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Race Run

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
Race Run!!!
A quick map for quick fun.

This is your standered multiplayer race map. Each player must make it through the maze to win! Stepping on blue pads will give you speed boosts.

-The classic 4 player race!
-A quick map, great if you're short of time or if you want to play several times.
-Speed pads add strategy; which way should you go?

Please download and enjoy.
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KevTheGreat this explains wat u meant when u played my game then said "i can make it better"...... i thought u were kidding... you actaully made another... most likely i can say creaivity is nill since u got the idea fomr me

[Edited on 07/09/08 @ 12:29 AM]

KevTheGreat Playability: 3
The units attack each other, clearly u did not test this, this meant when the race began only one person was still alive... Y was htere a p5, and he was a wolf. And the map was revealed meaning no point in the maze... EDIT:

Balance: 3
Smae runners... but they got killed, without even playing they lost, thats not fair orr balanced. EDIT: p4 is closer to the flag, the balance is average

Creativity: 1
Your took the idea from me after u played this map..., and mad it worse, the map isn't even playable! No new ideas of your own... no kills for upgrades, therefore u were stuck with on guy telling him to go there and u just sit and watch!

Map Design: 1
Horrible cinematic, and u lose before u get to play. Simple map, no point in the maze since the map is revealed... EDIT: all u have to slick is the flag, then wait and watch.... the blue patches are almost useless, u would have to go out of the path to get a speed up with won;t help since u are far from the patch...

Story/Instructions: 1
Horrible opening cinemaitc, explained nothing about a 2nd lap, i had to look around for him... And as i said, u die in the beginning. only reason this isnlt a 1 is becuase u tried to give instructions. You just sit and watch him run... EDIT: This has been turned into a 1 becuase the set up is not told, you should tell the teams and civs does not matter, age and other stuff byu using hc nams.

Additional Comments:
WOW THIS MAP WAS SCREWED UP i am sure ppl will agree wit me. I played this map twice, each time with 3 other ppl, they all said that this map was horrible. All u did was poin, click, and watch

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 04:33 PM]

gaias_minion this map was sooooooo awesome!

thanks for adding this ill never be bored ever again!
File Author
That's because players 1-4 are supposed to be on your team, and player 5 is a comp. They won't fight you then. I'm sorry if I didn't make this clear before.

If you can, please update your review.
KevTheGreat i edited it, and i played this with noob102, he is gonna review this soon i expect...
File Author
Kevthegreat, I really wish you could read over your reviews after you write them. It is very wrong in several ways (both gramatically and logically).

Look here:

You really say nothing about playability besides the original fact that everyone dies. Any other reason for a 3?

"Your took the idea from me after u played this map..., "
No, I didn't take the idea from you. The concept of race scenarios has been on since I've played any online Age of game. After playing your map, I was inspired to make my own race game where speed is the key, not fighting.

"the map isn't even playable!"
Not something you should put in creativity, this is a playability issue.

"No new ideas of your own... no kills for upgrades"
Err...no kills for upgrades wouldn't be an idea of my own. This is a race. Why should there be killing? When was the last time you saw a race where everyone battled? There are ideas of my own as well, like the speed up pads, which brings strategy into the game.

"therefore u were stuck with on guy telling him to go there and u just sit and watch"
No, the whole point was to find the optimal route to go and get enough upgrades to win. If you just clicked on the end zone, you would probably lose.

Map Design-
"all u have to slick is the flag, then wait and watch...."
You already stated this, and this isn't a componet of map design.

"the blue patches are almost useless"
See above

"would have to go out of the path to get a speed up with won;t help since u are far from the patch..."
Not a very understandable statement but I'm assuming that you are saying that the patches are too far away. The whole point is that the hurt you in the short game, but in the long run, maybe not?

Are these the only reasons you give a 1 for map design? What about the terrains I mix? What about the using of props? What about the building meshing I have?

"Horrible opening cinemaitc, explained nothing about a 2nd lap, i had to look around for him..."
In fact, as it say in the instructions, I quote "
Go the the flag at the wonder, the one back at start, and then the one at the wonder again to win."

You are right about me not including HC info. I don't know how I forgot.

"p4 is closer to the flag, the balance is average"
Are you kidding me? He is a few centimeters away from the others. Not something that would at all make a difference. Is this the only reason that you give the balance an average? Everyone is virtually the same!


I know that you're probably getting frusterated (at least I know I am) about me complaining about each and every one of the reviews you give me. Let me explain something to you. I entered the CSO competition because it looked fun, but also because it is a chance to get all sorts of people to review my maps and advise me to become a better designer. So far, you're reviews are focused mainly on finding small insignificant errors in my game and deducting large points for them (like the balance in this game, for example). Is it really that hard to do otherwise?

On a different note, it would also be very helpful if you stopped using "i" and "u" on the fourms at all. This isn't a chat room and you are allowed to take as much time as you want to make your posts. They should be gramatically correct.
KevTheGreat i did not include the p4 thing onto my my review for the score, i just said that to tell u that it was close, and the balance was average, average = 3. I did not "deduct large points" because of "insignificant errors in my game"

so what if i use "i", and "u"? It is still readable and understandable

on your playability, i used the EDIT: to show that i removed it and then i gave u a 3 becuase as i siad, all u do is click your guy, click the flag, then u wait and watch, finding another route is usless becuase if u click the flag (1st lap) then the comp will find the fastest easiest route.

the blue pads didn;t help becuase most of them were far from the route and would cdause u to lose.

the dialog was hard to c becuase of the non cinemaitc mode which designers can't use becuase of the aoe bug (hopefully random22 will find a way to fix, or someone else) and the words were white, making it hard to c due to the terrain

the creativity of the map, u added nothign no one else has added before, in fact u just made it worse i believe.

Map design: i believe that u spent less than an hour or so on this map. The maze was also usless becuase the map was seeable. There were also a very, very low number of triggers on this map. There were roughly 75 triggers on here, and about exactly 40 of them could have been turned into 4 triggers. The HC acess could also have been turned off, also the flag bearer was not deleted. Those two have no affect of the map but doing it would look better for the map. Also y did u make p5 a wolf, and killable. Wat was the point?

What is the point of clicking a unit, telling him to go to a flag, then to another, ad back to the same 1st flag. All u have to do is watch, at least put in obsticals like walls. In races there are obsticals, and since this was a game i used kill counts for my own. Use walls at least, or as i say again u will be just watching the game

also, when p1 won, it said p2 won, and everyone became out...

[Edited on 07/09/08 @ 04:36 PM]

MrCheeze "There were roughly 75 triggers on here, and about exactly 40 of them could have been turned into 4 triggers."

I'm not even from this Heaven and even I know that this has nothing to do with the map design quality.
KevTheGreat the map design does not always depend on triggers, such as earth. However in this case this map depends on it much. i belive that the map was crudly designed and could have been much better if more time has been spent onto this. lol i was editing this right when u made another comment. The complexity and quality of the triggers are very low

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 03:23 PM]

MrCheeze "Second is the number of triggers in a scenario. This is simply irrelevant to how good or bad a scenario scores. Many designers might brag about how many triggers their scenario has, but if the triggers are poorly constructed and don't contribute to gameplay, they might as well not have any triggers at all. A scenario does not need to have very many triggers to be a lot of fun to play. Scores should be based on playing the scenario, not opening it in the editor and counting the triggers."
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