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Tribe Wars

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4

This is 2V2 Supremacy Multiplayer Scenario (FFA is available too) for 4 players (human or computer) with a new twist.

In fact, this scenario can qualify as a new game type.

Players receive free villagers and free crates from Native Posts, and Trading Posts give free food crates.
Once the player has 75 villagers Native Posts give free native warriors instead of free villagers.

As a result of these bonuses this game is all about map control.

Starting location is Random for all players.
This scenario also supports random teams, any combination of team setup as well as FFA setup.

You can also play this scenario with a friend against the computer.

This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

Screen Shots

________Map Overview________

Game Play

Players start with a Covered Wagon and a few mercenary units in a random location.
I added special triggers for the random starting location to ensure better playability since each Native Post offers different native units.

Colonial is the default starting age for this scenario.

There are 12 unique Native Posts and 6 Trading Posts around the map.

It is important to build as many Native Posts (As well as Trading Posts) as possible.
This is because Native Posts give players free villagers/free warriors and free crates.
Trading Posts give players free 500 Food Crates every 90 seconds.

The first time the player builds each Native Post he gets 3 free villagers and 500 wood or gold crate.
After that the player gets 1 free villager and wood or gold crate every minute until he has 75 villagers.
Once the player has 75 villagers Native Posts give the player 2 or 3 free native warriors (instead of 1 free villager) every minute.

Native American Posts give wood crates and Asian Native posts give gold crates.

Natives Warriors are cheaper, have more HP, and more Attack.
Advanced Trading post tech is turned on (give them attack) but the price is still 250 wood.
Infantry and Cavalry units are trained faster.

The number of Native units that can be trained from each Native Post has been doubled.

The game play in this scenario is fast and furious with fast pace economy progress and with the ability to train large armies in a short period of time.

Computer players play well in this map although they may take their time building native posts.
I would recommend playing against French computer player since the French AI is quicker to build native posts.

Geronimo’s Revenge

This scenario is based on old Single player scenario I released on September 2006.
This scenario is called: Geronimo’s Revenge.

It is for Vanilla but can also be played with TWC disc.

In this scenario players get free native villagers and free native warriors from every Native post they build.

Playing the Game

Logon to ESO, go to “Browse Games” and Host the game.
Select game type “Scenario” and then choose the “Tribe Wars 2V2...” file name from the list of scenarios.

You can play this scenario with all 14 civs.
All civs have 120 home city level with 25 card deck.

Installation Instructions

Copy the scenarios to "My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" folder.

Other Scenarios

“Annihilation” KOTH (FFA)

Special thanks

Special thanks to random22 for making custom triggers for me.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This map is very playable but, some of the natives are planted in the middle of the map and the explorer builed too slow. And on trading posts on the Trading Route do not create viliagers.

Very balenced. I mainly love the part where you can choose teams or FFA. (I like teams though :P) Though all Postes are spread evenly so it is fair to how many postes are in the map.

Very Very creative. I can see how you put lots of thought in to making this map. How potses create villies and resources.

Map Design-5
Very well designed, No faulty triggers, Very fair, Good concept!!

Everyone take note: I will never give this a 5 unless there is a intro or story. So in this case I give this a 4. Instructions are very well thoughten of.

Additional Comments:

In that conclusion...


No, Intro or story. If you add in a story and/or intro, I'll react, then rerate. But till then I leave the same.

No, Villagers from trading route. That really slowes down the pace of the map...But I can see how come you don't give villies from Trade Route.

Good Things:

Very well thought of. I may never have thought of a map like this.

Good triggers!! Triggers are very well thought of. I have never found a faulty trigger in the map while playing!!

Well disgned, Indians placed in just the right spot. Camera starting wasn't working well at begining, But you fixed.

So In conclusion of everything I give this map a 4.6/5.

Keep up the good work Moshe!!

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Im sure if i had played more normal games it would have been easier for me. I kind of had a slow start since i wasnt exactly sure what i should do. But others seemed to get on the ball in the beggining so its probably me.

Balance: 5
It is fairly balanced. It relies on the basic balance of AOE3 in it so it is balanced if the hc are same level. If they arent well then no game could be balanced.

Creativity: 3
It kind of just seemed like the normal game with more natives mixed in. It was a good idea and it let you make big armies, so strategy was huge in play.

Map Design: 4
The design for the map was very well done and you must have spent time on it to get it that way. There wasnt much you could do with the map in relation to the scenerio so a job well done.

Story/Instructions: 4
There wasn't really a story-line with the map but the instructions were very simple. Kill the other team. I didnt exactly understand the importance of the natives in beggining but they play a huge role in the map itself.

Additional Comments: Very well-done map. It was the closest map to a normal game that ive enjoyed( maybe because i won). I hope you make more because they are very enjoyable.

[Edited on 06/21/08 @ 12:55 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Perfect triggers and all working.

Balance: 5
Good balance. All players have the same chances, but i think civ is a great issue in this scenario. For a first time player, it can be terribly disadvantage if this have an UP civ.

Creativity: 4
Not the best map you've made, but quite creative. I personally prefer the Annihilation type of map. This looks too much as an ordinary standard map.

Map Design: 5
Good design and a refined detail's feeling. Lots of eye-candies and good proportions (on resources and trade route).

Story/Instructions: 3
Not quite simple to play this on the first time, if some of the opponents have played this already. There are less information then I've expected. Sorry but a larger intro movie with more explanations was a better choice.

Additional Comments:
Like all your other maps, this is fitting like a glove in your designing style. As I've said before, i am not very pleased to see this kind of map design. For me this all looks like standard maps, and the meaning of a scenario is to break this pattern. Good map and most of all great triggers!
Mister SCP
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
good playable map... Also i like that the comp work :).

Balance: 4
The decks are balanced. Its also really good that u start with 250 wood and in second age.BUT The team which has most tp`s win (most times) because they get costless ressources, costless villis and the native warrior dont have pop space. I think it is usefull to make natives has pop in this map (you forget to make villis at trade posts which belong to the trade route!). TAD civs cant build a embassy which is very usefull for this game and at least you should make that euro civs can respawn the explorer with spend money at TC.

Creativity: 4
A mix between supremacy and a scenario which is good. But to give you a 5 i want see a bit more. Only the thng with the tp`s is new nothing else

Map Design: 3
It`is cheap to take the RM praire and make a second trade route and some tp`s but a RM i should rate "3" the guidelines said.

Story/Instructions: 5
A bit boring but a clear instruction. Also good that it`s possible to skip the cinematic

Additional Comments:
A nice map which is also for people who play only supremacy.

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 06:35 AM]

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Map Design4.3
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