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Race Run

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
Race Run!!!
A quick map for quick fun.

This is your standered multiplayer race map. Each player must make it through the maze to win! Stepping on blue pads will give you speed boosts.

-The classic 4 player race!
-A quick map, great if you're short of time or if you want to play several times.
-Speed pads add strategy; which way should you go?

Please download and enjoy.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It’s a fun simple and fast scenario to play for a few minutes.
The speed pads add interesting game play element where you have to stop or change your course in order to boost the speed of your cavalry unit.
Still, it is important to do so as the speed boost is worth it.
I would like to give you more than 3 for playability but there are not enough features in your scenario that can make players play this scenario more than a few times.
It is short and too simple.

Balance: 4
Balance is pretty good since civ doesn’t matter in this scenario.
Players have the same single unit and they all start from the same location.
Achieving balance in this type of scenario is very easy.

Creativity: 3
Your scenario is fairly creative, but it doesn’t have anything new to offer.
It is a fairly simple scenario with just a couple of features.

Map Design: 3
Map design is average. The map is simple and looks nice but it lacks eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions via cinematic were clear but they went by too fast.
I suggest giving more time to read through it.

Additional Comments:

Overall nice and simple scenario with couple of features.
I suggest adding a few more features and even more units to make it more interesting with better playability.

[Edited on 07/10/08 @ 05:30 PM]

Map Design2.0
Hilo Ferris Wulf I Will now Review your map :)

Playability: 3.5
This isn't the most playable map, But when it comes down to less then having 5 minutes on ESO till you have to go somewhere, This is fun to get some people and play around in! I would Give this a 3.5, But... That dosn't exist...

Balance: 4
Very Balenced, This map is all about stratagey. When I first played it, I went to go in all the blue spots and make my guy realllly fast...then I got beat... Second I ran through the hole thing fast and won!

Creativity: 2.5
A Basic map. Good as a first map by you, Its just I have seen better maps in my AOE3 Carear. This would be a 2.5 in my opinion, thus...That dosn't exist...

Map Design: 2
Very basic map design, no hills or trees in your path, no major problems to solve. No trees in your way, Just a flat map. I do like the way that you have to go 2 laps.

Story/Instructions: 2
No music during cinematic. Kind of boring cinematic. No story. (Look at my review of stor and instructions I MUST HAVE A STORY/INTRO!!) I really didn't know what I was doing. I felt like an idiot. Cinematic needs a upgrade...

Additional Comments:
Fun Map, Very Basic. Needs a little fine tuning and some random music (In My opinion) Needs some more understandable cinematic. But overal a fun map.

(Visit r22stdudios.webs.com for more info on my ratings)

[Edited on 07/11/08 @ 03:45 PM]

Mister SCP
Map Design1.0
Playability: 3
Playbale on all accounts, there are bugs in winning conditions (if player 1 won it say player 2 won). It`s a very short (max 2 min without video) and based on two strategies: either u boost ur unit and run then or you run only without stnding on boosts fields. If you run, ur unit find the shortest way alone and you need 4 mouse clicks. Also here are no enemy units.

Balance: 4
has only 4 units and they are in a team. They have all same speed. The speed boosts are op and the start position is not so good for 2 players like for them in the middle.

Creativity: 2
Not really creative. Run to a temple, run back to start and run second time to temple... The only (not standart) feature are the speed boosts at blue fields. This game need more ideas so you can use more strategies to come to finish. I would give you a 1.5 but cause this isnt aviable i give you 2

Map Design: 1
For a race this map is too small, u should make it as a big map. The part with trees lokks also not so good. And eyecandy i miss also. Is a 1.5 too but i give you not the higher one because i decide to give you a higher number in creativity. I think you (FenrisWulf) can do more as you show here

Story/Instructions: 2
Sry but this is big crap. With ur video u move throught white/green terrains and show us the instruction as a dialog. So white letter on white ground-what happen?. Right the instruction become unreadable.(also with the green terrain i had some problems for reading). Make instruction either as overlay text,or make a new video with better pitches.
->I can understand this part after watching video 3 times
PS: Make the timer higher for delet the flagbearer (skip the cinematic) it was too short and so i cant really choose

Additional Comments:
This game need many improvements cause at the moment it is not really fun. U need to add some more ways to win (Strategy), a new or improved video and a lagger map. Also i miss a challenge, cause it was doen after 4 mouse clicks. [Maybe u should form it like a paperchase where u get random tips and random objectives (so guys which play before have no advantage). If you will do that i am pretty sure this will be a nice game]. At the moment i cant recommend ur game :( but maybe if u update ur map and it will be better... hope this review can help you to improve your map.
Map Design2.0
sigh... is this better?

Playability: 1
If you do not set the mp up right, this maps playabilty goes down to a 1, and since there was no instructions on the hc, it did not help. This also affected the instructions part. If you did set the map up right, then this map does become a playable boring map that i still do not recomend. You need to create obsticals of some sort, and make the race longer. And i agree with kev that the "speed up spots" are mostly off the track and going to it will cause you to lose. Also, it always ends up that p2 wins due to a bug. All you end up doing is point, click, and wait and watch... boring. I also hated looking for the 2nd lap flag...

Balance: 3
The middle will get pushed behind, p4 will be ahead, and p1 will be on 2nd, this will only change if a player makes a mistake, perhaps a straight line (like kev's "The Race") will fix this. Even though this sounds minor, it affect a large part of the game since there wrere not many parts of this map to rate balance on.

Creativity: 3
Race map, no new features, no nothing. You need features, this makes a map fun and creative. Add obsticals and other stuff into the race, without them the map is dull. Only reason that this was a 3 is because it didn't have any features that were horrible.

Map Design: 2
No eye candy, just lines. There was also no point in making a maze since you revealed the map, all you do is point, click, and watch which i stated above. This and playabilty was the worst parts of this map. You also need to add obsticals (which i also state above) perhaps hills and cliff, this will also increase eyecandy. Also, perhaps an audience of some sort watching the race. I want to give you a 1 but i decided to cut you some slack

Story/Instructions: 2
Horrible cinemtic, needs major work here, and the music, wait there was no music, this dropped the score way down. The were also no preset triggers or hc instructions to set up the game. The instructions during the game were hard to read due to the terrain. This part deserves a 1.5, i gave you a 2 since you kinda tried to explain the map. If a person downloaded this map off of the eso server they would not know how to set up this game and will find it hard to play due to the visibility of the instructions

Additional Comments:
I do not recomend this map, you need to spend more time onto this map if you want this map to recive a better rating.

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Map Design2.0
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