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SC-P Gang warfare V1

Author File Description
Mister SCP
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 7+ one comp
SC-P Gang Warfare v1->updated from v0.7
[IMG]image URL[/IMG]
improvements of v1:
it reset now the timer in dm (Sheriff) if a gangleader die.
The objectives have much more info
other little fixes

features v0.7

-2 game modus are playable
->dm kill each other
->sup fill conditions
-story and instruction are done
-video for bank rob

Gang Warefare:
-p1 to p6 are gangleader
-playable in ffa or teams
-gangleader have to kill houses and units for get gold
-they can train units either with holm o they go in a circle. What u get is the name of the building next to circle.
-new features: improved teamplay, rob a bank, bigger city
-p7 is computer

-p8 is sheriff he try to kill gangleader (they return after killing at prison)
-after killing (3/5/8/10/12) leader he can train new units

->Final round... 12 times a gangleader must die and sheriff come to the final.gangs must kill 5 houses,20 units and should not die more as 3 times, then they are in final round.At final round sheriff get a new timer if it is 0 he is out.If gangleaders die in final they are also out.


Plz do neither edit or claim these map as your own.
If you have questions i am daily in ESO (Sir_Constantin)
Special thx to chester1 for help me with the language

file Update3 (3.8.08)
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Mister SCP
File Author
"Playability: 5"

-i am not sure if you mean 4 or 5 cause intext you write 5 in rating 4 plz change one of both numbers

"The only problem was if you were Japanese later you could make shrines and get a lot of money and own everyone."

-I limit shrines to 3 but if that are too much i either forbid them or makes 1-2

"Gang Warfare- This is where i got kind of confused. When i read the objectives, they didnt really make sence. Maybe im just slow but try to make them easier for me to understand ;)."

-The objectives :/ ... I know they arent good, i think u can get informations you need but everytime someone stop the break and so u cant read. For this reason i will make a video which include a bit story and instruction. I cant do earlier cause i first had to create all map with features. This is now done and i will find a solution that improve the instruction (hope i am ready in next version)

"You should seperate the two maps for reviewing though because its hard to try to grade 2 at once"

-i feel sry :( but now it is done :) . Thx for ur positiv reviewing.

-Sir Constantin

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 08:54 AM]

KevTheGreat maybe u should seperate the maps?
KevTheGreat this is for the colleseum, i will rate the other one after this

Playability: 5
Playable on all accounts, no bugs wat so ever

Balance: 3
The unit choosing is kinda stupid, i mean would u chose a cuir, or a hussar, come on.. all i ever use is the russian anti building clav, mortars, and cuirs. The others are way to crappy. Plus, india gets a vill....

Creativity: 1
Creativity was 0, colleseum type game, bland. There are way to many of them out there... I recommend everyone to stop making colleseum

Map Design: 4
Map design was averade, no good, and no bad

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions are fine, should add a storyline :)

Additional Comments:
Please ppl, stop making colleseum, there r like 50 out there!!!

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 01:15 PM]

Mister SCP
File Author
i make them seperate 30 min before you rate it. I do upload othe one but it is not yet on the server. And i stop making colloseums @ aoe3 :).

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 10:44 AM]

KevTheGreat k, srry i didn;t notice that i will retract it
Mister SCP
File Author
Map design: it should happen that people loose after 15 min, if they die to often... (finalround), then they should be disable, arent they? Ok i will try to find out

Instruction: Yes i do totally agree its only horrible, nothing else. So i last Friday start making a video instruction but i need next week to finish it.

So dont worry be happy and if you understand how it work it is a nice game :)

[Edited on 06/22/08 @ 01:31 PM]

KevTheGreat ....

first of all i am pretty sure the sherif is a comp :P
Chester1 -p7 is computer
p8 is human

and if not, than the instructions are worse than i thought

KevTheGreat yes it is, i thought the gang was human, then some ppl told me ti was a comp, it did make more sence seeing that the sherrif was useless, however theycould 've been wrong in that case Mister SCP please correct me

[Edited on 07/01/08 @ 04:30 PM]

Chester1 Hey Mr SCP, I would like to ask you a favor.

would you give me permission to take this game into the editor, so i can change a few things, like how much pop the sheriff gets after a certain amount of time, and add some more instructions? things like this.

I really really liek this map, and had a lot of fun with it, but the things that bring it down, are rly just too much. but i could easily fix.

I would of course keep the "made by" the same, as it your wonderful map :)

but i can name it, what ever version you want.

If this is not OK, can you please make a version yourself with some fixes that i will mention if you like, later.

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