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World Map v2

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 6
Background: The main idea of this is simple. It's a nice, large map in the shape of the world. Players get to travel around and explore, and colonize wherever they wish. Whether they want to explore the African savanna or colonize the New World is up to them. Later though, classic AoE style gamplay will kick in. The rules are the same. Build up an army, and destroy the other players.


*Play around the entire world with up to 6 players

*The map is large (800X800) but not gigantic. Players will still find themselves within other player's bases, and will have to battle for more room.

*People can play however they want, FFA, teams, or anything else.

New Feature of version 2:

*Home cities are made for each civilization, so that each civ can utilize their bonuses with their unique cards.

*More realistic landmarks are available. Find yourself building on the silk road trade route, for example, or fishing in the Mississippi River.

*More rescources are available. No longer will you have that drastic hunt for wood in lategame.

*Eyecandy is improved so it looks slightly better.

*Balance is improved, but not perfected. I tried hard to do the best I could, but if you have any balance suggestions, let me know.

Please download/play/review/comment/rate/have fun with it!

Good luck!

Edit: I made some pretty major changes thanks to As_Saffah's advice. Thanks for your help!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This is a simple supremacy world map, so play value is essentially what you put into it. Lag is minimal, there's enough room to build and fight, and resources are improved. Revealing the map helps get you started a lot faster because you sort of know where you're going. This map needs a victory condition trigger so teams will not have to resign to a man just to end the game.

Balance: 3
The decks in this scenario could use some work. For instance, some Euro civs got balanced decks with early military shipments, factories and forts, and other Euro civs got loads of crates and no factories at all. It seemed like certain civs' decks (natives, Japanese) didn't get tested at all. That said, nearly all the decks were equally off-kilter, so in a sense, they're balanced...Also some regions of the World are more friendly to Japanese/Indians than others - almost no herds in some areas, but plenty of berries.

Creativity: 3
Basically this is an Earth map with some minor innovations. Trade routes and water treasures add interest and give people a reason to explore. The basic premise is very similar to the original Earth map: go forth and multiply, and "do" unto others.

Map Design: 4
This Earth map is smaller than its predecessors. As such, it lags less, and the landmasses have been reworked so they give enough wiggle room. Some persistent glitches with treasures detract from the overall experience: treasure on a cliff, Boneguard treasures that my explorer can't pick up, a sea treasure on land, a land treasure in the water...Otherwise the map is nicely done (from scratch).

Story/Instructions: 3
No elaborate story or setup, but none needed for this simple build n' smash supremacy map.

Additional Comments:
Overall a faithful rendition of Earth with trade routes and water treasures. This map is built for a faster start than others like it. The decks and herd distribution could use some tinkering to play to each civ's strengths while compensating its weaknesses. One idea is to look at the decks of the top 10 or so players for a civ in supremacy ladder, and go from there. Lastly, gameplay would be more complete with a victory trigger for team play.
Map Design4.0
My Review for FenrisWulf’s World Map V2

Playability: 4
No lag to the map, should move the other players around the world so that you don’t get a big army really quick and kill the other player right next to you. No Victory or Defeat.

Balance: 3

Everything was the same thing as it was in the game. No new improvements to anything that I wished I did see. I’ll give you a 3.

Creativity: 3

Nothing new other than it looked like it was an rated game. Would be nice if you add a reward’s where you get some new units from your town center or recourses if you kill 100 units or villages. No up’s and down’s.

Map Design: 4

Outstanding map seemed to take a long time to make cause of you had to get every thing to look like the earth. Like the way that you made the earth have snow and grass. Should put some music in the game so you aren’t feeling you are playing a boring game.

Story/Instructions: 3

No Story/Instructions didn’t need to put one. Should have put some kind of story on why you are killing the other players and what was going on.

Additional Comments:
Great map design
Map Design2.0
Hopefully a better review :)

Playability: 3
Playable map, not as fun as other earth maps however. I also felt that this map was way too small, no room for building and fighting. I also did not like starting at the north pole with a military boat, you should also perhaps garrision the units intot he boat too. If you still want to stay with the military ship, perhaps make all units invincible for 1minute, i am pretty sure you can do that.

Balance: 3
The balnce of the continents on their accurate size and landforms, and resources were not balanced. As kev had said i believe that u need to fix the continent sizes and looks. The decks i feel were also terrible, you need to work on the decks, alot.

Creativity: 2
Map of the earth, nothing new, no ups, just one down bad design in my opinion, you should probably spend more time on this map ajusting the continent sizes to make it look like regular earth. You should also include features of some sort, or else why would people play this map if there are other earth maps with better stuff? I can't think of one.

Map Design: 2
As kev said, and i stated above, work on the continent features and their sizes. i also agree with him that the ships should not start on the top, at least not all of them. Perhaps start around the map, therefore they could not attack each other.

Story/Instructions: 4
No storyline, so i deducted 1 point since this is only an earth map, instructions were modeate, no cinematic opening :(. Adding a cinematic opener and music would increase this part to a 5, as long as its not horrible lol.

Additional Comments:
i reccomend other earth maps. You need to spend more time on this map, mainly on these : cinematic, decks, land size, and the military ship problem

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Map Design3.3
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Size:560.30 KB