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The Labyrinth II (update2)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Labyrinth is a King of the Hill style game where you play in a large maze that changes every 20 seconds. There are buildings around the map you can take over to get different units. You have to take control of these buildings while simultaneously fighting for the fort in the middle. The walls move RANDOMLY; there are no built in biases. (one - unfair, two – too hard to make lol) There are also kill bonuses – most are unit rewards and one is a population room bonus; the big one is the ability to destroy walls at 500 kills.
Labyrinth2 is the new version of labyrinth made specificly for this CSO contest. It comes with one huge bugfix and a few things added.
1. More kill bonuses including some after 500
2. AI for computer players - The host selects which players are computer players and they are given some really lame AI (Don’t worry; Each player has the ability to declare that they are not a computer so that the host cannot try to give your men AI they don’t want.)
3. The Big Bugfix – Now, if the player that holds the fort tries to delete it, that player will be ejected from the game, and the game will continue; the fort will not go away!

If you have any further questions, watch the cinematic at the beginning of the scenario contact or me in-game (CrazyEngineerKid).

P.S. please rate this for the contest

update: june 18 - expanded area arround fort and pathways arround the edge of the arena

update: june 29 - numbers of units recievedd at 550 and 600 kills fixed, los changes, now 30 seconds between shifts, and a break before the start of the cinematic to let the game load.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The playability of this scenario is lacking. I did like it, but i found myself often getting trapped, and not being able to the things i would have liked. although it is possible to add some strategy to the game, it seemed like just another game where you must spam units into the middle and try to hold a point for a certain amount of time, and really doesnt take full advantage of the system it has at hand.

Balance: 4
this game is very balanced. there are no cards, and the buildings/walls are perfectly parallel. my only problem here is that it would seem the randomness of the game's wall morphing can pause the game at unwanted times and ruin someone's perfect setup.

Creativity: 5
never seen a map like it, it is one of the most creative maps ive seen in a long while. this map was really well done.

Map Design: 3
the map has been laid out perfectly. my only wish is that there were more openings for units to move, more than half the time i had units stuck in different parts of the map, doing nothing for my benefit. i also would like to see more room available near the fort for better protection.

Story/Instructions: 4
the instructions told exactly what they needed to do. my only problem with them is that while it is above the fort it stays there for an extended period of time that isnt required.

Additional Comments:

just get rid of the long period of time between instructions over the fort to make that whole process more smooth. I would also like to see a modification to the map design allowing for more openings and walk ways for units to move so they dont get stuck too often. other than that, it was a well produced map, gj.

[Edited on 06/17/08 @ 12:29 PM]

File Author
thanks for reviewing.

i was wondering tho, what do you mean by pathways? like non-moving zones?

that would sort of defeat the purpose of thewalls moving unless it was done very carefully.

No area should have all-access all the time. maybe there could be a few smaller passageways that only have a couple of changing walls.
Official Reviewer


I played your original Labyrinth scenario and I noticed that there was not enough space around the Fort.
The paths around the Fort were too narrow.
This is the center of the map where most of the fighting is going on so it would be a good idea to have a large area around the Fort with no walls.

The reason you have a lag when the walls move is because you have like 200 effects executed all at once.
If you spread your effects over 3 seconds then that will solve the problem.

More time between moving walls phases will work better too.

Other than that the scenario is very good and creative.
File Author
for me, only occasionally does it lag on change. when it does, it is normally miniscule.
I have notised the issue arround the fort and I think I know how to fix it but it is too late for the contest now right...
Official Reviewer
it's not too late to change your scenario.

New reviews will be based on your latest version, and you can always ask the reviewer to check your scenario again.
The reviewer can then modify his review but that is up to him.
Chester1 moshe is right, if there were more room around fort, and generally more space between walls, i would HAVE to boost this rating by at LEAST .4
File Author
cool! ill try to fix that then.

[Edited on 06/17/08 @ 10:15 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
playable, however as chester said i hated getting trapped in places, however it adds strategy to it, should add larger walkways

Balance: 4
Completey balanced, all player have the same exact chance of winning, its pretty much a gamble on which wall would dissapear and where a wall would show up

Creativity: 3
go to the midle, hold the fort, get buuldings for spawns, not real creative. Only thing is the wall rotation.
Map Design: 3
Easy to design, just place a bunch of walls, nd make triggers for the walls. should add some triggers that add spc events, like maybe at a time ( u pik) all the walls would come down, then maybe at one point increase the ouput of the spawns, then return it back to normal.

Story/Instructions: 3
No story, instructions were kinda basic, decided to give u a 3

Additional Comments:
Great map overall, easily replayable, unless u remember the pattern lol

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 02:55 PM]

File Author
to make the walls move, i actually used a change to random protounit trigger that had been modified so it could handle 50 walls at once.
the aom trigger request forum :D
KevTheGreat i dindlt know there was a random trigger lol, taht would be useful in my scenarios. Where do u et these triggers, the eject one would be usefull too

[Edited on 06/18/08 @ 09:47 AM]

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