scenario with all 14 civs.
All civs have 120 home city level with 25 card deck.

Installation Instructions

Copy the scenarios to "My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" folder.

Other Scenarios

“Annihilation” KOTH (FFA)

Special thanks

Special thanks to random22 for making custom triggers for me.
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Official Reviewer
File Author

I updated Tribe Wars and added cinematic with background story and on screen instructions.

Seeing the instructions is up to the host.
If he deletes the Flag Bearer then there will be no instructions.
If the Flag Bearer is not deleted within 10 seconds then the cinematic with instructions will start.

Players should know exactly what to do now from the start.

Mister SCP
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
good playable map... Also i like that the comp work :).

Balance: 4
The decks are balanced. Its also really good that u start with 250 wood and in second age.BUT The team which has most tp`s win (most times) because they get costless ressources, costless villis and the native warrior dont have pop space. I think it is usefull to make natives has pop in this map (you forget to make villis at trade posts which belong to the trade route!). TAD civs cant build a embassy which is very usefull for this game and at least you should make that euro civs can respawn the explorer with spend money at TC.

Creativity: 4
A mix between supremacy and a scenario which is good. But to give you a 5 i want see a bit more. Only the thng with the tp`s is new nothing else

Map Design: 3
It`is cheap to take the RM praire and make a second trade route and some tp`s but a RM i should rate "3" the guidelines said.

Story/Instructions: 5
A bit boring but a clear instruction. Also good that it`s possible to skip the cinematic

Additional Comments:
A nice map which is also for people who play only supremacy.

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 06:35 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for your review Mister SCP,

Yes, the objective in this scenario is to control as many TP’s as possible (more than your opponent).
That will insure victory in most cases so that was intended.
However, going with Revolution can turn the tides sometimes.

I didn’t forget to make villagers at trade posts.
Trade posts give only food crates.
Native Posts give villagers or warriors because it is a populated tribe (unlike trade posts).

Unfortunately, I cannot activate the re-spawn of the explorer with spend money at TC.
That must be a custom scenarios bug.

Regarding map design – I actually spent several hours on it – placed 8 additional Native Posts as well as the second trade route with some additional trade posts.
I also added resources to the map, as well as redistributed them evenly between the players.

By the way, this is the first AOE3 scenario that has random start location for all 4 players.
You never know where you starting position is going to be.
The camera start position also works for every player.
This scenario also supports ANY 2V2 setup (including random teams) and FFA.
This may sound obvious but it requires many additional triggers for all the team combinations.

I have a question for you.
Were the instructions not clear in any way?
I am asking because I have on screen instructions (via cinematic) with a background story, and the option to skip the cinematic.
According to the guidelines clear instructions + story = 5 rating.

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 02:10 PM]

Mister SCP
"Thank you for your review Mister SCP"

"However, going with Revolution can turn the tides sometimes."
i never thought about revolution because in normal game it sucks ad ur villis arent there anymore

"I didn’t forget to make villagers at trade posts."
i make it in () because hadnt know if you want to have no villis.

"Trade posts give only food crates.
Native Posts give villagers or warriors because it is a populated tribe (unlike trade posts)."
Ok but the pop do really matter :(. If you like my idea u could make that tp`s cost something like 5 population each one

"Unfortunately, I cannot activate the re-spawn of the explorer with spend money at TC.
That must be a custom scenarios bug."
I feel sry for u :(

"By the way, this is the first AOE3 scenario that has random start location for all 4 players."

Congratulation :) but very often if i was p1 and my partner p4 i ve two enemies next to me
but i hadnt check that there are random places where to start

"I have a question for you.
Were the instructions not clear in any way?
I am asking because I have on screen instructions (via cinematic) with a background story, and the option to skip the cinematic.
According to the guidelines clear instructions + story = 5 rating."

Is boring no reason?Your cineamtic is between 4 and 5 but i choose 4 because i feeled bored during watched it.And i thought guideline told 4=good I miss nothing and 5=couldnt be better If it is no reason i will change :)

PS:How can i quote?

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 03:00 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
You can’t quote here.

About the Instructions/story rating – according to guidelines Good instructions + story = 5.
Cinematic option should give extra points too.
You cannot really take points off for boring story.
There is just no time in Multiplayer scenarios for telling a good story.
Nobody will play it if cinematic is too long.

In this scenario you continue to receive villagers from native posts even when you go with revolution so it is a good balanced strategy.

Regarding population limit for natives – I was asked by players to increase the native population.
Native population limit per tribe is usually 10-15, so I doubled it.
You will continue to receive native warriors beyond the limit but you cannot train them any more.
This was done on purpose to allow players to fight with large armies.
I had a few games where my ally quit and I was still able to beat two opponents due to the large native armies I had – it’s fun.

Having two enemies next to you adds interesting playability to the scenario.
If you don’t like it then just set the teams as TVB or players 1 & 4 VS 2 & 3.

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 03:15 PM]

Official Reviewer
Hey Mister SCP; Moshe has a point about your rating of the story/instructions category. In multiplayer its not really productive to have a long story/cinematic section as players get bored and frustrated. This section of the guidelines should have some more flexibility really, but in future having a story isn't really a real requirement for a multiplayer scenario.
acornhead Playability: 5
Awesome map, fun, and not laggy or glitches

Balance: 5
You chose your civ, everyone starts with the same stuff

Creativity: 3
Basicall a sup map with some added features

Map Design: 5
Nice number of triggers, looks hard to make, and complicated :) Okay amount of eye candy, must have taken u a while.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions explain everything and there was an opening cinematic :)

Additional Comments:
One of your best maps

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 05:14 AM]

Mister SCP
OK i will cahnge it. I think not the story or the instruction is too short, i think only there is nothing happen... I would wish to see for example a explorer build a tp or a little native war during the video. Also i forget to say that you should make explore build faster the tp (modifite protounit ->tp->build points).
acornhead Playability: 4
Fun map if you enjoy sup,, if you don't, you will probably hate this map lol. This map was not laggy other than the beginning during the loading time, however, i do not like it that you still get vills after you revolt, perhaps you should make them get soldier type units instead, then they would actually be a war type civ. Other than that, i have no major complaints here.

Balance: 5
Decks were closely balanced, you start with the smae amount of power and chances, this part deserves a solid 5. No complaints here at all :)

Creativity: 3
Not a creative map at all, i would have given this a 2 if it wasn't for the trade post that spaws resources and units. Other than that its your basic sup map, i have to say, none of your maps are creative at all. This is the main area where you need work on.

Map Design: 4
Map looked nice, nice amount of eyecandy, however the map felt like the great plains, idk if you just opened the great plains map and then edited it or what. I recomed making this map feal more, new, rather than an old type map. This are is a close 5 but i decided to give you a 4 :)

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were okay, however there was no story, which made this part a 5. This probably also has to do with creativity, since you need to be creative to make up a story :P lol So this part deserves a 4.

Additional Comments:
I recomend this map if you enjoy sup and do not want to play a comp stomp

[Edited on 07/18/08 @ 10:48 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for the review acornhead,

However, you are mistaken, there is a story with cinematic in this scernario.
You MUST have played an old version that circulates on ESO.
Please download the latest version from here and updates your “Story/Instructions” rating.

Regarding “Creativity” – you have forgotten to take into the consideration the random starting location feature and random teams/any team set up combination (took over 100 triggers).

Perhaps you didn’t notice it but any of the players can start the game in any of the 4 starting locations with camera track triggers to start at the appropriate position for every player.
This scenario supports random teams and any team set up combination.
It also supports FFA set up.
This requires numerous diplomacy and victory triggers to handle the various combinations of teams.

In additional to that there are many triggers to activate the AI.
This scenario allows for AI players too (that know what to do).

Not many designers do all that work for a multiplayer scenarios and all these features should be considered as part of the “Creativity” as well as “Playability”.

Please adjust you rating accordingly.

Thank you,

[Edited on 07/18/08 @ 10:55 AM]

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