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Find Rebel City 2

Author File Description
rwb1231 The queen has grown rather impatient with recent attack's from the rebels, that have been killing off all of the civilian towns in the area. In the last five month's, they have escaped our knowledge of their ware bouts until now. We lost six scout's in the upper highlands of Scotland, so this is where we think they are hiding. The queen would have issued you a vast amount of supplies, but with the end of the American Revolution and the French problem's we've been having our supplies have grown thin - you have been issued one thousand resource's each, as well as a heavy fortification to fall back to, as well as two mills and two plantations and 100 workers.

The terrain in which you will be fighting in is heavy forestation, as well as an extremely cold environment. The fortification was built just in time for winter.

Good luck, you'll need it - do not underestimate this enemy.

[ - NOTE - ] This is the second edition of the scenario, in which it is TEN TIMES more difficult to eliminate the rebels. The terrain has been upgraded to massive mountains, underpass's and valey's for you to negotiate as well as the rebel city itself has been completely overhauled to be almost inpenetrable. There are a LOT of surprise's to be had in this scenario, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy.

Extract the two file's to...

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Operating System User Name\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Scenario
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
Big change in the map updates was lag. On the previous map I had none at all no matter what I did. On this one even doing a mouse over of the rebel base dragged things down quite a bit. It appeared that even the AI wasn't sure how to get his troops out. The new design of the rebel base was so obtuse that it was really just a slow knife fight. The old design was much better.

Balance: 2
Not sure how much was balance of force or just obstacles. It seemed like there were fewer attacks which was a plus. But, I was able lob artillery over terrain for once without getting mobbed by infantry which is nice.

Creativity: 2
Not overly creative, find the enemy and kill them.

Map Design: 3
Still can't go below 3 because I really like the layout of the map. The area around the rebel fort is was kept me from going higher.

Story/Instructions: 3
According to the reviewing guide a story with instructions can be a 3 or 4. Yours was 'queen is tired of rebels, go get them'. Very basic, but there.

Additional Comments:

Thanks again for making the map. Cinematics don't interest me since they don't affect gameplay, so I don't mark up/down for them. I also don't care for day/night effects, since darkness only helps the AI.
I hope you toy with this one some more, maybe use the terrain for some other scenarios, it's got good possibilities especially for artillery.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
I thought I owed it to you to try again but this is virtually the same except for the map design which WAS nicer than other. Still no triggers ending the end upon completion. If you indeed put them in, they didn't work. Try play testing a few times before uploading. though you touted this as "TEN TIMES HARDER", it actually took me seven minutes less to remove everything from the map that once belonged to the rebels.

**Sentry41** for map maps like this, go to your options heading and under the UI heading, click on friend or foe colors. This makes the rebels a bright red and your team is blue. much easier this way!

Anyway, I sent two settlers and five grenadiers up the middle to explore. Saw a hint of rebel red, so the settlers built an artillery foundry and a barracks. The moment I hit level 4, I built mortars; moved them to the back cliff and destroyed a bunch of barracks, stables, etc. By the time the rebels responded, my barracks had built enough support for the mortars. I must have come in the back door; there were five heavy fort gates set next to each other in a narrow pass. With mortars, this is easy to overcome-- you just aim for a gate in the middle. I took out four fort gates at once, then proceeded to remove the fifth. By this time, there were no rebel barracks or stables left so, I had no resistance. I went on to destroy the towers and arsenals. I brought up my support unitsas well as some cavalry from the fort and continued destroying everything I could find... houses, farms and plantations went first. Two of the three TCs were next followed by the rebel's only remaining barracks and stable. The cavalry and longbowmen took care of all of the settlers. Found the rebel command center, third TC and fort and removed them easily. There was no real fight left in the rebels by this time. By the time I destroyed ALL of the rebel city and the walls surrounding it; only 37 minutes had transpired.

The only noted objective (the PRIMARY objective at that) is "find the rebel city." So, I found them... Do I get a reward? No. Do I get a message saying, "Objective complete: You've found the rebel city!"?? No

Balance: 1
Not very well balanced if played correctly. Simple and easy and many ways to get around obstacles put up.

Creativity: 2
Not a lot of creativity in the idea of "the queen is tired of the rebels." Your main source of creativity is in your spelling.

Map Design: 4
As before, this was your strongest area. You've made two nice maps; the latter better than the former but that's it! Work on the other areas of the game that map it fun and interesting. Still too many trees and the British settlers have a difficult time moving from one tree to the next because of the lack of space.

Story/Instructions: 1
The story should come within the game and not just the map description. Check out the other games on this site and see what they are doing. Then, go to the editor and look at how they make the triggers. Learn from their efforts that worked well. HeavenGames also has a tutorial on this part of the game.

Additional Comments: The game is more than hunt and kill and if you truly want to make some that are fun, you need to learn this point and alter your attitude toward those who attempt to offer assistance. I've playtested the entire series of AOE and AOM for microsoft and learned a lot listening to the other playtesters and talking with the programmers. When we critque a programmer and note the downsides of something within the program, he/she doesn't start hurling insults. He/She takes notes, goes back to the program and makes the necessary improvements.

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Map Design3.0
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