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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5
Top VS Bottom.. NO FFA!! 2vs2 Team 1 has a redoubt to defend and team 2 tries to attack and get to redoubt center to win.. There is a 30 minutes timer and if it runs out before team 2 gets in redoubt team 1 will win.. ONLY EUROPEAN CIVS!!! HAVE FUN! :P

Updated!!!!! Added that user control thing(so is balanced) and host can put fast train rate if want.

THX for all feedback and stuff i try to update this all the time untill u really like it :) W00T


Added music, Made map a little more cool, only 10 sec intro... it should work now :D


Added fishes and animals and sum other looks..
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KevTheGreat 1st download :)

btw u don;t need the .bak file in there

[Edited on 08/22/08 @ 05:57 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Playable map however team 2 can win easily. Since user controls isn't off they can start training and then after the cinematic ends they go onto the ship land and just walk through into the square and win, make them have to hold it, it would be alot fairier. The second they walk into the square they win the game which can happen 2 minutes after the cinematic ends (if they weren't training during cinematic). Team two also has a very, very small base which cannot hold many units. You should make it alot bigger. In addition perhaps make the wall around the flag with no "holes".

Balance: 3
As said above team two has a huge advantage. In addition to this Twc and Tad civs will have problems here as team two, they will have to build a new building for themselves, You should perhaps make a codition to detect the certain civ and then change unit type to the correct culture. Team one also could not build a stable, barracks, or artillery foundry which iis a major draw back if they were europeans.

Creativity: 2
Team 1 -Make sure no one gets near the flag
Team 2 -Get a unit near the flag to win
Basic, simple and no interesting features (no features at all in fact), just make units with almost unlimited resources and fight

Map Design: 3
No eye candy at all, just a big island, a smaller island, and water. Put in some interesting features to make this map not so bland, and add in music for the cinematic and more interesting music during play.

Story/Instructions: 3
If someone downloaded this map off of eso online they would not know how to set up the game, you should put the instructions on how to set up on the Hc names. The intro cinematic was also very bland and slow, not to mention no music. The instructions were clear however, get near the flag for one team and don;t let them near it for the other.

Additional Comments:
Poor map, needs much work to be done on this. Nothing interesting in this map to supply any reason to play this. The times i've played this, team two always wins and usually within 1-2 min after the cinematic. They land, then run to the flag and win.
File Author
THX For all comments and stuff..

[Edited on 08/24/08 @ 01:08 PM]

KevTheGreat ??????????... o yeah i remeber u lol u are king_jone u pissed me off last time, i should have given u a lower grade.... :P jk

anyways back to the review what do you dissagree with?

P.S i knew i played this before i just forgot when...

[Edited on 08/23/08 @ 01:34 PM]

Mister SCP
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2
The playablity based on the balance cause the balance is so horrible. Make timer lower (20 mins) and do a second timer: if t2 get building that they must hold it for 3 mins would be great :).

Balance: 1
T2 is sooo OP, they get the base in 2-3 mins after cinematic ends :/.I cant train 5 hussars in the less time. Opposite team win after they were 3/4 made.. No canons for team 1 and Mortarships ruin the game. But as i said: the main problem are the low rates for building

Creativity: 2
The features are a bit less but to take a idea from campaign in a multiplayer scenario is a normal idea. I decide to give you a 2 because i see much worser maps.

Map Design: 4
Your map look ok but your video make a very very good expression of the map design. T2 need more room for buildings and t1 need one or 2 towns not on the whole map everywhere a few settlers

Story/Instructions: 4
Very long video with less text. I prefer see a shorter video but that is ok. I dislike only that u dont render fog of war or create revealer. After cinematics u should reset blackmap BECAUSE so the opponent must refind the flag area

Music (unofficial):1
20-50% of a good scenario is sound and music. U dont even use it and this is :(.Music bring feelings and action for a scenario (and this is very important for replay a scenario) . That is a point u MUST change plz.

Additional Comments:
U need to make fixes mainly in balance. I wish that u add music. but ok i see you have a good potential

[Edited on 08/24/08 @ 03:12 AM]

FenrisWulf ^^
You're not supposed to count off for the lack of music.

Edit: Oh, nevermind, you didn't, I misread your review. And YLQQ, you really need to chill. If you disagree with a review, tell the reviewer what you have a problem with. Randomly flaming them in all caps doesn't really help much.

[Edited on 08/24/08 @ 10:18 AM]

Mister SCP
ino that music isnt a official part but i think it`s so important that i want also rate this in my following reviews
KevTheGreat "THX For all comments and stuff.." lol u changed it
Mister SCP
KevTheGreat not u "king_jone" aka YLQQ

[Edited on 08/24/08 @ 02:46 PM]

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