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Fight For Life

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 6
A Quick RPG

Introduction: I was bored. I went to the editor, and a nagging voice in the back of my mind told me to make an RPG. I told it to shut up. It nagged me some more. I told it to shut up again. It ignored me. Eventually it won, but only to a certain extent. I'm currently making this RPG, you see, but as fast as possible. I've just mixed a few terrains, added a few trees, and called it eyecandy.
Background: This is basically your typical RPG. There are no extra features. There are no subquests. There is no epic storyline. There are no unique puzzles. Heck, there isn't even a boss battle (boss battles would take up too much time, you see). Everything in the game has been done before, just not this quickly. It's basically a hack and slash where everyone is a musketteer and goes down a twisting path killing guys.

*Everything that you'd expect to find in your most basic RPG.
*The most basic eyecandy, aka. other grasses besides the default.
*I did add a shop in the game. I guess that's sorta cool
*Has graphics!
*Err...thats it I guess

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
Very laggy in the beginning, so average = 3 No good, no downs. The balance also had a huge effect here, however i decided to give u a 3 instead of a 1, since i gvae u ones on balance and map design

Balance: 1
This was the worst part, i am sure le roi george will support me here since we played together, 3 skirs for 5 gold!!!!! i had a pop of 200 by the time it was 15min and i had over 1500 gold. LOL. btw, + 4 speed, for 100 gold.. i could have ran to the end. Also some civs had better musket hips, some had horrible muskets, low hip and attack.

Creativity: 3
RPG map, no ups, and several downs. Your downs here was no eye candy, many glitches, and several other faults. I recommend that u put a lot of eye candy seeing that u have 0 of them. And the units were put into lines, really un creative. You story was also un creative... You should dip into the story a bit more, perhaps a short video of the ambush. This here was below average, however u already had a 2.2 and did not feel like taking away more

Map Design: 1
In the beginning there was a back exit to the other side, i don't think u want that there. there were also no eyecandy, and as i said on balance, a bug on the purchasing. Also, al u had was a line that curved left and right the whole time, and u had lines of men, none scattered, and the birds didn't fly either. U also need to make the gate weaker, it is too strong and we had alread defeated the units near it, so we had to wait with our muskets to destory a gate :( Clearly u spent little time on this map. You should also rename the muskets.

(Story/Instructions: 3
A below average cinematic, and could use more music througout the game. The storyline also needs inproving, u were ambushed, the end does not work out. Where are they trying to go and y are their enemy units here. The instructions were also kind of untold, basically u were saying u got ambushed, the map was made by u, and it took u 2 hours 43 minutes...

Additional Comments:
This map can easily be seen that u did not spend much time on it... I would perfer zellda and fall of russia. Most of these comments if not all that i have posted, i believe that le_roi_george will also agree with

[Edited on 07/06/08 @ 12:46 PM]

Map Design2.0
Posted on 07/16/08 @ 08:30 PM
Playability: 4
It was ok and mildly entertaining. I always find the RPG CSO entertaining once in a while. For only takeing 2 and a half hours it was excellent. there were no bugs which is good.

Balance: 3
it was beatable and not too easy so ill give an average here.I think that if you were to drop the HP and speed upgrade taht would have been good too. 250 hp is like getting 2 more muskets worth of HP. One thing that would have been a good idea was to have a unit from each class ie:p1-musket,p2skirm,p3-hussar.p4-dragoon. that would have made the strategy and teamwork more entertaining.

Creativity: 1
It was definately a rip off of fall of russia, you admitt it yourself. But hey i Guess you did have the idea of taking less time to create a similar game. You could have thrown in a few treasures that gave a nootka warrior of something like that. that would have been a more fun touch.

Map Design: 2
That is actually pretty good for only taking a few hours. You could have put a few buildings and "settlement along the road to ad some eycandy without taking too much time.

2 There was no story too it other than the fact that you created it in 2.7 hours. That keeps you from getting a one i suppose. your cinematic at the beginning was pretty boring but iT didnt really need instructions so the few you gave were adiquate.

Additional Comments:
Wow if i could create a CSO that quikly i would be fairly proud of myself. I got nearly as many hours of enjoyment out of it as you put into it;). if you were to really spend some time i think you could make an amazing RPG CSO. good job man

[Edited on 07/18/08 @ 03:26 PM]

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Map Design1.5
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