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Shapshifters v5

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
# of Players: 4
You probably already hard about the shapshifters scenario, but anyways, I will explain of what is it about:

The map its quite simple, you start with 2 flag bearers, 1 is near some trees and a war club, and the other one is in an arena, if you move your first flag bearer (the one that is near to some trees) to the native clubman, then your flag bearer in the arena will change to ANY unit of this game, from simple grass to a monster truck.

I know that idea its too simple, and the whole design of the scenarios isnt really that hard, but, believe me or not, the map is quite fun, its very random, everyone got the same possibilities of winning, its quite unique, and its hardly alike to any other map. Also, its very fast, and a lot of people like it.

Anyways, for those who already played Shapshifters V3, I will explain what I changed in my version from that map:

Clearer instructions.
Better Illumination (everything is lighter, and the buildings arent so as red as before)
Better Cinematics.
Win effect (special thanks to moshelevi and hes guide in agecomm to make this work properly)
Option of if to run the Cinematic or not, to waste less time.
More Credits to the Original maker of the map (KoltedKead).

I know it isnt a lot, but since the map its quite little, it got hardly things that can be changed.

For those who are new in this site and dont know what to do after that you downloaded the file:
After that you downloaded the file, Run it by Winzip, and there, right click in the file, and select the option "Extract". And then go to:
Documents and settings > My Documents > My Games > Age of Empires III > Scenario.
And ready! Now you can play the scenario online or run it in scenario editor.

P.S. I will still be working in this map, and make a new Shapshifters version, like random effects, and a bit more balance, etc...
But I still accept suggestions
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Mister SCP
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
Good playable. But sometimes u get things which are invincible and u become defeat. You need no strategy only thing what u need is luck. ->U should add a skirmish system so it become a longer game.

Balance: 5
Everyone has same chances to win. Only thing what u need is luck.

Creativity: 4
Only 30 trigger but it has a complete new idea which i like very much. Never saw such a game before or after this released.

Map Design: 2
Easy understanding map design. You should make a picture on the wihte bottom of game area or other stuff as eyecandy. DESTROY THE ****ING TREE NEAR THE CLUBMAN OF PLAYER2 PLZ PLZ PLZ.

Story/Instructions: 3
Cineamtic looks terrible but the instruction in it is good so i give you a 2.5

Additional Comments:
My favorite Map if i ve not so much time. It is only fun fun fun...
PS: Do not claim as your own map IT WAS KOLT`S MAP... YOU DO ONLY EDITM IT.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
This is the worst part of the scenario, the scneario is based on luck, if u become one of the "dead" units u lose and have no chance of winning. If u become a cheat unit u've pretty much won the game. I recomend making a trigger that changes the unit again once it changes into a cheat unit, evening out the odds. It is also a pain when someone is a unit that cannot be killed but canno atatck, it then becomes a test of wills. 1.5 score here, i gave a 2 because of the map design therefore evening the score out.

Balance: 5
Same stuff, same amount of luck unless u believe in superstition lol. P1 does get an advantage since the camara is right on them and the other players have to go and find their men which i find a pain lol, i recommend for the camera to be in the middle. However this is tiny so i gave u a 5.

Creativity: 3
Basically Kolt's map, all u did was change the cinematic and nothgin else. You didn't do much to make this map beter or worse. Average = 3.

Map Design: 2
Overly simple map with no eye candy. I recomend random events, perhaps everyone is changed into another unit, or there is a peace for 10 sec. Something like that, this part is a 2.5.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions were clear and simple. No questions were needed, and no need for the cinematic to be opitional due to the short cinematic. The cinematic however was not that good, but i still decided to give u a 5.

Additional Comments:
The perfect map for short games, that is unless someone is changed into an invincible unit that cannot attack lol. I also believe that u should give more credit to Kolt.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Playable, not laggy one bit, only thing that i have to complain about here is if someone gets a "cheat" unit they pretty much won, and i hate the sudden death if u chose the wrong unit.

Balance: 5
Start with the same stuff, same chances, all based on luck, a solid 5 here. Nothing to complain about.

Creativity: 1
You just took the map from kolthead and changed the cinematic...

Map Design: 5
Map looks good, not alot of eye candy, however none was needed for this type of scenario, nothing to complain about here. Or compliment for that matter lol.

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions explained all that you need to know, move your flag to the clubman and cross your fingers and hope for the best. Cinematic was ok, not great. Music went well with the cinematic, and was short enough to not get annoying

Additional Comments:
Great map for short moments of fun, but gets annoying due to the unkillabe units and cheat units.

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Map Design3.0
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