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Find Rebel City

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rwb1231 The queen has grown rather impatient with recent attack's from the rebels, that have been killing off all of the civilian towns in the area. In the last five month's, they have escaped our knowledge of their ware bouts until now. We lost six scout's in the upper highlands of Scotland, so this is where we think they are hiding. The queen would have issued you a vast amount of supplies, but with the end of the American Revolution and the French problem's we've been having our supplies have grown thin - you have been issued one thousand resource's each, as well as a heavy fortification to fall back to, as well as two mills and two plantations and 100 workers.

The terrain in which you will be fighting in is heavy forestation, as well as an extremely cold environment. The fortification was built just in time for winter.

Good luck, you'll need it - do not underestimate this enemy.
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mrrags1 The .RAR file is apparently not compatible with the AOE3 game. I went ahead and loaded it into the senario folder but it does not appear as a 'custom scenario' in the game's menu.

In the meantime, load your game's descriptive text into a spellchecker and grammar checker... such as you might find in MS Word. It will catch most but not all of your spelling and punctuation errors.

For example, "Whereabouts"... which is the word I think you are looking for in your script... is one word (not two). Many others!!

More importantly, however, is to put the files in a format recognized by the AOE3 game. 8-)

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 12:58 AM]

File Author
lol you unpack it's content's into your..

C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario

win.rar is like win.zip

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 01:16 AM]

mrrags1 'LOL' your reading skills aren't far above those of your spelling!

I unloaded the file into My Docs\my games\AOE3\scenarios

...Had you read what I posted, you'd have seen that's what I was saying. If the .RAR is like the WinZip file, you mean the .RAR file still needs to be unloaded as did the WinZip file? Why didn't you just WinZip the .scn & .bck files and leave it like that?

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 01:37 AM]

File Author
Sorry, but I'm going to report you. There is no need to be rude, yet you banter me.
mrrags1 And you, my friend do not find it 'rude' to write, "lol, you unpack it's content into your..." as though I'm a fool after I just wrote to you and said I'd put it into the scenario file????

You were/are every bit as 'rude' and 'insulting' with your comment.

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 02:02 AM]

File Author
Some people's kids. How about you delete your comment's, doesn't seem like anyone else is having issue's.
johnboyz Hey, mrrags1, .rar files are compacted files as are the .zip files. Why he is putting a compacted file within a compacted file is an unknown 8-)!

Search the Internet for a program that unloads .rar files if you feel it's worth it for just this one scenario.

'RWB', my guess is that you are NOT a native English speaking individual. Not everyone is as computer 'literate' as others. No need for laughing at someone who does not reconize an unusual format.

'RWB', read your "Review Guidelines" and you will see that it states something like, bad spelling and grammar are NO excuse regardless of native language, though we should be more lenient with someone who speaks English as a 2nd or 3rd language. Your present use of the English language can be quite confusing to the native English speaker. When 'mrrags1' wrote to you he said he put the files in his scenario folder. Assuming you're a native speaker, he obviously assumed you understood he meant the scenario folder within his MY Documents folder.

You BOTH need to take more time in your thinking about what your writing and the other person's comprehension level. Don't 'assume' everyone has a great knowledge of the English language, 'mrrags1.' Don't 'assume', RWB, that everybody knows every computer programming format.

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 03:06 AM]

File Author
1.) I spelt nothing incorrectly, please do not banter me for thing's you're inept to comprehend. If you're not going to rate it sensibly, then do not post at all it is very rude and improper. I have done nothing to offend you, nor said anything to offend you or other users on this website.

2.) I put a .rar into a .zip file so it would be more compact, and easier for user's to download.

3.) If you're not going to say something nice, propper and respecting then please leave your comment's outside of my downloads section and bother someone else. I really do not appreciate it.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 1
With review guidelines in hand, I set out to rate this map. Playabilty, according to guidelines, is quite subjective and should be based primarily on the fun one had playing the game. Honestly, it wasn't a lot of fun and I'm not going to say it was simply because the author says only say something good or else don't review. First, these, according to the description, were a "covert and elusive bunch of rebels." Yet, almost immediately, they are in open attack or continue to do so every 3-5 minutes, by my calculations. The 'Queen' was given many cannon for protection but there were so many trees surrounding the cannons that they were unable to move and protect the wall and the towers they were set to protect. There was no precise "victory condition bug" because there was absolutely no "victory condition." 8-) I destroyed every last unit, building and section of wall the rebels had and still NOTHING... NADA... ZILCH! I was forced to resign to get out of the game. There must be something wrong with the triggers. I didn't bother to check if any triggers were even present but since he was continually attacking, I had guessed there were. Where he got resources for all the men he sent out, I don't know. Though I had gathered more than twice his amount of resources, he was able to produce three times as many men.

No pun intended but you need to cut down on the number of trees.

Balance: 2
Guidelines say for a game to be perfectly balanced, you should need to reload at least a couple of times. I destroyed all of the rebels; though there was no victory message, in less than 40 minutes of game play. I'm a veteran player but would not consider myself to be expert.

Creativity: 2
IMO, there is nothing "creative" about a scenario that is based almost entirely on frequent attacks. Try to do something more creative like a short cinematic (best maybe without dialogue).

Map Design: 3
THIS was the highlight of the entire scenario! If not for the over abundance of trees preventing players from moving as they should, I would have rated it much higher.

Story/Instructions: 1
There was the eery absence of ANY story of ANY kind. No dialogue. No chat. No messages of any sort. This might be good since your spelling is not very good and guidelines for reviews state that there are no excuses for bad spelling and the score should be lowered.

Additional Comments: You say you didn't mispell anything. HA! HA! Have you discovered and/or invented your own form of the English language? Your description of what the map was about was fraught with spelling, punctuational and grammatical mistakes!!! Who are you trying to kid??? When you use > 's < and you do rather frequently, it should be used either in a possessive situation or in a contraction as in, "it's (for it is) or "it's" (for it has) or, "That book is Harry's". You are constantly using it for the plural form of the word and plurals don't have apostrophes. You use the British (not the American or Canadian version) of "spelt" to tell us you hadn't "spelled" anything wrong. Instead of using the word and spelling the word -properly as, "whereabouts", you say "ware bouts." A "ware" is a sellable commodity or, from Old High German means to protect... "bouts" mean either an athletic activity or an outbreak of something. Are you trying to tell me this is what you truly meant and you did not mispell this word??? If so, then you are "bantering" us. Though you make it sound like a bad thing, "banter" means to carry on a whimsical or humorous conversation or to lightheartedly tease someone. Your useage of other words, "The terrain in which you'll be fighting is in heavy forestation" is NOT good English... instead, use, "is heavily forested." There are others but it's getting old.

[Edited on 01/06/06 @ 10:55 AM]

File Author
Edited - Sith

[Edited on 01/09/06 @ 07:26 AM]

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