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The Race

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5


This scenario is yes a race. There are four runners, they are trying to reach the white flag first in order to win the race and a prize :). This scenario has a small storyline of the racers wanting glory and whatnot.

This scenario usually lasts roughly 10minutes or less, this is a perfect map for replay and g2g soon games.

If u go into the white spots, your runner's speed will be lowered by .35 per sec that you are on it. You speed may go donw to 0 thus making your runner unmoveable and you losing the race :P. Getting kills will upgrade your men into stronger and faster units.

P1-4 are human players, p5 is a comp, Discover Age, FFA, Civs do not matter.

By KevTheGreat

P.S please do not edit, or claim this map as your own.

My Website

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Noob102 Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)
Its one of the easiest senerios to play. Race with friends. Kill alot of units. Then make it to the flag first.
Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
Anyone can win this senerio. Its probably one of the most balenced ones out there.
Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
Well ive never really played a senerio like this. Also i had alot of fun playing it too.
Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
The map design is good. such as all the obsticles in your way and stuff must have take alittle bit to do. Its just a good map for this type of senerio.
Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
The instructions are easy enough to understand. Such as killing units upgrades your own.
Additional Comments:
I like the Race :) i was one of the first ones to play it. I hope to play more of your senerios.

[Edited on 07/09/08 @ 06:21 AM]

File Author
thx for your review
acornhead Playability: 5
Fun, no bugs and alot less laggier than the rest of your maps, probably because this map is less than half the size of global wars lol.

Balance: 5
Completly balanced, same units, same # of kills needed to lvl up. And all sides symetrical. I like that p1 and p4 start ahead because they are on the side like a real race.

Creativity: 5
Only two other maps like this, aoe racer and your The Race 2 :). The ending was also real funny and creative, the winners wins 1mill and dies of tireness lol. And u (KevTheGreat) don't seem to care and just keep blabbing on lol.

Map Design: 5
Map looks nice, symetrical. Good nu,ber of triggers, and it must have taken u a while to make. Only thing negative is no eye candy on here :(

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions are clear, step onto white and u lose speed, get kills to lvl up, reach the white flag first, and don't die. And as i said on creativity nice ending :). And nice cinematic where u go through the race, it looks like a temple or castle of some sort lol.

Additional Comments:
The Race is a map for replay and is fun. On the race 2 i recommend increasing the slow down back to .35, it doesn't see, to have the same affect here because the unit upgrades ar much more faster. I can't wait for any of your new maps :) Btw my kills keep getting stolen :(

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 04:18 PM]

ivanelterrible the map wasnt really that great...
I wonder why you give him so high numbers...
Specially in creativity, this map is just a copy of KirbyX100000s The Race Custom scenario, 1 of the most played custom scenarios a year ago...

He even copied to learicorn...

The map was too much simple...

And a bit boring...

It can have many suggestions...

1. Delete the stupid cinematic when game finishes.
2. Make the kills units have a quite little number of HP...
3. Delete Fluffy or make it appear at end, I mean, the unit got 800 attack, 90% Hand resist, and high speed...
4. Add much more walls, but of course make em have less HP...
5. For each unit someone kills, increase hes HP by 20.
6. Add a few things, dunno, the map seems just too simple...
File Author
KirbyX100000s The Race Custom scenario? umm never heard of that. I've heard of aoe racer but i'v never played that before. And yes some ppl said it was too simple and short, thefore i have made a "The Race 2" and i am currently fixing the cinematic and ending. In addition, 20 hip wouldn't really make a difference and the learicorn is not the fastest :P. Also, thx for all of your ratings acornhead :)

[Edited on 07/08/08 @ 09:35 PM]

Random22 Playability: 2.4
Not very playable, your units get stuck, You place Random units (Spam) And then you can't talk cause you used cinematic mode. I give this a 2.4

Balance: 3
ffa, Not fun all the time, Why not team??? Why not 3v1 or something.

Creativity: 2
Not too creative... A long spammed map with white spots everywhere... Very boring, once you get lazerbear you win...

Map Design: 2
Very simple... Long straight path... There is a map like this...

Story/Instructions: 2
Very bad cinematic Too laggy And you use Cinematic mode.

Additional Comments:
I kinda expect more from you Kev...

[Edited on 07/08/08 @ 10:58 PM]

File Author
dude u r talking about "The Race 2" this one has no lazar bears or cinematic mode...... and i am fixing up #2, please remove your review. I know #2 is sucky, thats y i didn't put it on here yet :P. The cinematic was better, but i removed it becuase most ppl i played with couldn't handdle the zoom ins and the rotation of the maps. In addition I didn't know the cinematic mode would still remove talking, i will come up with a way to fix it

[Edited on 07/08/08 @ 10:18 PM]

ivanelterrible Srry I meant the RMS, I confused, I havent played that RMS in 1 year, however, I do remember it...
And I never said that the learicorn was the fastest...
ivanelterrible Playability: 3

Kinda not playable, your units can die pretty fast, its a bit boring at start, and you kinda gave too much credit to your self, and made it a little waste of time at end.

Balance: 4

The map is balanced, I suppose, but there is no uniqueness, everyone starts the same, and got the same possibilities of winning.

Creativity: 3

You gave too much credit to your self... When really, you just stolen Kirby's Idea. But I decided to give you a 3 cos, still, I dont think that many people remember about that RMS.

Map Design: 3

Kinda too basic, and to make it look good and not so simple, you added a few useless triggers that just waste time, like the one of end.

Story/Instructions: 5

There was no story...
But the instructions were pretty clear, I suppose.

Additional Comments:

Add to it stuff, or just, make it finish faster, 1 of 2 would be good.

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 05:25 PM]

File Author
i dind;t know there was a another kind of map like this before i made it, srry about that, and how did i give TOO much credit, all i said was KevTheGreat presents: THe Race, i always use the presents part in all of my scenarios.
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