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SC-P Colloseum v2

Author File Description
Mister SCP
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
SC-P COlloseum v2

-features like HC`S, units for every city, random events and over 40 units to choose.
-for every kill u get 1 wood which u can spend on shop and for build.
-train units in barracks stables and forts
-and the last:like most colloseums: kill the fort of enemies


Do neither edit nor claim as your own my maps

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KevTheGreat Playability: 5
Playable on all accounts, no bugs wat so ever

Balance: 2
The unit choosing is kinda stupid, i mean would u chose a cuir, or a hussar, come on.. all i ever use is the russian anti building clav, mortars, and cuirs. The others are way to crappy. Plus, india gets a vill....

Creativity: 1
Creativity was 0, colleseum type game, bland. There are way to many of them out there... I recommend everyone to stop making colleseum

Map Design: 3
Map design was average, no good, and no bad

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions are fine, should add a storyline :), however this is a colleseum, so i agve u a 5

Additional Comments:
Please ppl, stop making colleseum, there r like 50 out there!!! If u do edit this you should make all units cost money and give ewach player an income. Therefore the unit choosing would be much, much, more balanced

[Edited on 07/06/08 @ 09:24 AM]

acornhead Playability: 4
Fun, however major laggage as u play it due to the major amount of units on the map

Balance: 1
I agree with kev on this part, the unit piking was kinda weak, a cuir or a hussar lol. this place needs a major revamp

Creativity: 4
collusuem type game, no creativity here, would have given u a 2 if it wawsnt for your cinematic and other details on the map, would have been a 5 if u put something special in the middle and made a story on the middle

Map Design: 5
Nice amount of triggers, look s hard to make, and a forest in the middle unlike other colusem type maps

Story/Instructions: 4
instructsions were moderate, and with a cinematic opener :). however as i said, u need a story on the middle, or at least something like that

Additional Comments:
One of the best if not the best colluseum type map

[Edited on 07/06/08 @ 09:21 AM]

Mister SCP
File Author
ok thx for review. But i stopped making SC-P Colloseum at the moment. I have focuse me on Gang Warfare now. May i make a other kind of unit choose anytime cause many without me hate it...
Official Reviewer
Acornhead - I'm sorry - I've had to remove your reviews because they're too short and not giving enough information to the downloader or the author. Please don't be discouraged, just that more thought is required in your reviewing. Thanks for taking the time to review!

AoE3H DL Admin
Official Reviewer
Likewise Kev your review is too short. You've also marked down on creativity for the game type being done before which contradicts the guidelines.
Mister SCP
File Author
Mister SCP
File Author
p: you can incrase hp of buildings by yourself with 50 wood. And i think they have really enough cause there are also civ which have no siege units like sioux

b:money cost is crap because then i must all
units (barracs, stale...) make to only cost food... If i would do export or QV are only possibles. I try to balance out with timer. For example cuir 4 sec, hussar 2, also i think a canon and pop limit is sensefull for game :). And i agee it `s the badest part. Also the india vill will kill ater 20- or 30 sec, only problem if you are garrison him it dont work :(

c: xD i have 19 random events for example create a ground for tp`s in middle, kill allunits in base, give everyone settlers or wood. And i am very very very... proud of the autochoose which make th game alot of clearer for all persons. For make a player stronger there is only the chinese wonder and i think it is to weak for be use as a random event. Age up and down is in my eyes a bit useless cause most technologies cost wood.

m: I cant do to close because then u get to units at once. I also try to do units from a country near to other country specific units. But i dont wanna make 8 falcos... and i split also everytime infantery, cavallery and artilley. At first i add europeen countrys on left side. Later i did tad civs. But all tad civs have their own special units so it need many space. At last i add twc civs and i though about splitting europeen from tad and twc to make the map clearer and choosing easier.

My comment:
Thx for review kev, (i think you hate colloseums xD). A dude tell me about fort wars (i never played that but sounds interesting) and this i wanna make in SC-P Colloseum, at least you cant compare both maps but SC-P Colloseum is in my Eyes the best Colloseum in AOE3.

I forgot to tell you that warefare is done xD. And i never said that warefare is my best map i said only i like it much more :P

[Edited on 07/22/08 @ 09:44 AM]

KevTheGreat lol kk, and i don't hate colluseum, i just dislike it because its way, way to simple, all you do is send units, as for the random events, i must have played a different version, there are like 20 of them lol. In addition the timer doesn't make much of a difference since u still have a pop limit so I would still go with the cuirs, and i like the cannon limit but i believe the one for petards are way to low, i believe u set it to 1 if i am not mistaken.

"Age up and down is in my eyes a bit useless cause most technologies cost wood" You can activate the techs through amount of kills

"but SC-P Colloseum is in my Eyes the best Colloseum in AOE3" I agree

"money cost is crap because then i must all
units (barracs, stale...) make to only cost food... " You can make the units that you chose from (at the side) to cost gold, you can also change to make all units to cost gold since infinite resources has no strategy at all.

well anyways i will rereview it and gang warfare when i have time.

[Edited on 07/22/08 @ 01:33 PM]

Mister SCP
File Author
ok i wanna thank you a second time for ur review and some new tips. The random events host can activate on the top island, also the 2 k kill bonus is there chooseable

good idea with age up. I will see if i make a new edit of it. Your income idea sounds also good but needs much work (modifite nearly every unit). I cant agree with the point of petards, i can remeber that this are 5 [+-1]. Only artillery units without limit for artillery depot are iroquis one (canon is also limit but not the siege units)

[Edited on 07/22/08 @ 02:56 PM]

KevTheGreat hmm, maybe the person i was playing with didn;t know he could control random events, perhaps put in more instructions, and yes the income will need alot of time. As for the petards, well its not a big deal so whatever :P i will edit the revie now :)
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