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SC-P Gang warfare V1

Author File Description
Mister SCP
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 7+ one comp
SC-P Gang Warfare v1->updated from v0.7
[IMG]image URL[/IMG]
improvements of v1:
it reset now the timer in dm (Sheriff) if a gangleader die.
The objectives have much more info
other little fixes

features v0.7

-2 game modus are playable
->dm kill each other
->sup fill conditions
-story and instruction are done
-video for bank rob

Gang Warefare:
-p1 to p6 are gangleader
-playable in ffa or teams
-gangleader have to kill houses and units for get gold
-they can train units either with holm o they go in a circle. What u get is the name of the building next to circle.
-new features: improved teamplay, rob a bank, bigger city
-p7 is computer

-p8 is sheriff he try to kill gangleader (they return after killing at prison)
-after killing (3/5/8/10/12) leader he can train new units

->Final round... 12 times a gangleader must die and sheriff come to the final.gangs must kill 5 houses,20 units and should not die more as 3 times, then they are in final round.At final round sheriff get a new timer if it is 0 he is out.If gangleaders die in final they are also out.


Plz do neither edit or claim these map as your own.
If you have questions i am daily in ESO (Sir_Constantin)
Special thx to chester1 for help me with the language

file Update3 (3.8.08)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Colloseum- The collloseum is a very simple, easy map to play. It has instructions and teammates to help understand too.

Gang Warfare- When i first played gang warfare i was sort of confused. After you play it a bit though, it gets easier to understand and is very fun.

Balance: 5
Colloseum- Is balanced as it gets. Everything is perfectly even, the map isnt misshapen, and all civs are pretty equal. The only problem was if you were Japanese later you could make shrines and get a lot of money and own everyone.

Gang Warfare-It is balanced. Everyone can buy the same things, go the same places, and die the same way. The only change is the sheriff but he keeps them from not getting too strong.

Creativity: 4
Colloseum- I loved that map and played it for a very long time. It was definately my favorite colloseum map for a long time. The mix of different units and being able to buy things amde it very interesting.

Gang Warfare- I enjoyed that very much too because it was a new idea to me and i felt like a mobster XD. I definately liked the kind of free-roam kill other players kind of enviroment.

Map Design: 5
Colloseum- The map was very neat and the colors were nice on the eyes. Its hard to have a creative map on cooloseum maps so i think you did well.

Gang Warfare- It had a very urban feel and the design for the situation was perfect. Theres not much better you could have done for the map itself.

Story/Instructions: 4
Colloseum- This had very simple instructions that few could miss. And even if they did their partner could help gthem out.

Gang Warfare- This is where i got kind of confused. When i read the objectives, they didnt really make sence. Maybe im just slow but try to make them easier for me to understand ;).

Additional Comments: Both the maps were very well done. I enjoyed playing both very much. You should seperate the two maps for reviewing though because its hard to try to grade 2 at once.

[Edited on 06/20/08 @ 11:14 AM]

Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
No bugs wat so ever, however it was a bit bland. You die, u respawn, u die u respawn, wtf wat was the point of the map!!!!

Balance: 5
Balanced, all players controlt he same amount of things.

Creativity: 3
Creativity was average, a new type of playing, however not to creative in the type, so average = 3

Map Design: 1
the map design was bland al together, also u didnlt put int he lose trigger so when ppl lost all their units they were still in making it unwinnable :(, u respawn over and over....

Story/Instructions: 1
This part was totaly the worse part, everyone got confused on wat they were to be, we thought that p8 was the sherrif, but instead that player only contorled a gate, ppl didnl't find out that if u lose holme u lose. Ppl were also confused on how to play it and wat was the main obj. The instructions i am srry to say was crap, and there was no storyline about the game :(

Additional Comments:
The game needs a huge tune up

[Edited on 06/29/08 @ 10:58 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
I am still not entirely sure what to do here in this game, sorry to say :( although, for some reason it was still fun lol. (maybe cuz i won, idk how i won, but i did)

I think i understand some of it, but it really is very complicated >.<

Balance: 4
Well, i guess it is balanced, seeing as how each player excluding the sheriff gets the same starting things. However, im not so sure how the sheriff is in the this game. He has always died in the few times i played this, first. (wtf?) and it seems like he needs more HP or something, im not rly sure. its hard to say for this game, as i dont completely understand it lol

Creativity: 5
from what i can tell, this map is awesomely creative :O

I loved the idea of a town, where ppl can go around and buy stuff, and having prison/ banks etc. would be awesome to have like a restaurant or something. lol that would be funny.

Map Design: 4
Map looked beautiful!!!

Well designed map, i really enjoyed it. If you granted me the ability, i would take this game into the editor and make a Screenshot of this into a sig xD

it was well thought out. However i think the lighting, although it set the mood well, might have been a little too dark, as sometimes i couldnt tell who was walking by, because colors sort of get merged.

That said, i really liked it :D

Story/Instructions: 2

I didnt know WTF i was doing.
There were no in game instructions other than Objectives, which were barely useful to say least. ppl need to know what to do, and not everyone will take time to even read the Obj. should have a better intro for sure.

Additional Comments:
I really liked the map, its just too confusing, add more instructions/ make it easier to play, and this game will be one of my favs xD

I think a few simple improvements are changing the lighting to something a little bit brighter, and perhaps add a timer to buy things, i bought 1 muskie and 2 dragoons that i didnt even know about lol.

and then simplify or explain the game better.

Final Word: I liked it, but i could love it ^^
if a few things were done.


P.S. Kev that review is BS - again. ffs..

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HGDL v0.8.0

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Map Design3.3
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