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typeRandom22™ V1.2

Author File Description
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Game Version: AoE3
Hello And welcome! I've inproved my trigger set to include a lot more trggers!! This set includes 12 Conditions! And 75 Effects!!

(60 Club) = Has More Than 60 Lines Of Code
(75 Club) = Has More That 75 Lines Of Code
(Con) = Condition
This set Includes new triggers from pftq!!
pftq™ Helped me write the following triggers!!

  • QV Damage All Units In Area (Center Unit)
  • Flare All In Area (Center Unit)
  • Kill All Units In Area (Center Unit)
  • Make All Units In area Invulnerable (Center Unit)
  • Set All Unit's Heading In Area (Center Unit)
  • Change All Units In Area (Center Unit)
  • Delete All Units In Area (Center Unit)

    Each containing 45 - 55 Lines of code!!

    Also some New shop triggers by: nottud™!! I just Modded them and picked out the ones for AOE3!!

  • New Shop For All Players
  • New Shop Convert
  • New Shop Modify Protouint
  • New Shop Modify All Protounits
  • New Shop Grant Resources
  • New Shop For All Players End
  • New Shop Army Deploy to Protounit
  • New Shop Chage Unit Type
  • New Shop Set Tech Status
  • New Shop Army Deploy

    Also kirby_Fan™'s Kill Counters!!!

  • Kill Counter Update
  • Kill Counter Create
  • Kill Counter Show
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-1Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-2Players
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-3Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-4Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-5Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-6Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-7Player
  • Kill Counter-KillBoard-8Player
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-1Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-2Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-3Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-4Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-5Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-6Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-7Players
  • KillCounter-KillBoard-8Players
  • Set QV As Kill Number
  • Kill Counter Grant Resources
  • Kill Counter Modify Protounit

    Also Triggers From My Old Set!!

  • Send Chat:Font AND Color
  • Send Chat To Player:Font AND Color
  • Send Chat:Font
  • Send Chat To Player:Font
  • Set These Players Defeated
  • Set These Players Won
  • Set These Players Defeated W/End Game
  • Set These Players Won W/End Game

    And A New One Like "Set These Players ________"

  • Set These Players Defeated EG Opt.
  • Set These Players Won EG Opt.

    Now For Some New Cinematic Triggers For You Movie Makers Out There!!

  • Cinematic Starters
  • Cinematic Ender (Reveses All Thngs Started In "Cinematic Starters")

    Also For The Blood Map Makers Out There, Here are Some Helpful Triggers!!

  • Grant Resources to ALL Players
  • Set Age For All Players
  • Forbid and Enable Units For All (75 Club)
  • Forbid and Enable Units For All (75 Club)
  • Modify All Protounits For All
  • Quest Var Vector Set
  • Quest Var Vector Modify
  • Quest Var Vector Modify 2
  • Quest Var Vector Copy
  • Quest Var Vector Echo
  • Unit Position To QV Vector
  • Army Deploy At QV Vector
  • Army Teleport To QV Vector
  • Army Move To QV Vector
  • Army Build Building At QV Vector
  • Teleport Units To QV Vector
  • Move To QV Vector
  • Unit Build Building At QV Vector
  • Unit Create At QV Vector
  • Flare Minimap At QV Vector
  • Flare Mini Map On Unit
  • Army Distance to QV Vector (Con)
  • Distance to QV Vector (Con)
  • Units Owned By Any One (Con)
  • Unit Selected By Player (Con)

    Ok this wouldn't be a tigger set without QV Triggers! So Here they Are!

  • QV Timer (Con)
  • QV Unit Count (Con)
  • QV Number Of Nuggets Collcted (Con)
  • QV Percent Damaged (Con)
  • QV Player Current (Not Total) XP (Con)
  • QV Player Population (Con)
  • QV Math (Con)
  • QV Damage Units in Area (QV Damage)
  • QV Damage Units in Area (QV Radius)
  • QV Damage Units in Area (QV Radius AND Damage)
  • QV Damage All Units In Area (Center Unit) (Help From PFTQ™)

    Now For Stats Of Trigger Set!

    Line Of Code:..............................1522
    Number Of Charcters:......................98024

    Thanks To The Help Of CrazyEngineerKid I have included Freeware to help install the set!!!! And If you don't review I will hunt you down... (just kidding :p) But Still Review... Thank you for you time!! READ THE READ ME!!!!

  • Set Unit's Heading Random
  • Set All Unit's Heading In Area Random (Center Unit) (Help From Pftq™)

    Also Fixed the
    Start Tag... To
    And End tag Now Fully Functional!

    Thank you!!

    P.S. Look For V2 And 3 And 4 And 5 ... And so on and so forth...
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Official Reviewer
    Rating: 5

    This is a great collection of new condition and effects.
    Many of them are a must in order to perform certain features that are not available via normal triggers.

    For example, until now it was not possible to Flare moving unit on the Mini Map.
    Now we have the “Flare Mini Map On Unit” effect that works just great, and this is only one example.

    Additional Comments:

    Great job Random22.

    I hope you continue to make new triggers.
    I am already using several of your effects in my new unreleased scenario.
    I will make sure to give you credit for your custom triggers when I release it.

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    HGDL v0.8.0

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