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The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows

This is a 2V2 Supremacy Multiplayer Scenario (FFA is available too) for 4 players (human or computer).

You can also play this scenario with a friend against the computer.

This scenario offers many interesting new strategies with unique game play abilities.

This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

New Features

1. Break the Immortal Cow Spell – Capture as many Sacred Cows, Yaks, and Water Buffalos, and send them to your Fire Circle . The Fire Circle will break the Immortal Cow spell and the animals will return to their original human form.
These powerful mercenaries will then join your army and fight for you.
These powerful mercenaries include: General Custer, Alain, Shogun (that can train stealth warriors), Daiymo (that can train Japanese warriors), Mameluke, Elmeti, Grand Cannon, Heavy Cannon, Black Riders, Swiss Pikemen, and more….

2. Resources Dropping from the Sky – There are 15 Resource Drop Sites around the map where resources fall into periodically. Control as many of these sites as possible in order to collect more resources than your enemy.

3. Raid Villagers with your Super Ninja unit – Your Super Ninja unit is very powerful and it has special abilities. He has 5000 HP and once he is wounded (50% damage) he Teleports himself automatically to the Fire Circle where he can get healed very fast.
Your Ninja is also super fast and you can use him to raid enemy villagers that collect resources at remote drop sites.
You can even Teleport your armies to you Ninja (see next feature).

4. Teleport your Armies behind Enemy lines - You can Teleport your armies periodically from your “ Teleport Court ” to your Ninja. Use this ability to attack enemy villagers at remote drop sites, or to conduct surprise attacks from unexpected locations.
You can even teleport buildings from the Teleport Court .

5. Capture one or both Churches and receive free Priests and/or Boneguards – These Churches are guarded by Boneguard, but once you capture one or both of them you will receive free priests and later on (once you have 5 priests) you will receive free Boneguards.

6. Discover the Secret Magical way to Defeat the Tapir Witches – Once you defeat your enemies the Tapir Witches will appear.
You have to discover the secret magical way to defeat them before they turn your entire army into Cows.
There is a 10 minute time limit to defeat the Tapir Witches before the Flying Siege Tapir Witches show up and blow up all the bases.

The Challenge

The Tapir Witches use a spell that turns near by enemies into Cows…….

Players that defeat the Tapir Witches and provide proofs for doing so will have a chance to win 1 out of the 10 remaining prizes via drawing

Players will have until August 23rd 2008 to provide such proof before the drawing takes place.

For more information see the official ”The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows“ Scenario Challenge... with Prizes... thread.


A new version has been uploaded.

Now the player can see instructions on how to defeat the Tapir Witches once he defeats his enemies.

You will have the opportunity to fight the Tapir Witches only if you play as player 1 or you ally with player 1 (and he is still in the game).

This is due to Scenario Editor bug that stops the Tapir Witches from moving once player 1 resigns.

Game Play

The main game play is described above in the “New Features” section.

For more information about the game play read the “Story” section.

This is a 2V2/FFA scenario where any combination of teams can be set up.
However, random teams are not supported.
Computer players are also supported.
In fact the computer players are so good at capturing the cows and converting them into mercenaries that even Moderate level can be challenging.

Players start with a fortified base with Fort walls and 4 towers.
Each player gets his own Fire Circle next to his town center.
The Fire Circle heals units very fast so it is important to use it often.

Each player gets constant resources from his home city (every 30 seconds).
However, if you lose your town center (and you don’t have any other town centers) then your home city will stop shipping you resources (until you build a new town center).

If your starting town center is destroyed then the Fire Circle will be deactivated and it will NOT heal army units any more.

There are some resources scattered around the map but not many, so you may not want to train too many villagers.

You CANNOT build resource collection buildings such as Mills, Farms, plantations, Banks, and so on.
You will have to rely mainly on crate collection from the various resource drop sites.
Crates fall from the sky every 90 seconds.

There are many Sacred Cows and some Yaks, and Water Buffalos scattered around the map.
These animals have huge HP and they are also Immortals (you can’t kill them).
Capture as many as you can and send them to your Fire Circle .
The Fire Circle will break the “Immortal Cow spell” and the animals will return back to their original human form.
These powerful mercenaries will then join your forces.
New Sacred Cows, Yaks, and Water Buffalos will constantly appear in the area.
If you lose your starting Town Center then the Fire Circle will be deactivated and it will NOT break the spell “Immortal Cow spell” any more.

Your Super Ninja unit is very powerful and it has special abilities.
He has 5000 HP and once he is wounded (50% damage) he Teleports himself automatically to the Fire Circle where he can get healed very fast.
Your Ninja is also super fast and you can use him to raid enemy villagers that collect resources at remote drop sites.
Your Ninja will not be able to teleport himself to safety if the Fire Circle is deactivated.

You can Teleport your armies periodically (every 60 seconds) from your “ Teleport Court ” to your Ninja. Use this ability to attack enemy villagers at remote drop sites, or to conduct surprise attacks from unexpected locations.
You can even teleport buildings from the Teleport Court .

There are two Churches that can be captured with 5 army units or more.
You receive free Priests and/or Boneguards from these Churches after you captured them.
At first they are guarded by Boneguards, so you will have to kill them before you can capture them.
Players can capture each other’s churches.
Once you capture a church you will receive free priests and later on (once you have 5 priests) you will receive free Boneguards (every 2 minutes).

After you defeat your opponents the Tapir Witches will appear with their armies of wild animals.

The Tapir Witches will turn your army units into Normal Cows once they are within their line of site.
You can shoot at the Tapir Witches from far range but it is impossible to kill them using this conventional method because they have 400,000 HP each.
Your objective is then to Discover the Secret Magical way to Defeat the Tapir Witches.
You have 10 minutes to defeat them.
After 10 minutes Flying Siege Tapir Witches reinforcement will arrive and they will blow up everyone’s buildings.

Normal cows (previously your army) have huge HP but they are NOT immortal.
If you send normal Cows to your Fire Circle (near your TC) they will then turn into Longbows since their original identity has been lost.
Sacred Cows will still be converted to Mercenary units.

Once the Tapir Witches appear, resources will NOT fall from the sky any more.

Every player gets a Flag Bearer that can be used as a way point for rescued mercenary units. All army units from inside the Fire Circle will follow the Flag Bearer automatically.

Explorers are automatically ransomed for the price of 100 gold (I added this feature because the normal random feature doesn’t work for European explorers in custom scenarios).

You CANNOT accumulate more than 11,000 of each resource.

You can locate your Ninja and your Flag Bearer if you can’t find them.
See “Tips” for how to do that.

Once the Explorer has 95% damage he will be ransomed for you automatically for the price of 100 gold.
Your Explorer will reappear inside the Fire Circle where he can heal fast.

Walls are more expensive (50 extra wood per wall connector) so players can’t spam walls.

For additional game play information such as the Story behind this scenario and Tips please visit this thread:
”The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows“ Scenario Challenge

Screen Shots

Map Overview
Stronghold + Teleport Court
Teleport Court
Fire Circle
Brave soldiers fighting Lions, Bears, and Cougars
Tapir Witches showing up
Tapir Witches turning army into Cows
Tapir Witches Blowing up the base
Tapir Witches Blowing up what’s left of it

Gameplay Setup

This scenario can be set as 2V2 or FFA.
Teams have to be set on ESO (random teams won’t work).
Any team combination is possible for players 1 through 4.
Players 1-4 can be Human or Computer players (player must be human host).

Possible teams are:
P1 & P2 vs P3 & P4
P1 & P3 vs P2 & P4 (each player is surrounded by two enemies)
P1 & P4 vs P2 & P3

Player 5 MUST be a computer player (assigned for the Tapir Witches and their armies of wild animals).

Computer players are supported and they play good even on Moderate.
This means that you can play the scenarios as 1V1 with computer allies, or you can play it with a friend against two computer opponents.
You can also play it online like a single player scenario with 3 computer players.

Playing the Game

Logon to ESO, go to “Browse Games” and Host the game.
Select game type “Scenario” and then choose the “Tapir Witches....” file name from the list of scenarios.

You can play this scenario with all 14 civs.
All civs have 120 home city level with 25 card deck.

OOS Warning

This scenario allows the host to play Cinematic with Instructions.
However, playing the Cinematic in Multiplayer may cause Out of Sync (OOS) error.

It is therefore recommended that you play the cinematic only in single player mode or when you play the scenario on ESO by yourself.

This OOS error is due to Editor Bug that messes some of the triggers after Cinematic.

The default for this scenario is “No Cinematic”.
The host has only a few seconds to move his explorer inside the Fire Circle to invoke the Cinematic.

Installation Instructions

Copy the scenario to "My Documents/My Game/Age of Empires 3/Scenario" folder.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Random22 and Pftq for their great “Advanced Trigger Effects”.
I used their custom triggers to add new features to this scenario.

I want to thank pftq for the second time for trying to help me solve the Out of Sync (OOS) errors that occur when the player chooses to play the cinematic.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
A very fun map, especially figuring out how to defeat those witches, however, I believe that this map was overly complicated, which is good and bad. Good- new and unseen and will not be bored with this scen for a long, long time. Bad- even watching through the cinematic and reading the instructions, i was still confused about the flag bearer and how to teleport. However I got how to do this after about 25min into the game. There was also a problem when trying to find the "drop sites" it was hard to look for them since there was so many, the flares did help a bit but it made the minimap over crowded since there was also the animal flares. In addition it was hard trying to find the "drop sites" during the witches attack, since the flares were gone, the 10min to go to them also did not help. I also could not keep track of the herdables during the game since there were so many, and you had to be managing an eco, fighting, etc. Therefore this part deserves a 3.5, but i decided to give you a 4.

Balance: 5
All civs can win since this does not depend on brute force, it depends more on strategy to destroy the enemy tc and arriving at the drop sites within the time limit. The decks were ok for each civ, nothing that I can complain about here

Creativity: 4
A creative map, however not deserving a 5, this is basically a sup map with two small additions, animals that turn into soldiers, and the witches that need to be killed through arriving at certain points on the map. Once this is discovered the map loses its creativity since you know what to do.

Map Design: 5
Normal amount of eye candy, complex scenario, I can tell you took a very, very long time on this map. Well deserving a 5, all I can recommend is probably adding some casualties, rubble, etc. To show the past battles between the ppl and the witches.

Story/Instructions: 5
The cinematic was okay, not good and not bad. However the instructions could not explain ppl everything about the scenario since there were many complex things about it, there is nothing I can think for you to improve this. The map is just overly complicated which I stated above can be a good and bad thing.

Additional Comments:
Another awesome map of yours, however I would prefer Annihilation. Also, could you make it so that the herdables go toward your fire circle when you capture one, instead of when they are inside your base.

[Edited on 08/09/08 @ 01:17 PM]

Mister SCP
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3+1
Is playable Map. Decks arent really interesting and dont offer many strategies. U forbid eco buildings so the player should use drop sites. So i have everytime less ressources and that makes the game [a bit] boring and much more boring in ffa. I prefer if u would limit eco buildings instead of forbid or make mor ehuntables and trees.

Edit: I played it a bit false. My main goal was to get ressouces from drop sites instead of capture cows so i give you a 4 here

Balance: 4
Only unit hc cards and other stuff like in sup. All civ without sioux can wall in the drop sites and protect against units. A unfair disadvantage for sioux which make it much harder. Also you set eco lvl the same with ur drop site. There countrys with cheaper units and weaker eco can easily profit.

Edit: to start with a pop of 220 (!atztec!, idk if other civ do the same but i u should check russia, china and other natives) isnt the best way of balancing a scenario, is it?

Edit2: A result of playing it false... But a bit disadvantage the sioux have and to wall a dropsite cost only 490 :P. You cant say that a 220 pop limit dont matter but because of mercs it has not that big role.

Creativity: 4
A few never seen functions like tapir change unit type lmao, also the europeen explorer come back to base :)... . I found it not so interesting to find a special way on defeat Tapir Witches but i think some player like to do it and so i decide to give u a 4

Map Design: 3
A symetricial desert with 2 churches, less huntables and trees... Come on what could be a reason to give u more points here. I dont forget it but it`s standart in scenarios to create 4 bases isnt it? I cant give u everwhere points where u beg for or all scenarios will get a 5, sry.

Story/Instructions: 4+1
OK very long with big OOS danger.It show you main goal:defeat the tapir witches after destroy your enemies [...]

Edit: I think it`S not that good like guidelines tell story/instruction has to be but to make u happy: 5

Music is in your scenario congratz (1st of three scenarios). Not self choosen but for a sup game ok

Additional Comments:
Not your best map. I also dont want to replay it because of boringnes.But u use triggers which are a step for the future :).

[Edited on 08/27/08 @ 08:52 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A fun map trying to finding how to defeat the Witches and find the secret. In the game even when you are fighting the enemy so that you know they are coming soon. Add a time that says how much time you have left so that you can try to work faster. Like the way that you have to fight other others players before you can get to see the Witchs.

Balance: 5
Every thing was balance you got the same units from the cows and really didn't need your deck only for fighting your enemy. Just the cows you needed for fights, nothing to talk about in this area but the cows. =)

Creativity: 5
Creativity was good I’m going to give you a 5. Like the way once you’re done killing your enemy the witches come and turn your units into cows and you have to find that one way to defeat them.

Map Design: 5
Very nice layout looked like a Valley that was rolled by the witches and had they turned to cows if you got to close. Maybe adding some buildings that are destroyed or dead villages etc... Good pick of music for the map. Might want to add a witch song, so when they come into play, but overall nice map to play on.

Story/Instructions: 5
Easy to understand and follow, knew what to do once you gave us the instructions. Great Story on how the Witches control the land and what you had to find out how to defeat them

Additional Comments:
Loved the maps and had fun playing this all day and with friends. Both are very good and is fun. Sorry for taking a long toime to post this, I forgot =(

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