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Turbofrog's Paintball

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 5 (Player 5 is a computer player)


You all start with a small level of income of gold. With this gold you can buy various units (all units cost 500
gold and come in squads).
To increase your income you can capture the four towers at the edges of the map and the fort in the middle,
which is also a very important strategic point. There is a cow hidden in a randomised location in the map which,
when brought back to base, grants you 2000 gold, before respawning.

.unit counters.

Paintballers are good against mounted paintballers.
Mounted paintballers are good against gatling guns.
Gatling guns are good against paintballers.
Ambushers are averall quite good and can use stealth mode.
Anti-stealth scouts can see abushers in stealth mode.
Paint Grenaders are a devestating force but only are effective in large numbers.


There is a bug in the victory conditions that means that the winners have the 'You have abandoned your colony'
message come up. Please do not edit the scenario but email me if you know how to fix it. My email is,

To install, put the file turbofrog's paintball in the following location,

My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario
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Mister SCP
:( we need the AoE3Ysnc file instead of bak ...
(SnC=Scenario) (bak=is a file to rescue the scenario if you loose snc file)
ivanelterrible and how can you lose a snc file...
Mister SCP
simplest way what happened with me too often: just dont rename it and dl a older version :( and so the edit version is gone.
File Author
? speak English please.
Do you have a problem with the map?
Mister SCP
Yes i have. If i dl your file i found only a .bak file... but if i want play your map i need the .age3Ysnc file instead of .bak file
Mister SCP
Map Design5.0
@turbofrog:I review maybe a older paintball because u dont dl the age3Ysnc file. If you improved something tell me and i will edit my review

Playability: 4
Good playable map. Kill the cow and get no punish + too slow income rates for ffa style are here problems. So I decide to give u a 4

Balance: 4
I think u spend much time on balance-> the unit counter system is good.If u find the very good hidden cow u get 2k gold and this is also good balanced. On the other hand the tower on the right side and the fort are easier to hold as the other 3 towers on the map.

Creativity: 4
snow(It think it dont look good) ,rain and a day and night circle u used. Cause u have not so much units, i would wish that the weather modifite ur units. For example night ->less LOS... .Also the idea of paintball I never see before and so i give you a 4

Map Design: 5
Very beatifull map which base on bayou. This map include a river with bridge, tons of cliffs. The unit choose is really great looking. Here i can only criticize that u dont make the bridge invernursable. Cause if u kill enemy units on the bridge, the bridge get also damage and then the bridge looks really stupid

Story/Instructions: 4
It explain everything without one important fact: What are fort and towers for (that ask really anybody in last game) And also very important is to know how fast u get gold with towers and fort. The letters are not so good readable on the ground at the beginning of cinematic
Music (unofficial):1
Plz add music. I was sad that u dont use any music.

Additional Comments:
A very nice scenario. Also if u had play it u have a very small advantage vs newbies. The only problem is ffa. In ffa u get too slow gold and that make the game endless

[Edited on 08/26/08 @ 10:47 AM]

File Author
The cow works now and there is more income. But there is a bug in the VC
File Author
gah, nobody comments on aoe3heaven!
Mister SCP
ino thats not good i miss scenario competition. That was funny :). U upload the age3yscn file?
KevTheGreat yeah every thing is back to normal, slow and no one reviews :(.

Btw it is still a .bak file

[Edited on 09/05/08 @ 10:41 PM]

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