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The Fall of Russia 2 - Civil War

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
This is the sequel to The Fall of Russia (completed December '07). I believe this one is FAR better to the first (it also took about 60 hours of work), and I have cut out the opening movie due to popular demand. (people are too damn impatient) Anyway, this one is bigger and better than the last and has many new features.


Magnus has betrayed Ulbrecht and the Russians while Oskar and Cesare are away from Moscow! You take command of Ulbrecht and his three generals and work your way to Magnus, fighting him as the final boss. It's an all-new map with better balance, and it's harder and longer than the first.

New features:

Soldiers that move with you and level up alongside you. You can rescue more as you go along.

Minibosses in addition to bosses.

More, new terrain features.

More balanced bosses.

An interesting note:
I also did this with TfoR 1, but forgot to mention it. The names of the bosses and minibosses (the main characters too) are real names I looked up from the countries the units come from. The minibosses have real Native American names and the bosses have real Russian names.

I didn't spread TFoR 2 around too much due to people making edits and screwing up TFoR 1, but here it is nonetheless.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
No lagg this time, however, most ppl did not know who to keep alive and wat to do. I also recomend adding a warning when their hero is injured, and perhaps a trigger attack and a flash.

Balance: 4
The units wer more balanced this time however some players had better units this time but this time it was really minor

Creativity: 3
and rpg, of hit and run, however i liekd that u had more than 1 soldier and that u ahd to hit an run alot less :)

Map Design: 3
Not enough eyecandy, i believe that u should add some props. And should have put in a cinematic as i siad.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions and story this time was in small letters off to the right, and most ppl did not know who to keep alive therefore a person died at the beginning. And no cinematic opening this time :(

Additional Comments:
I actually liked #1 better for most parts, the main thing that i liekd better was the increases unit count
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
A nice smooth RPG with familiar characters, TFOR 2 delivers the same replay value and cooperative experience as its predecessor. I didn't run into any bugs while playing this, and no lag to speak of. The only reason I wouldn't give this a 5 is that of the half dozen or so games I started, only one went to completion, because nearly everyone else dropped out or suicided out on account of boredom. Some people find this map a LOT easier than the first one. More on that in Balance.

Balance: 4
The starting heroes are different; in the original, players start with a Mercenary that by itself, is inherently better than the cannon fodder units of the enemy. In this version, players start with an ordinary colonial infantry or cavalry unit. Except for player 1, who still gets the OP Jaeger. In original TFOR, I remember joining and getting Magnus and thinking with envy about that Jaeger...now I join and get a measly xbow and think even harder with envy about that Jaeger. Some players thought so hard about it, they would leave and try to rejoin in various ways to not end up having to be the player who gets the xbow. Certainly the accessory units help, and are balanced to the starting unit; Uhlan is stronger in this game, so he gets weaker support units; LI is weaker, so he gets stronger support units.
That said, balance must seem to work out somehow, because after the first boss players complained of boredom and either suicided or just plain left. Of those who stayed till the bitter end, they found it got easier as time went on.

Creativity: 4
IIRC the original TFOR was the grand-daddy of RPG scenarios, and got played more than any other scenario one Christmas. This one is a nice twist on the original, with a cast of supporting units that improve over time. That said, the Revolt doesn't break any significant new ground. Bosses are essentially the same as before, minibosses are kind of underdeveloped here, and killing bosses in general is not a huge challenge, nor is it a greatly rewarding experience. In all the boss victories with a reward, that reward is the same. You rescue additional supporting units, of the same type as the ones you started with. This doesn't encourage people to change strategy or open up new areas of development for the player characters. There is essentially no token economy of the sort you find in Fort Wars or Colosseum; no unit choice, no HP/Atk bonus choices, none of that.

Map Design: 4
In general the TFOR maps are generous, open, spacious, and navigable. A few buildings and props give a bit of flavor to the setting, but the scenario mapwork seems to act as little more than traffic flow control, and a scaffold for staged encounters with enemy garrisons and boss parties. The map does not use elevations, unit LOS, terrain types, and Unit In Area effects to any particular advantage. I actually find myself a little nostalgic for the more complicated map of the original TFOR after playing this one.

Story/Instructions: 4
This story is a familiar one that people will recognize from TFOR original. A series of screen messages tell a brief summary of the treason of Magnus and the reason your starting Mercenaries are no longer there. If I had not played TFOR already, I would have had some difficulty knowing which units were supposed to correspond to which original factions. But I think it would not be hard to figure out that any unit renamed to an army officer should be protected at all costs. I agree it would be best if a single trigger could point this out - "save your commanding officer at all costs, don't let him die" - and a flare on unit to make sure people know which one.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a simple, straightforward romp in the snow for the lieutenants of Cesare, Albrecht, etc. without much delving into new concepts or design territory. I look forward to seeing what's in TFOR 3.

[Edited on 07/08/08 @ 12:55 PM]

Map Design4.0
My rereview for Navarone’s Fall of Russia 2 Civil War

Playability: 5

No lag, no bugs that I could find, was easy to play and was not to hard to just get a good game with some friend’s. But I would do is add something that say’s your main units is going to die and needs to be pulled back.

Balance: 4

Most of all the units were balance of how you were going to kill them. Like one player might have cav and is easyer to kill units. So I would do is kind of say that what unit kills what unit in the game.

Creativity: 4

Great idea, love that you edit the map and made it for the Civil War time, specially when aoe3 has been upgraded to TAD so it helped a lot. Add more units so that are main unit didn’t have to run and kill every time. Liked how you put bosses in and at the end the boss was a lot harder to kill.

Map Design: 4

Great map, liked how you changed the way of the map, so that it didn’t look like the first one. If I was you I would change the snow or add something to the snow. Add some buildings that were lost by you so that players can have that feeling of the enemy destroyed. Nothing else to say.

Story/Instructions: 4

All the instuctrions where off to the right side all in small letter’s and I don’t really look there. So what I would do is had an objective tab with all the information there and have it at the start so that people know what was going on. Plus have a message telling you who to keep alive and give some XP like give more units if you gets 200 kills or what ever you want.

Additional Comments:
Great Job.

Had fun playing this with my friend’s

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Map Design3.7
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