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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The Fall of Russia 3 - Invasion

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The Fall of Russia 3 - Invasion

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Ulbrecht and Cesare have become brutal dictators, and around the time of the Russo-Japanese war, Oskar betrays them to ally with the Japanese. You control Oskar, Emperor Meiji, and his two top generals, and work your way through the map, leveling up, and kill Cesare and Ulbrecht as the double final boss.

All main characters are cavalry but two guys have heavy infantry and two have ranged infantry, so each player must perform his role in order to win. I also made the map a little more balanced.


New additions to the map:

More balanced main characters, each having a specific role.

More bosses and minibosses.

I added in the cinematic again as more people seemed to want it than not.

A double final boss! Oh yeah!

Obviously, an all-new map with all-new characters, enemies, etc.

I consider this one to be better than my previous two, and by popular demand the opening cutscene is back! Information on how to play is in the objectives tab.

Players 1-4 are humans, all team 1.
Players 5 and 6 are computers on team 2.
Civs don't matter.

Run-time is approximately 1.5 hours.
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KevTheGreat lol now japan is with russia, i will try and rate this as soon as possible :)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Pretty minor lagg, i believe that u should add a flash to the unit when there hip reaches below 10%. You should also add in messages that come in when u lvl up

Balance: 4
The heroes were
balanced, p1-3 had the same, and p4 had more attack but less hip, so that was fine. However i believe that u should remove p3's archers, as they can go invisible.

Creativity: 3
Another rpg map of hit and run, with its own storyline. Average, nothing new and nothing bad.

Map Design: 4
Hills and cliffs, but yet again no props and stuff like that. Me and my friends playing the map all agree that u ahould allow hc shipments, so that the hero fo p1-3 can get reinforcements, and that when they lvl up they gain age so that they can get stronger men to send, i would give this a 3.5 but gave u a 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions were clear, storyline was a bit told, however it was kinda vauge, should add an opitional feature to learn the whole story. I also recomend adding music during the cinematic.

Additional Comments:
Overall pretty another nice rpg game, however i belive that this is better than #2, and kinda the same as #1.

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 07:22 PM]

File Author
First, if your HP gets below 10%, you'll be long dead before you notice the flash and run away accordingly. If I made it higher, say 50%, when you SHOULD run away, it would happen all the time and piss people off.

Also, I meant for the shinobi to have stealth, so you can scout. It's not like you can abuse stealth.

I also didn't have music in the opening cutscene and started it after it finished to set it apart from the scenario.

HC shipments wouldn't contribute anything to the game. You get reinforcements as you go, and they level up with you. Guys from the HC would become obsolete very quickly and can easily be abused.

You also level up far too often, so a message every single time would be VERY repetitive and wouldn't contribute anything. It would merely clog the screen. You can tell your level by your stats anyway.

Could you please edit your reviews to take that into account? I don't think it's fair to dock someone points because they didn't include ideas you had that wouldn't work well in the map. You didn't cite anything wrong with the map when you gave me 3s and 4s. You just docked points because I didn't add in your ideas that wouldn't work.

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 06:27 PM]

KevTheGreat actually ppl said we lvled to slowly lol, and use small hc shipments, maybe some uopgrades and some men. and to increase shipment xp need, u can drain their xp every some seconds

then perhaps set a flash at 35%, a flash is not annoying, it makes no sound or pop up, ppl actually agreed wit me that they should have some kind of warning and alos wit the hc shipment

and the stealth i gues its not that big

and use the message that u used in #2, where its off to the side,

i will increase play by 1

Mobile WHOA i forgot shinobi have stealth?, man the ppl i play with musta been nubs then not to notice that lol. Such a good idea to add stealth, and yea ur right, u dont need a flare cuz it would go off constantly. Its fine how it is now :P. I always hosted so i got the sohei, the only thing I'd change if i were you would to let the host get the shinobi :P OR any other ranged unit. If host gets shinobi, many ppl might wanna host and no1 will wanna be in any other spot, but if host gets musks or something it would work :P

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 04:13 PM]

Mobile **** Well, here is the thing.****

The game was meant to be challenging and people should really keep track of their Hero. There is NO reason why they should move the screen away from their Hero while they are battling. If they keep an eye on their Hero, they can run away at around 50% to heal. If they don't play attention, they shouldn't be playing a game like this. It seriously isn't very hard, just don't die lol.

People try too hard to get kills. It is the players who have to change their mindset from playing greedy to playing as a team.

Only then, will you have a chance to win :).

[Edited on 07/03/08 @ 04:13 PM]

KevTheGreat well i still believe he should add shipments, would increase fun and strategy by alot, rather than hit and run the whole time, use anti calv vs calv, and so on
MrMario How long did this take to make this?
The_Truth_7 Navarone are u Harley14 online?
KevTheGreat yeah he is
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Map Design4.0
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