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Global Wars

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 6


This scenario is based on the Arab Desert Series by me, KevTheGreat. Many people had wanted an Arab Desert 8, but i decided to try something new, and made this, includes many, many features new, old, and perfected.

The Storyline of ths game doesn't make much sense, but i still decided to put it in. Five Empires have risen to face the test of time, they compete in a world tournament. Who will win, who will conquer? You control your diplomacy, so be prepare to experiance cold wars, World Wars, and others...


*day-night-day cycle

*rain events

*miniquests for each player

*flags of diplomacy

*tutorial on the flags

*over 550 triggers

*over 1200 effects

*many more

This scenario is in the CSO contest, so please grade well :)

P1-5 are human players, p6 is a comp (ivan the terrible), Discovery Age, FFA, Read Hc names for civ order

By KevTheGreat

P.S please do not edit, or claim this map as your own.

My Website

Other Scenarios by KevTheGreat-

Arab Desert
Arab Desert 2
Arab Desert 3
Arab Desert 4
Arab Desert 4V2
Arab Desert 7
Burn em All
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Fort of War
The Race


6/21/08. 6/22/08. 6/25/08. 6/27/08. 8/21/08

-fixed minor trigger bugs
-added houses
-removed 2 wonders from japan
-added the victory trigger
-other minor things

french reinforcements come faster
-if france revolts they lose reinforcements from the homeland and gain a one reinforcement army (from the people uniting, not the homeland)
-heroes that die are removed form the game unlike explorers
-heroes now have trigger attacks when injured and/or death
-aztec hostages are now not invincible and have no attack (converted to igc) therefore making it harder to do mission
-aztec hostage mission rewards have been increased greatly
-fixed minor bugs

-misspellings have been fixed
-the loss trigger for france has been added (I don't know y it was missing)
-hostages are no longer IGC units
-minor faulty triggers have been fixed

-increased amount of lighting changes, not just 2 settings that change every 15 minutes anymore, now there are 10 lightings that change every 200 seconds
-rain occurs more often and are shorter
-spanish houses have been fixed to match their culture

-Gates can now be closed to allied players or opened (your choice) this will prevent entering your city and declaring war on you. However this only applies to preset gates.
-Fixed flagsno longer getting "lost"
-New music including a custom music file in the download (if you are wondering what the song is trying to say, it basically means religion causes wars)
-Intro cinematic is now optional
-You can now move around during tutorial cinematic if you didn't want to watch it and some other people did

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
1st the ottos start with 4 factories, easily enough to counter their negatives

2nd most of the civs are balanced, i already stated ottos, the japanese have small land, the aztecs are larg (not good) the french are un settled but have reinforecements, and spain has their own cave.

3rd: this is actually an original idea, the flags (my ideas i created it) the day and night circle (i don;t c any other map with it) and most of the maps out there are either rpg or colluseum or just a map for sup, mine are neither

4th: most ppl actually get the flags from the tutorial, i've asked ppl online if they needed more info on it, and even if they don't get it they still wanna play again. And if the flags are so hard to understand wat do u reccomend
MingMing99 I told you kev,my mark isn't eventhe lowest one :)
Xamolxis No need to get mad Kev. As i've said i will try to be impartial and critic. Don't forget please that i am one of the last veterans around here, who still make scenarios.
Day - night cycle is good, but chose another lightning. Played this in the day light, and i couldn't see something on the screen. I consider this as being a min point.
Original? Flag barriers? The second scenario made for AoE3 used this unit, and this scenario was mine (Xamo - Generals).
If you call a civ being balanced if the owned territory is bigger, then i doubt about your expertise ...
And i can continue ...
File Author
u may have used the flags but u didn't use them for diplomacy

[Edited on 06/24/08 @ 04:30 PM]

Pastoolio Xamolxis Please be quiet... You can't even make a proper sentence, so i doubt your expertise.

[Edited on 06/24/08 @ 04:19 PM]

File Author
MrMario My review on Kevthegreat Gloal Wars.


Playability: 4

Was fun to play, fun to play with the differnet civ's and was fun to see what other players were doing.

Balance: 5

The balance outstanding. Dont have anything else to say but that

Creativity: 4

Haven’t seen anything like this out of anyone
Loved how you had the units talking

Map Design: 4

I like the map layout but was kind of over welling with all the unit trees etc… so close together

Story/Instructions: 5

Good Instructions and they where right to the point on what you needed to do

Additional Comments:
Was a great idea but did even get to play it since it was very laggy

Just remember that when you make something so big think that someone’s computer cant support this game and don’t want to crash the computer and make them fix it. ;)

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 05:08 PM]

File Author
.... umm first of all a 1 for playability? come on.... 2nd balance has nothign to do with the amount of laggg... and 5 min into the game? dud eit only laggs in the begginning during the loading time
MrMario sorry about that i forgot to edit that. I was going to but just got side tracked and was traveling all day today. so ya, sorry

I did edit it.
File Author
wtf the one on arab 7 needs to be put in review form not comment form
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Map Design4.5
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