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The Fall of Russia

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Well, this map took me about 60 hours to complete and this was my first major scenario for AOE3. I released this right after CSO was enabled and this is by far my most well-known map so far, although I consider TFoR 2 and 3 to be better.

Anyway, this scenario revolves around four European mercenaries sent to bring down Peter the Great, who has suddenly engulfed Europe with his armies. You play the part of Ulbrecht, Oskar, Cesare, and Magnus, and you progress through the map, defeating bosses as you go. The final boss is Peter the Great himself. You also rescue nootka warchiefs as you go, although this is rather imbalanced due to limitations in editor itself, but it's a nice feature I guess.

Anyway, this map is very difficult, because more satisfaction is to be had from beating a difficult map and more teamwork is required to do so.

Players 1-4 are humans, all on team 1.
Players 5 and 6 are computers, both on team 2.
Civs don't matter.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Playable on all acounts, no bugs that i know of, however it is a bit laggy to play this map

Balance: 3
Player two with the Hackepell i believe was the weakest unit to be played as, they have a moderate attack, are melee, and have weak hip. I recomend changing all melee units into ranged units, to increase this part. The overall balance was average = 3 Perhaps add a black rider, and a Manchu

Creativity: 3
Average for creativity, rpg map of hit an run, and of course a storyline of their goal

Map Design: 4
Map design was good, there were dead ends sometimes, ok eye candy not as much as zeldda, and not that many triggers, this part deserves a 3.5 but decided to give u a 4

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions were clear including an opening cinematic, and a fictional sotryline, i love stories on cso maps, i rarely give 5s here :)

Additional Comments:
You should enter this into the cso contest, u would defintly get at least into 3rd place if not more. Many ppl have heard and played this map, as this was one of the first maps out.

[Edited on 07/01/08 @ 05:07 PM]

File Author
Wait, what??? A cannon and boost to player 1? God damnit, this must be an edited version... Sorry about that. Let me try uploading the real one.
File Author
Ok, I just checked the file and there was NO cannon and were no strange triggers I was able to see. Did you actually review the downloaded file or were you going off of versions you have played? That's because in my real version (I just checked this one and didn't see a cannon or anything) I found the characters to be very balanced. Are you sure you aren't reviewing your recollections of an edited version of my map? People do that ALL the time without my permission and completely ruin my maps.
KevTheGreat well i ahve three russias, which one is it Fall OF Russia Fall of Russia, or Fall Of Russia, lol, actually i will just delete them all and dl yours
Official Reviewer


Your map was added to the contest.

Regarding people editing your maps and adding units to the game.
I suggest adding hidden triggers that check the starting population for each player.
If the starting population is not as it should be you can issue a message that your map was edited and stop the game.
You can then ask people to download the original map from here.
KevTheGreat thats not a bad idea, i am going to add that to my scenarios too :)
Chester1 Moshe, you added this to the contest? he mentioned this was from the period just after the CSO were enabled online... you said it must be modified substantually, prior to being entered.

[Edited on 07/01/08 @ 05:41 PM]

Official Reviewer
Ols scenarios can be entered to the contest if they were not reviewed before.
It's in the rules.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Easy to play and was a very good stragey, and there was no bugs that I can see. Just a little laggy but most of the scenarioes are like that. So ill give you a 5

Balance: 4
Had 2 players having some poor unit and was easy to get the them killed.

Creativity: 4
Liked how you put more units then just having the one main unit, so that you can finish the game faster then before.

Map Design: 4
Big map I like, used a lot of mountains, walls etc...

Story/Instructions: 5
The story and Instruction was great, I could understand every thing and could tell all my friends what to do if they forgot how to play this game. =)

Additional Comments:
Great job, Have a blast playing this.

[Edited on 07/15/08 @ 10:10 PM]

KevTheGreat your plababilty says a 4, but u gave a him a 5
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Map Design4.4
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