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Turbofrog's Paintball (updated)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD

A few things changed. Cow deleted bug fixed, and gatling gun hitpoints upped gy 20.


You all start with a small level of income of gold. With this gold you can buy various units (all units cost 500
gold and come in squads).
To increase your income you can capture the four towers at the edges of the map and the fort in the middle,
which is also a very important strategic point. There is a cow hidden in a randomised location in the map which,
when brought back to base, grants you 2000 gold, before respawning.

.unit counters.

Paintballers are good against mounted paintballers.
Mounted paintballers are good against gatling guns.
Gatling guns are good against paintballers.
Ambushers are averall quite good and can use stealth mode.
Anti-stealth scouts can see abushers in stealth mode.
Paint Grenaders are a devestating force but only are effective in large numbers.


There is a bug in the victory conditions that means that the winners have the 'You have abandoned your colony'
message come up. Please do not edit the scenario but email me if you know how to fix it. My email is,

To install, put the file turbofrog's paintball in the following location,

My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I like fort wars and colosseum maps, but sometimes the lag is too much. Paintball offers a happy medium where you have fewer units and your objectives are more diverse. This is an easy and interesting version that has enough random elements to give it a lot of replay value.

Balance: 4
Overall, balance is ideal. Who can complain when everybody gets access to the same units and the same token economy? I did have one reservation about the balance. Gatling guns are available for a reasonable cost, but they are TERRIBLE. Ordinarily, I'd say "suck it up and lern 2 play" but in this case I was playing it for the first time. I bought gats and they had only 85 HP. Now, I can see how they might be broken against the mostly infantry options in the store, but if you don't already know that Gats take a huge HP nerf, you are wasting your money.

Lastly for balance, some players start on an island between rivers. While passages do exist, locating them is enough of a deterrent to make these players less vulnerable to attack. My only realistic suggestion for this is to make the map in several different configurations, or convert the scenario to a random map script and have rivers placed at random.

Creativity: 3
A faithful reproduction of earlier Paintball maps. Frog introduced some nice tweaks and devices here. The store, the convertible cow, etc. are standard fare borrowed from other types of multiplayer maps. They are put to good use here but will be instantly familiar to players of other map types.

Map Design: 4
Frog's mapwork here deserves a good comment. The map itself is a Bayou type jungle crisscrossed by two or three rivers and many meandering canyons. The fort is out in the open, atop a simple partial cliff without natural barriers or other potential pathing problems. The individual starting areas are a little bit cramped - the spawning area in particular was surrounded by wall ruins on all sides but for a narrow exit - and newly arriving reinforcements would get stuck inside if I didn't remember to move them forward every so often.

Story/Instructions: 4
The intro screen and messages were simple and concise. A brief survey cine of the map layout would have been helpful, just to see where things generally were. A little blurb explaining that the cow location is RANDOM might also help.

Additional Comments:
To fix the victory conditions, you have to do two things. Set the diplomacy conditions in a trigger at the beginning. (If teams, then specify who is allies and who is enemies. If FFA, all are enemy to one another.) Then set up a set of Defeat conditions. For each Player, set player defeated if he loses his starting tower.

Lastly, set up a Victory condition for each player that announces winners (and losers) and ends the game when all but one player has been set to defeated. Under normal operations, when all but one player have a strike through their name, the remaing player should get the victory automatically.
(If you want the scenario to be playable as a 2v2 team scn, you have to create a second version setting diplomacy to TvB or somesuch, and then setting defeat conditions for each Team, victory for each Team, etc.)

Cow: You need a trigger that will keep people from deleting the Cow before taking it to base. Whenever someone did this, it would NOT respawn. Make it so that if a player controls the Cow and it is deleted by malice then it respawns anyway. I am not sure why this didn't work compared to when it is led to base, but it is frutrating to have noobs in the game who think this is funny.
Official Reviewer
Is this a Multiplayer scenario?
If so what is it doing in the Single player Download section?

Check out my “Custom Scenarios Online - Tips and Tricks” thread:

It has information about Diplomacy, Team Settings, and Victory Conditions.

About the Cow – you can make it stand up again when someone is trying to delete it.
Just check the percent damage (if it is greater than 90%), and if it is true then convert it to sacred cow after increasing the sacred cow’s HP, then increase the Cow’s HP and then convert it back to Cow.
Put this trigger in a 5 second loop and the result – the cow will stand back up every time it is deleted.
File Author
oh yeah, ill move it.
also, I have already done exactly what you just said I do for the victory conditions. Its simple triggerwork, but I was confused because THAT is not working.
Gatling guns will lose against a squad of mounted paintballers and win against a squad of paintballers. Be sure to put them in fire mode or they will lose alot of health before putting any bullets into the air.

[Edited on 08/23/08 @ 05:09 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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